Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 5

5. Please don’t privatize the room too much

Atsushi asked one question here.

“Hey, I thought this since yesterday, but can you really use this room without permission?”

『”Ah, it’s okay. This room, it’s my club room here, you know?”』

Yuri simply said so.

She had been in tears until a while ago, but after she got a side dish of Atsushi’s lunch, she returned to normal. 

Really, she has a lot of disappointing aspects…

But for now, I’ll leave it.

“Club room…? What kind of club?”

『”Light Novel Research Club”』

“Seriously? Was there even such a thing in this school?”

『”Well, there’s almost none publicity for this club. I mean, all you’ll be doing here is writing… and writing… and writing a light novel every day.”』

“Well, of course right. I mean, it’s a light novel research club after all.”

『”But, I’m the only one who comes here.”』


Atsushi unintentionally asked a question to the words that he could not leave alone.

『”Firstly, there is only a few members. And each one writes at their own home. Because it’s distracting to have others around.”』

Sure, if you want to concentrate on your work, you might want to it individually. I can understand that. Also, it’s an activity that need creativity. Even a little sound will be annoying.

But even so…

“I see, But I’m surprised that there’s actually a club activity…”

『”For the time being, our club put out a light novel for the school festival every year. Other than me, they’re doing club activities properly. They write one volume every month.”』

“Except you…? Is it okay for you to not write?”

『”Because I specialize in reading. So my job is to give feedback and evaluate it. On the contrary, I’m asked not to write a light novel, you know? I mean, if you write poorly, people will think about your position as the author’s, right?”』

In other words, she’ll always be in the position of the reader.

Certainly, when it comes to getting feedback, it may be better coming from a person who just reads it than the person who also makes it. After all, the author is making it for the reader. Readers may be able to point out things that the author does not understand or confused.

『”That’s why they rarely come here except me. In addition, as a condition for joining club activities, I have also obtained consent to use this place as I like. So no matter what I do here, I’m free. Besides, except for the monthly meeting, I can get out of school early every day. It’s a wonderful club activity for me!”』

“It’s not something you can proudly say…..”

Well, she didn’t say it with her mouth, but… Still, the words that came into my head…

Atsushi wanted to sigh hearing what Yuri said in his brain.

But seriously, her facial expression hasn’t changed that much. Although she laughs and cries, her facial expression does not change much.

However, the problem is her true personality? Apparently, she’s not good at socializing. What’s more, she has a clear dislike and hate for those who are called ‘Extroverts”. And behind her seemingly silent and mysterious atmosphere, it’s just that she hates talking by mouth.

If this true identity of the mysterious beautiful girl, who could be said as number one or two at the school, ever known to others, everyone would be stunned.

『”Oh, that’s right. Atsushi-san”』


『”Hmm? Perhaps, do you hate, being called by your name?”』

“No, that’s not the case …”

Atsushi, who had never been called by name, not even his classmate ever did that… for a girl to called him by name, he couldn’t help but to be confused for a moment.

“Ah sorry. Anyway, what is it?”

『”So, it’s just a suggestion, but how about having lunch here? No one else can find you here, and it doesn’t matter even if it rains like today.”

“That is……”

It was a proposal that Atsushi hoped for.

Considering not only the rain like today, but also the weather in the future, I would like to spend a lunch break indoors if I can.

But, however…

“Is it okay? This place is kind of like your sanctuary, isn’t it? Also, aren’t you in here like this because you want to be alone?”

『”How rude. I’m not in the club room because I want to be alone. I’m here so that those insolent extroverts who likes to disturb me, won’t find me.”

Yuri cursed at them from the bottom of her heart.

I guess, for her, Extrovert is the type she really hates.

『”Of course, there are exchange conditions. that is……”』

“What? You want me to be play game with you?”

『”What!? Why you… No way, so, Atsushi-san, you also has the ability to read someone’s mind…!!?”』

“Of course no?”

It’s natural that you can guess that much from the flow so far.

And so, Atsushi carefully examined the conditions.

I have a desire to spend my lunch break alone, that’s for sure. But now there is no other place than here where I can spend a time comfortably, especially in school.

If so, there is only one answer.

“Okay… well, it’s just that, I don’t mind.”

Negotiations concluded.

In this way, a strange connection was formed between the most beautiful girl in school and the most hated person in school.

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