Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 175

175. The contents for the final

『”Now! We’ve seen all preliminary groups! How was it, everyone?”』

『”Well well, it was awesome! The competition where high school boys did their best, I was sweating all the time watching it!! The boys who came out were all fascinating and wonderful! But…….”』


『”All of it were overwritten with that last naked apron!”』


Laughter occurred in the studio due to the interaction of the MCs.

『”Then, it’s finally time to announce the participants who will go to the finals!”』

The studio went dark and the drum rolls rang. 


After the sound, the name of the boys who would participate in the finals were displayed on the large monitor in the center.

Ten names were selected from among the participants who were shown as “Attention Players” or the one who they introduced with enough information. Of course, my name was also mentioned. Seeing that, My Mom and Maria were pleased.

『”These ten will fight in the finals and the King of Boys will be decided.”』

『”Everyone has won the fierce preliminary battle, so it looks like we can see another deadly and hot battle in the final!”』

“What will you do in the final?”

My Mom asked me, but I didn’t know either. After all, I just knew that I had passed the preliminary. I asked Etou-san, but she didn’t want to mention it at all even to the participants as to avoid information leakage. Therefore, the broadcast date and contents of the final round had not been announced yet.

“Well, I don’t know, but it looks like they’ll announce it now.”

『”Then, the content of the final, I wonder what it is…”』

『”They competed for intelligence, physical strength, and appearance in the preliminary. Then do you know another thing that is needed by the King!!? Do you have a hint about it Matou-san?”』

『”Eh? Hmm, what is it?…… Money?”』

『”Ooooo! Fool!”』

The MC said so to the guest actress and once again laughter occurred at the studio.

『”The correct answer is charisma. It is the power to guide and lead people. In the final round, they will use this power to fight.”』

『”Then the details of the final will be… This!”』

The contents of the final selection were displayed on the monitor according to the voice of the MC.

[“Survival Battle for Territory in An Uninhabited Island.”]

So, the final round is a battle royale huh…. But how does this connect with charisma? Rather, this is a competition for viability, isn’t it? I mean, there’s no way a man of this world can survive alone. There will be dead people for sure.

『”As the name suggests, they will fight on an uninhabited island. Each contestant will be given a cottage as a base and then, they need to fight over others territory. Of course, don’t worry about the food! There will be plenty enough in each base!”』

……is that even a ‘survival’ ?

『”And so, each contestant will be asked to select and bring a companion to fight with. The condition is the companion must be a high school girl!! Yeah!! that’s right! They need to fight together with the high school girls to take over the enemy’s territory. The one who finally have the most territory will be… the King of Boys!!!”』

『”In other words, the battle begins with the selection of companions. That’s what you mean right!!?”』

『”That’s right. In other words, this final round is a test of the eyes to judge people and the power to lead as a King.”』

『”Is there a limit to the number of people you can bring?”』

『”Yes, each participant can bring up to 6 people. Please note that this is because the number of rooms in the cottage is seven. It’s all for the privacy of the contestants.”』

So, that means the total number of people will be 70 if all of them bring in the maximum number…

The atmosphere of the studio was heating up due to the announcement of the finals.

『”I’m looking forward to the finals. Then everyone, this episode will end now, See you again!”

One of the MCs said so and waved to close the show, but there was no sign that the show would end. On the contrary, the guests who were excited also had a confused face. 

Do they really don’t know? Or, all of it is an act? If it’s an act, they’re really good actress…

『”Eeeh, W-wait a minute!!!“』

『”What is it? Do you have something to say?”』

『”Ah, ehmm, So all participant who were announced earlier, would participate in the final, right?”』

『”That’s right”』

『”He’s not there?”』


『”Don’t play dumb. All of you understand what I mean right?”』

One of the MC asked the other guests for their consent, and the people around shook their heads many times to agree with it.

『”It’s that masked person, that masked person!”』

『”Aaah, that person…”』

『”Where is him? Oh, maybe the masked person will join the one the final in addition to the one just announced?”』


『”It’s wrong!!? So where is him!!?”』

『”The masked person is …”』



One of the Mc took a break as if to waste time.


『”Say it already!“』

『”He is among the one who passed!”』

The studio calmed down for a moment, but the next moment everyone was astonished. 

『”……… Eh? Ehhhhh!!!?”』

And the program ended there.

…Good. It’s a wonderful way to end. 

When I was being impressed, a phone call came in to my smartphone. It was from Etou-san.


『”Ahahahaha! I did it!! The show! It got a really high audience rating!! Thank you, thank you very much!!!! Ah, I’m sorry for calling so suddenly, I’m really grateful. I’ll say it properly next time. See you.”』

Etou-san talked in a straightforward manner and hung up the phone unilaterally. Apparently the rating were really good. 

She must be overflowed in joy right now….

……. But how do you fight for the territory? Can I just buy it over?


Who would have thought it’ll be a battle royale… As always, this series always gone to a different direction than my prediction.

Anyway, it’s 6 people… who will Hatano bring? The candidates right now,,,

  1. Shino Toukain
  2. Yuzuka Seikagu
  3. Serina Maizumi
  4. Minori Saegusa
  5. Yuri Mishima
  6. Miu Yachigusa
  7. Risa Sanada
  8. Chika Katsurakawa
  9. Mieri Tokugawa
  10.  Unknown girl

This arc still has a long way to go.

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  1. Could you please create a Glossary for all the characters/heroine so far, im so confused right now

      1. Tnx for the chapter as always. Can’t wait for the next one. Also Happy Holidays

  2. ………OH, boy…… going to be bloody…..between the girls…………even before the competition………
    I already can see Kohaku being crowned as a dictator if he wins this.
    That guy of Seimei is going to be his most powerful adversary………no, i mean, he is going to be his annoying adversary….i believe Kohaku will be able to beat him and his payed high-school girls with his beloved followers…rather, the girls that fell in love with him.
    In any case, a war will begin.

  3. I was thinking they would have to stay in an enclosed space with a group of girls, and have it based off their interactions. Instead this is basically included in the prep phase for the finals. Should be fun.

  4. My suggestions:

    1. Minori Saegusa / Azu Arino (Super Arts club – bodyguard and close combat)
    2. Mieri Tokugawa (baseball club – overall physical fitness)
    3. Miu Yachigusa / Serina Maisumi (drama club – acting roles)
    4. Yuri Mishima (class president / stalker – stealth missions)
    5. Risa Sanada (student council president – yuri roles)
    6. Ashiya Katsurakawa (big breasted student council vice president – Marshmallow cushions and stress relief)

    I didn’t mention the two richest girls because it would be better to use their money to get his party the best gear instead.

    Also, consult with Maria IMMEDIATELY! She might have a ‘plant’ inside the school.

    1. I just realized: Isn’t Hibiya Shinichi from Seimei High in DEEP TROUBLE? It’s an all-boys school. The only high school girls he knows, personally, are from Kenran, the home of his arch-nemesis.

      1. I’d bet KAN is correct – Hibiya Shinichi can find high-school girls to help him, simply for the chance to get close to a boy. His arrogance about them will be a big problem DURING the competition, though.
        The fact he only knows girls from Kenran may not be an issue – they will probably figure out pretty quickly that they aren’t getting selected by Kohaku, and thus may well be happy with the only other famous boy they know. (Of course, they also know Kohaku’s reputation, so Hibiya Shinichi may be less appealing to them.)
        I wonder how many of the 9-55 young women will end up in Kohaku’s team by the end? Given that “Charisma” is what is being judged, I’d expect that subverting the competition’s followers would be fine.

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