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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 174

174. The situation in some households

○ In one of the viewer’s house

W-What’s happening…? I mean, I’ve been watching TV all the time so I know what happened. But I don’t know why it’s happening. Just a while ago, I was so happy seeing a lot of HSB (High School Boy) on screen and busy at choosing which one would be my favorite. I was so happy that I can’t take oof my eyes from them. But, without me noticing it, the scene on the screen changed into the scene of the tragedy. Now, some people are tired and collapsed, some people are sitting with their faces down, and some are crying……. A crying boy is rare, so this is a treat.

Only one boy who is standing and looking fine. A very beautiful and pretty boy. According to the information that came out on the way, it seems his name is Kohaku Hatano. For the whole match, I was rooting for this boy. When the match started, he ran faster than the others and be in the lead alone, but maybe he was tired, his speed slowed down and the other boys was catching up to him from behind.

With a painful expression, the figure of him running hard was reflected on the screen, and I unconsciously clenched my fist and cheered aloud…… And as if my feelings were transmitted, he won. And the boys on the competitions after that were disappointing except for one person, him. The last preliminary group was like a sole place of Kohaku Hatano, and the other participants were only his companions. The fierce battle was over in a blink of an eye, many have abstained, and the rest were in despair.

However, even in such a situation, I cannot take my eyes off the TV. He has a small physique but slender long limbs, beautiful white skin, and a beautiful face that you will never forget once you see it. From the answers he gave during the interview, I think he have a good personality. Contrary to the appearance that you want to protect, but that beautiful existence may possess amazing power……. That imbalance! I can’t take my eyes off of it! On the net, he got a nickname ‘My Angel’. It sounds a bit strange as a nickname, but not bad by any means.

For some reason, the one who decided to give up increases as the competition progresses, as if they understood that they could no longer go pass to the next stage even if they continued the competition. No, maybe they didn’t want to be compared to Kohaku-kun… As expected of ‘My Angel’. But it’s also a shame. After the athletic competition is over, it’s the time for the appearance test! It’s time for cosplay! To be honest, I was looking forward to this the most! For being able to see various types of boys doing cosplay! 

…… It can’t be helped. Let’s just say that this is the price to see ‘My angel’ doing cosplay.

○ Toukain family


Shino was surprised and screamed aloud. As a person at Toukain, she was raised to be calm no matter what, she was told that it would be the best thing to do in any situation, but even considering those things, she was still surprised. After all, Kohaku came out in a naked apron.

…… No, wait, now that I look at him closely, he’s wearing a swimsuit, but without a doubt it’s a stimulating appearance.

However, Kohaku himself didn’t seem to care and was flirting around with a smile.


I’m a little jealous when I know that smile isn’t for me. Although Kohaku is not my own… is this something that a maiden in love must feel?


Shino’s ears stiffened when she heard the voice of her grandfather, Housei, from behind. For a moment, Shino thought her grandfather was feeling unpleasant. After all, Housei was a tough person. No matter how much he liked Kohaku, Shino was worried that he would be offended by the appearance that was too stimulating.

“He looks pretty sensual.”

“That’s right. Kohaku is a serious person, so maybe he thought he couldn’t take it easy?”

“No, I’m not blaming him. I was impressed that he would to do that extent.”

…..That’s true, Unlike other groups, there are many who gave up in the Kohaku’s group. Participants who have managed to keep up have no light in their eyes, as if they had already realized their defeat.

“I thought that King of Boys is some silly things, but seeing the participants were trying mercilessly defeating their opponents, I think I made a mistake.”

Shino was relieved that Housei wasn’t feeling sick seeing at Kohaku. Rather, he was in a good mood.

“I also saw some other boys who seemed to be excellent. With this, it’ll hard to make a fool of variety show program.”

“That’s right. The topic these days all about the King of Boys.”

“… Now his existence has spread to the world, and many knows his excellence. Shino, do you think you will be chosen by such a guy?”


It’s exactly as what grandfather said. I’ve come into contact with Kohaku, but so far, I’ve found that Kohaku isn’t so interested in the name of Toukain. Usually, if someone find themself favored by me, the successor to Toukain, they will ask for money or gifts, more and more. However, nothing was requested by Kohaku. This is proof that what Kohaku wants is not a substance such as money, or gifts, but a spiritual thing called love.

In other words, all of this depends on the individual “Shino Toukain” to be noticed by his eyes. There are many attractive people around Kohaku, including Yuzuka.

Shino once again decided to improve herself.

○ Hatano family

“Kohaku-kun! That looks so erotic!”

“Don’t call it erotic!”

“What a beautiful sight.”

Apparently, the pseudo-naked apron was popular. The entertainers who were seeing it from the studio, they looked very excited.

Yeah, I really did a good job… Can’t I get a special allowance? Or some bonus for my work?


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    1. From how MC’s build keeps getting described, I feel like his appearance is a bit androgynous. Basically, I’m trying to say that he may, just a little bit, look like a “trap”.

      Although, the females in this universe are just horny teenage boys, so who knows.

      Also. Thanks for the chapter.

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    1. This ecchi content is too high for an anime, so I doubt it. Also, the light novel version has changed the crossdressing tag from the novel, so there might not be such thing on the LN. And more importantly, my SAN points won’t be able to withstand such scene on an anime! I am sure I am not the only one!

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