Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 173

173. Kohaku, Run

『”Oooh! Hatano jumped out of the group alonee! He’s going at amazing speed, is his stamina okayー!?”』

A live commentary on the race. 

On the screen, there was me running alone.

『”Well, you can’t let one person to run alone! The other boys have also increased their speed! What will happen to this test! A hot battle has started from the beginning of the long distance run!”』

The fierce battle fascinated the viewer. In fact, on the screen, my looks said that I was working hard… Sure it might seem that way, but in reality, at that time, I was not trying at all.

On the screen, the other boys were about to catch up with me.

“Aaah! Kohaku-kun! Don’t give up!”

“Kohaku-sama, I’m sure he should still be able to run.”

My mom and Maria were watching while screaming. Maria should know the result, but she seemed to be enjoying it.

On the screen… The boys except me looked somehow proud, meanwhile I, who was chased by them, running with a desperate expression. The truth was, at this time, I was thinking about how to make my desperate face would look as natural and beautiful as possible.


…… Is it better to make my face looks a little more stressed? 

I was thinking about that while feeling the sign of the group behind me.

The other boys were catching up not only because they increased their speed, but also because I myself slowed down.

“Huuh, huuhh, a little more!”

“Your, huuhh, show, huhh, is over!”

…… The first lap isn’t over yet you know? Are you okay? But well, since they said so to me…

“Damn! I won’t lose!”

I increased my speed again and passed through them. 

When I glanced at the back, the following guys looked at me who was speeding up with a stunned face, but immediately they were chasing again with angry faces.

By the way, the distance for the long distance was 5km, it was 5 laps of the track. My plan was to keep my pace and let the boys to be in front of me until the second lap and then I would pass all of them in the remaining three laps. 

…Guys, please do your best as a companion to me.

“Haft haft”

When we entered the third lap, there was a big gap between each boy.

Since the preliminary is not held only at this venue, I can’t take it easy. So, I’m sad to say this, but I have to pass the guy in front of me. He is a boy who has been desperately biting me right from the start. The spirit he showed to me was great, but now he’s almost walking. I guess he made a mistake with his pace.

His appearance right now is just like a living zombie. It seems he already at the limit. Well, he raced for the first place with me, but now he is at the last place with me. So I should at least tell him something…

I steeled my heart and started to raise my speed. 

When I reached the boy’s side, I put my hand on his shoulder. His tired and empty eyes turned to me. For a moment when he saw me, his eyes regain light, but it disappeared not long after. There were countless words that I could say to him like, “You can still go!”, “Do your best a little more!”, “Go beyond the limits!”, or other encouraging and inspiring words. But I couldn’t say such a cruel word when I saw him. So the words I said to him…

” Don’t force yourself (You’re so slow!) “

It was a word to praise him for his hard work. By the way, the voice in heart was different from what I said… Well, anyway, I passed him. 

When I glanced at the back, he was crouching and burying his face in his legs, and the staff was rushing to him. Apparently, he abstained. Seeing that, I nodded satisfactorily in my heart.

Alright, should I increase the pace from here?

When I looked forward, I noticed that the boys in front of me was also looking at me. Their face looked like frightened herbivores. So, I smiled at them. 

Rest assured, don’t be scared, okay…? 

But unfortunately, it seemed my feelings didn’t reach them, they speeded up and tried to make a bigger gap. 

I thought they were on the limit? It seems that they can still go huh…… Hahaha, They’re quite clever.

I speeded up to keep up with them.

“C-Corpses everywhere…”

I heard a person muttering so at the reporter. Since it was through the microphone, it should be heard by other people, but there were no responds.

…. There were many who gave up. And for some reason, the boys who gave up on the middle of the race were sitting with their faces down. The boys who managed to finish the race were breathless on the ground. The only one standing was me. 

Seriously, why are they like this. There are still other competitions left, you know? Please regain your spirit fast.

“T-then, let’s talk to Hatano, who won first place in long-distance run!”

A reporter came to interview me.

“Congratulations on getting the first place. Umm… it was an overwhelming victory, wasn’t it?”

“No really, everyone had a great stamina, I was going to lose if I didn’t do my best.”

“Lose you say…”

The reporter glanced at the other exhausted boys, and then looked at me. I answered that line of sight with a smile.

“I-I see… but I think with that performance of yours, you could get into the final, what do you think?”

“There are boys from the other venues, so I can’t be relieved at all. Besides, there are still competitions at this venue, I can’t be relaxed yet!”

“Thank you very much! Can the other join the rest of the test!!? The hot fight will continue in a moment!”

The camera turned to me, so I smiled and waved. It was an action aimed at increasing the likability.


Then, ads were played.

…. Good, I gave the perfect answers. 

I was satisfied with the me on TV as I did a good job at making interactions with the viewers.

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