Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 4

4. A battle between loners

The next day after the event at the old school building.

“Seriously, why it’s raining now…..”

As promised yesterday, Atsushi decided to have lunch on the bench in near the old school building, but as soon as he went outside, he couldn’t help but to clicked his tongue as he felt raindrops were falling from the sky.

Well, if you try to eat outside, you should also consider the possibility of this. It’s my mistake that I didn’t expect it.

But, now that it happens, where should I eat…

『”Ooo-ii. The strong-looking person who’re troubled there.”』

Suddenly, Atsushi heard a voice in his head like the day before.

『”It’s above, above”』

Atsushi suddenly looked up.

There was a figure of Yuri looking down at him from the window on the second floor.

With her upper body out, she continued her word while beckoning.

『”Please go inside. Towel, I’ll lend you one.”』

Following Yuri’s suggestion, Atsushi went to the room where she was.

Then Atsushi looked outside, he saw the momentum of the rain was getting stronger than before, and he started to hear a strong rain noise. If he had been there as it was, he would have been soaked.

Therefore, Atsushi was grateful to Yuri.

Grateful, but….

“… Is it okay? For bringing me here…”

『”It doesn’t matter. Well, there’s also the fact that you’re a psychic like me.”』

Yuri replied with simple words to Atsushi who was wiping his wet hair with a towel.

Immediately afterwards, however, she sent more words into his head with a fearless smile.

『”Be,si,de. I’m not letting you take shelter from the rain for free.”』

“… I see. You want something in return huh? So? What should I do? Should I buy you a yakisoba bread?”

『”No, I don’t ask for that, and what? Do you think I’ll ask you go to buy in the rain? Am I a demon?”』

Although she put in a joke, as usual, she remains silent.

Her facial expression changes a little, but her mouth doesn’t move at all. But, the tone of the words that flow into my head are telling me that she’s actually talkative.

Her outside and inside are completely different, which is why I feel a tremendous sense of discomfort talking with her.

『”This, is what I want you to do.”』


In response to Atsushi leaning his head, Yuri took out two game consoles from her bag.

And she also took out something else, that was,

“Is this … a game of that “Evil-Masked Blade” which always airing on Sunday morning?”

『”That’s right! You see, it was a dream to play this with my friend.”』

“I see, but in the first place, fighting games are played by two people, right? Why did you buy it even though you didn’t have friends? Why do you even have two game consoles?”

『”… Please guess”』

“… Maybe you bought two game consoles so that you can play against anyone at any time?”

『”As I said, I told you, to guess, right?!!”』

Even though she remains expressionless, but the pressure of words that flew into my head and the pressure that comes from her body are not a joke.

It seems, I hit the nail. I need to change the story immediately.

“Anyway, you know ‘that’ ? It’s a violation of school rules for bringing game consoles to school.”

『”Well. Anyone is violating it now in a sense. There are many children who download game apps to their smartphones, you know?”』

“That’s why. Don’t take more risk of bringing in something like a game console.”

Different from the old days, it’s natural to bring smartphones to school nowadays. And if you can install a game in it, it’s common sense to play there.

To take the risk of being found by a teacher for bringing in a game console, she’s crazy…

“Well, okay. I don’t particularly hate this game.”

『”Oh? The reaction, perhaps, Yamagami-san also has this game?”』

“Only the old one. I don’t have the latest one, but I was a fan when I was little. I haven’t seen the new one, but if I can use old characters, I’d like to try it.”

『”Huhumm. All right. But I don’t care whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced player. I’ll be serious. So, don’t cry because you lost, okay?”』

“Yeh, yeah”

Atsushi gave an appropriate reply to Yuri’s words.

He thought that it wasn’t really a good idea to play games at school, but he decided to not care about it for the time being. Beside he had no right to refuse because it was a condition that allowed him to take shelter from the rain.

Therefore, he decided to enjoy it.



『”H-hoo~! N-not bad. But I won’t lose next time. Please be prepared.”』


『”T-this time too. I haven’t used my favorite character YET!!! Next time I’ll be serious, really!!!”』


『”Daaaammn!!! Why can’t I win!!! Why does my ‘Blade’ lose!!!”』

Game Fight (translated by me)


『“………………. Uhuhu” 』

Yuri who had been losing so many times in a row, finally on tears.

I think she was really confident. But it’s too bad… Perhaps because she had only been fighting CPU, she’s not used to fighting against another player, so her attacks were kind of easy to read.

And because Atsushi felt guilty for winning against her in a row.

“Ah, that, err… sorry.”

For the time being, Atsushi decided to apologize.

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