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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 172

172. Preliminary, Last Group

『”Well! The fierce battle, the King of Boys! Finally, it’s the last group of the Preliminary!”』

『”Ehー! I want to see more!”』

『”That’s right, please do something about it.“』

『”OK! Let’s increase the group!“』

『”Do you think you can!“』

The MC of the program did some gags and laughed.

『”This is the final group of the preliminary. Yagi-san went to take a report of this group. So, as expected, was it a fierce battle?”』

『”T-That’s right. The excitement of the audience was amazing!”』

『”Really? Then let’s see the final group of the preliminary. Let’s go!”』

The screen changed with the words of MC. Up to now, 18 groups had been played and 22 people had been picked up as ‘Attention Players’. About 1 or 2 was introduced for each preliminary group as ‘Attention Player’. Perhaps the players who would participate in the finals will be selected from among these players, so the expectations of those player kept rising on the internet. At the same time, On the internet, people were clamoring about what kind of boys would be the attention players of the final group.

This is why I’m worried. How the image of me from the camera will be….. Anyway, looking at the results so far, I think it’s certain that I will pass the preliminary. Then the only problem is the impression I will leave on other when they see me in the screen. It’s important that I look like a gentle boy who try his best sincerely to the people watching the show. Fortunately, there was no gentle type among the ‘Attention Players’ that came out so far, so I might leave a different impression and stand out a little bit?

“Kohaku-kun, Kohaku-kun, you’re in this group, right?”

“Yeah. That’s right.”

“… I’ve been waiting for it.”

Maria said so seriously.

“Wait, Maria, you were watching at the venue, right?”

“… Kohaku-sama, no matter how much you know the result, when I think that my Kohaku-sama will be seen nationwide, I can’t stay calm waiting for it.”

“That’s right! My Kohaku-kun debuts nationwide! Maybe in the next Valentine, 4 or 5 trucks full of chocolate will come!”

The address of our home is not disclosed, you know?

While talking about that, the scene of the intelligence test was swiftly played, and it moved to the athletic ability test.

『”Now, the intelligence test is over. Then I would like to ask the participants about it.”』

The reporter asked the boy who passed nearby about it.

『”Hmmph, of course I’m confidence with my answers. Don’t came and ask me something so obvious.”』

Those who answered arrogantly.

『”It’s obvious that I could do it without problem. More than that, it’s the time for the athletic ability test. I’ll beat that cheeky guy.”』

Those who talk about their enthusiasm for the next exam.


Those who pass by silently.

There were various responses by the participants.

『”How was the intelligence test? Are you confident about your answers?”』

『”Eh? Well, I think I’ve done reasonably well. Everyone who comes to the preliminary is excellent, so I want to do my best not to lose.”』

That was the answer I gave when I was asked. Also, I didn’t forget to smile at the camera after that. I did it as natural as possible so as no one notice that I did that intentionally.

….. Okay, I didn’t feel any discomfort when I watched it on TV. I’ll use it on the final round too.

『”… Huft! T-Thank you very much! Please do your best in the athletic ability test after this!”』

『”Thank you. You too Miss. Please do your best to report.”』

『”I-I’ll do my best! I’ll giving my all to do my best!”』

On TV, I waved to the reporter and went away. When the reporter saw my back, she spilled words,

“So, angel actually exist…”

For some reason, the scene was played without editing.

Well, the word “angel” is suitable for me.

“Kohaku-sama, please see here.”

Maria gently offered her smartphone.

The commentary board was displayed there,

“(つд⊂) Scrub Scrub… Hmm? An angel is reflected in my eyes, am I crazy…”

“Don’t worry, Angel exist for sure. Because I just saw one with my eyes.”


“So gentle…”

“His nickname is ‘My Angel’ !”

“… That means, he is ‘My angel’ ?”

“He is also ‘My Angel’”

I was praised like that. 

…… I feel very good.

“Ah, the athletic ability test will start.”

It was a long distance run at the beginning of the exam. 

Oh right, for some reason, everyone glared at me, so I remember creating a slightly uncomfortable, scared atmosphere…… Of course, I was concerned about the camera image.

If you look at it objectively on TV, you could see me being scared, while the people around me sneering at me.

What a bunch of people with a bad personality, but thanks to that my personality looks good. Well, please do your best at making me look better!

Unfortunately, it’s up to this point that they can laugh… as the long distance run finally started.

As soon as it started, I instantly got out of the group and made a gap. Then, looking back at the group with a certain difference, I sighed and gazed at them with a pitiful eye. If I were to put it in words, it would be…

“You guys are really slow, so slow, at this rate, aren’t you slower than the turtle? Come learn how to run a little… from the turtle.”

Perhaps the words that I wanted to say, were transmitted to them, they were speeding up in the form of anger.

…… Don’t they know the word, ‘provocation’ ? 

Seriously, seeing them running desperately, I started to worry about their brain.


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