Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 171

171. The boys in spotlight

After the entertainers finished talked about the muscular boy, the contents of the preliminary continued to be played. One of it was, the other boys who also left excellent results. Both My Mom and Maria were making noise every time information about a player of interest came out on screen 

However.. The overwhelming victory that the muscular boy left more impact on me, it made the others look, rather normal…? Even the content of the memo after the Muscular… Daikuji,


Doesn’t look like he’s good at sport

Looks kind of smart.


Guy with ‘side character’ face

Kind of handsome?

Seriously, I don’t know what kind of memo is this….

For the time being, I was thinking of entering only the person who was introduced as a ‘noteworthy player’, in the memo and devising countermeasures for the next match, but I started to feel there wasn’t much meaning on doing it. Since I didn’t know what would be the next match. I thought that as long as I compete normally, I would win.

“Kohaku-sama hasn’t come out yet.”

“That’s trueー, well, It’s Fumi we’re talking about, I’m sure she’ll show him at the end.”

“But for so many men to be in one area, it’s really a spectacular view. Also, it seems that popularity polls have already been held online.”

Maria said so and showed me the screen of her smartphone.

“As expected, is the most popular right now, Daikuji?”

“That muscle was amazingー.”

“Yes, to be honest, compared to the other boys so far, he’s the closest to be the winner of the King of Boys.”

Even Maria had a high opinion of Daikuji.

“… But his popularity may be a little more.”

“Fufufu… If our Kohaku-kun comes out, he’ll be the number 1 in no time. “

“That’s very true. Yoko-sama.”

…… I guess this is also a kind of doting parent? Well, I’m sorry to say this, but even though I’m confident about my appearance, my personality is just normal. I don’t have a unique personality like Daikuji, so I don’t know if I’ll be popular. In the first place, I just did the everything normally, there was nothing particularly noteworthy… No, wait, I did my best only in the appearance contest, yeah… Please don’t broadcast it if you can…

The program continued even I was in distress.

『”Wellー wellー, it’s wonderful.”』

『”This battle where the high school boys exert themselves, we need to pass this to the next generation too.”』

『”The announcement of the one who passed the preliminary is at the end of the program. Don’t miss it!”』

『”Then, Let’s see the rest of the preliminary!”』

And when the screen changed, a boy with dark skin with a microphone. A reporter was in panic next to him, but the boy didn’t care.

『”Okay, so can you all see my face clearly?……Then, let me introduce myself.”』

Oh, I got it. He’s in the same category as Daikuji. He’s another weirdo…

『”My name is Taiyou Ouza!! I’ll be the king of the sun that shine above everyone!”』

The boy continued to speak after a magnificent introduction.

『”Not long ago, I learned that an event that sound ridiculous… The King of Boys would be held. Seriously, it’s absurd to decide the King without my permissions! I am the King, and the King is me! To let all of you fools to understand that I decided to join this event! So, Be Grateful!”』

Yep, this guy is crazy! Well, there is a Royal Family in this country… Maybe he is of royal blood? My prediction is, there not even a single drop of it in his vein…

『”I’ll let you know my real ability, and come! Worship me!”』

With that said, Ouza Taiyou threw the mic at the reporter. But as what he just said, he won with overwhelming victory, he left a strong impression on me… about the same as Daikuji.

『”Wh-what an amazing boy, don’t you think so?”』

『”Yes, his dark skin was veーry sexy.”』

『”That’s not what I mean, though!?”』

I wrote about that guy in the memo while listening to such a sound from the TV. And in the memo, I put in, “Louis XIV (fake)”.



Suddenly, I heard a surprised voices of My Mom as I was typing the notes. Maria was watching TV with an astonishing atmosphere on her usual expression. On the other hand, My Mom had an unbelievable expression. 

Another “Attention Player” was displayed on the screen.

“Hibiya Shinichi”, The Vice President of Seimei High School Student Council.

Seimei High… a traditional school that produces elite boys with many nicknames such as women’s prohibition, absolutely inviolable, secret flower garden, rose garden, boy’s paradise etc… That school was famous for producing elite boys, so the participation from such a school shocked many… Even though Seimei High might be a famous school, the students never really participate in a lot of events. No one would expect a student from there to appeared on such a variety show. 

And after the reporter asked about the reason why the student of such a school decided to participate in the event, the answer that Hibiya gave was,

『”… I couldn’t leave the evil presence I felt from that masked person.”』

The entertainers of the program who heard the answer uniformly praised it as “Cool!”. The reaction on the net was “Too Cool!”, “A person of justice”, “As expected of Seimei”, and “Elite is sure different”.

Bastard… Who is evil!!

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