Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 43 Part 1

43-1. In the Meantime, Please show me (Part 1)

I regained consciousness because I felt pain from my whole body.

… Ah, this nostalgic feeling. It’s been a peaceful day without muscle pain these days, but now I have to check what’s going on.

I opened my eyes. Apparently I was being rolled indoors. It was a dim, dusty and dirty room with almost no outside light. It was not like where someone lives… Probably a vacant house. Mejis’s assassin that came to Tiez also used the house that became vacant after the owner died.

My body is… tightly restrained by ropes, not chains. My arms and legs can’t move. 

Finally, my memory became clear. 

When I thought that the battle had finally enter the last moment, my whole body was squeezed with a chain by a man who appeared suddenly.

What did Girista say, Ecdo――right, Ecdoic. I dropped the wanted list when I got caught, so I couldn’t make sure if he’s in the list too. Well, I can’t do anything since I’m tied up, right? But just by the vibe, he was the most dangerous one from the three. Given that, what a miracle it is to be alive now, right?

When the third person appeared, I would have died by now if that person decided to harmed me. I mean, even though I fainted, I don’t think that person lifted the restraint. So, after I fainted, I’m sure there was some kind of exchange happened, but I guess it’s safe to say that the three escaped from Illias and Wolfe… I don’t want to think that they lost.

I’d like to try to escape, but I’m restrained. I tried to, but the best I could do is just flipping my body. My mouth isn’t closed, so I might be able to call for help if I shout out… but let’s not do that now. There is a high possibility that they are in the range where the voice can be heard.

Then, the three people I mentioned earlier opened the door and came in.

“Aーra, I wonder if you’re awake? Even though I thought of taking one arm to wake you up, too bad.”

“Isn’t there a woman in this world who gently wakes me up?”

“Kid! Even though you’re being caught, how can you still act that calm! You’ve a lot of guts huh.”

“Even though I’m being caught, If I’m allowed to ask questions, I want to ask something. but wasn’t Raheit telling you to kill me?”

“Yeah, that’s why I’ll kill you for sure. Don’t worry.”

“The reason is simple, to use you.”

Ecdoic opened his mouth. But Both Girista and Parshuro were surprised with a face saying, “What? so he can talk?”.

“I’m surprised, so you can speak normally?”

“You’ve surprised me to the point I wanted to kill you! Seriously, what a rare thing.”

“I’m only going to talk when I think it’s necessary. I don’t have a plan to get along with madmen like you. Well, so “Earthling”, as what Girista said, the request we received from Laheit was to obliterate you. But other than that, he said that we’re are free to choose our target.”

“… Is it a hostage?”

Since Earthling is rare, it can be seen that I have some value as hostages, though they are reluctant. That being said, I am grateful for the existence of Ecdoic. It’ll be tiring to talk only with just Girista and Parshuro.

“Yes. Girista has agreed to take you hostage to settle some score with Illias Ratzel. And Pashuro, he wanted to use you to lure Pope Euparo.”

“Is it Ecdoic? So, what about you?”

“Kill Lacra Salf. Let me use you for that.”

Never did I thought, it’s because of Lacra, seriously, what did you do to him? The only boring reason I can think now, is something to do with her airhead.

“I understand the purpose of Girista and Parshuro, but I want to know the reason why you want to kill Lacra. If it’s okay with you, can you tell me?”

“She’s my father’s enemy.”

Well, on the contrary, you make me more confused. She doesn’t look like a human who kills people. Of course, she has the ability. But will that Lacra choose the option of murder in order to survive? ……Wait, there is one.

“Are you raised by a Demon?”

” ――As expected of someone Laheit wary of. I was a baby sacrificed to my father in a village. My father, who was literally a demon, took the path of raising a baby rather than eating it. Just because he wants to see the village who gave me to him, destroyed by me.”

I see, what a demonic idea, no wait, it’s a Demon. However, even though he was raised by such a Demon, he is faithfully taking a revenge for it. Also, it seems that his mouth is quite light, can I find out a little more?

I feel like Ecdoic is a person who prioritize his own goals more than anything. Those who are here are the type of people who have the same interests rather than following Laheit. In that case, this is not a psychological warfare with Laheit, but an exchange with the three people in front of me. The word that I need to say to them――

“It doesn’t look like you were raised with love, so is it because you want to recover the honor?”

“That’s right. My dad never loved me as a human being. Still, he was far better than the one who offered a pitiful baby like me to him. I’m still alive because I was trained by him. But my esteemed father was killed by an inexperienced priest, Lacra Salf. She hurt my father’s honor, he was disgraced both by humans and even by the other demons.”

“So that’s why I was kidnapped, huh? Because you wanted to defeat Lacra in a straightforward manner, as I could be the reason for the fight.”

“At that time Lacra Salf appeared by destroying the barrier. I wanted to settle at that time, but other extras were in the way. That’s why we’re here now. Rejoice ‘Earthling’, be a bait to lure them, I’ll keep you alive until I kill them.”

“I’m really grateful to the point I almost shed tears.”

I could roughly understand the flow of what happened while I was fainting. 

Immediately after I fainted, Lacra broke through the barrier and broke into it, and then many knights who heard the noise, gathered and appeared there. After that, the three of them started to escape, and they had escaped successfully and hid in a vacant house.

“Don’t worry, I’ll kill you for sure. What kind of death do you want? Slashed to death? Bitten to death? Or Ascended on the bed?”

“Ah, the last one please.”

If you are told to choose, you will choose the last one. I’m a man after all.

By the way, if the way of being killed is decided, it’s okay to say that I’ll be safe until it happens.

“… Pu, Ahahahahahaha! Hey, aren’t you an honest child?”

“Kid! You’re really honest huh! But well, as long as there’s a hope for that to happen, I guess that’s fine.”

“By the way, Ecdoic, we don’t need to kill this kid right now, right? But, to ensure that he’ll not escape, is it okay if I cut his legs?”

A big sword was thrusted in front of me. The writhing surface was really biotic,

…No, please stop it.

“I’m a fragile creature. If my legs are cut, I will die in a moment.”

“Don’t worry, even though I look like this, I’m very good at hemostatic magic.”

To be honest, it’s not that surprising. She’s an adventurer, this kind of thing might be good for her sadistic hobby. However, I can’t stand seeing my legs being cut off. My heart would break. 

The other two don’t seem to try to stop her. This is no good… It can’t be help, I better feel other pain as long as all of my limbs could stay intact.

I forcibly tilted my body and collapsed toward the big sword. The big sword didn’t bite me, but my body got caught in the fangs of the big sword and so my shoulder was injured. 

It hurts so much, the fangs are sharper than I expected. Far from my thin skin, my meat may have been scrapped a little. 

Blood spilled from my shoulders, wetting my clothes and dripping on the ground.

“Ara ara, what are you doing?”

“Uarrgh, it hurts… I mean, if you’re so good at hemostatic magic, I wanted you to show it first. Who know if it’s just a lie.”

“Aren’t you a worrywart? If it’s just that much injury, just like this ――Ara”

Girista seemed to have used some magic on my shoulders, but no change appeared on my wounds. Blood still coming out.

I’m glad I tried this.

“Trash! Why can’t you use it? It’s not like you.”

“I have little amount of Mana because of my constitution. I haven’t been able to obtain benefits such as recovery magic that raises healing power. I was able to prove it before I died of blood loss.”

” ――Girista, this guy doesn’t have much power. I checked the clothes, but what I found only the wooden sword there. He can’t release the restraint by himself. The current restraint is more than enough.”

“Too bad, I thought he would cry with a good voice, don’t you think so?”

Haha, scary, so scary… I’m so scared that I can’t stop sweating. Because if these people say they’ll do it, they’ll definitely do it without hesitation.

Even the gangsters and the mafia would do that if needed, but amongst them there is people who did that crazy thing just as an entertainment.

It’s impossible to escape and there is little that can be done now. But it’s not zero. I’m sure Illias and the others are doing something right now. So, in the meantime, I’ll do as much as I can.

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