Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 23

23. Pulling an all-nighter for 3 days in straight is hard

Current time, Saturday 8:00 pm.

Atsushi and Yuri were watching the end-roll screen on TV with black bears under their eyes.

『”Kufu, Kufufu … How was it, Atsushi-san? … What’s your impression of it…?”』

“……….I’m sleepy”

『”No, no… it’s not about that. I’m asking about your impression of those ten blockbusters…”』

“It’s a fact, you know it can’t be helped…”

In truth, Atsushi would like to give various impressions.

For sure, it was super fun. At first, He thought it would be a common hero movie, but as the series overlapped, heroes who wouldn’t have met intersected with each other, and then a new story was created from there.

There was a lot of foreshadowing. Also, it had an exciting story development, and a good battle scene.

To be honest, he regretted not being able to see these movies in the theater. 

But at the same time, it made him want to see the final work as soon as possible.

However, even if he had a lot of thoughts about it,

He was attacked by drowsiness that overwrote even such thoughts.

And it wasn’t just Atsushi who was attacked.

“By the way, you too, look sleepy… don’t you…?”

『”What, did you say…? I, am still good~… just that my consciousness is fading in and out, once every… ten… secondsー… hah, dangerous, it was dangerous…”』

“It looks like you’ll fall asleep at any moment, though?”

It was understandable. After all, Atsushi and Yuri really watched this series for 20 hours in a row.

Of course, they properly had a meal and bath. But still, they didn’t sleep at all.

Thanks to that, also probably because they were concentrating on the movie until a while ago, as soon as it ended, their consciousness started to fade away.

“Anyway, you really did it. I still couldn’t believe that you really accompanied me watching all of these. I mean, lending all of these to me should be more than enough, you know?”

『”Well, Atsushi-san complied with my selfishness. Then, isn’t staying up all night with you, the least I should do?”』

“So, you were aware that you were selfish …”

While being aware of that, she still did it…

How to say… she’s really a disappointing fairy.

Atsushi reaffirmed that.

『”And … As I said, I’ve been watching this series for a long time, alone. And a friend with who I can share such hobbies, Atsushi-san is the first… No. to be precise, the one I can call as my otaku friend, Atsushi-san is the only one.”』


『”That’s why I’m so happy… I’ve never thought, that there’ll be a time I’ll go to see my favorite movie with someone… But that’s why, I wanted to convey how fun and exciting, this movie will be…”』

Hearing that, Atsushi became speechless.

“Atsushi-san is the only one” … That simple word, somehow made him happy.

Therefore, he was getting relaxed and so his mouth started to get a little loose.

“Is that so…? Well, what a coincidence. Me too.”

『”Eh? 』

“I, you know, I’m like this… I’ve always been bad at making friends… Even without the current rumors, I’m sure I would have been isolated in class.”

It wasn’t self-deprecation, it was a hard fact.

Elementary, junior high, even after entering high school, Atsushi had no one that he could call friends. Originally, he himself wasn’t good at socializing and speaking. In addition, a scary face with scratches on the face. 

You might have heard a saying, ‘Don’t judge a person by their appearance’, but, you could also say, that the first impression of you would determine how other people contact you. With that in mind, Atsushi could be said to be in the worst category, and that was why he was convinced that he would have a hard time fitting into new surroundings.


Yuri directly denied it.

『”No way. For Atsushi-san to be the same, that’s not possible.”』

“Huh? Why?”

『”Because, you see. Atsushi-san, somehow you’re nice to get along with, somehow you’ll give me attention, somehow you’ll cooperate with anything I ask… you’re the definition of a person who will do something for others regardless of whatever it is.』

“Hey, are you complimenting me or not?”

『”It’s a compliment you knowー…  a person, that wouldn’t mind doing something together with you… I think, I’m so lucky to be friends with that kind of person…”』

Atsushi thought that what Yuri said might be true.

After all, what you had been doing alone until now, all of a sudden, someone would do it together with you.

Even though that someone might be only one person, nevertheless the world would look different.

『”That’s why Atsushi-san. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s mov…vie… “』

“As I said, don’t send any more telepathy, if you want to sleep…”

While saying that, Atsushi squeezed his energy and went to get the blanket and put it on Yuri.

And he himself lay down on the floor of the living room.

Yeah, it’s hard to stay up all night for 3 days in a row …

Atsushi didn’t have the energy to bring Yuri to bed anymore, let alone the energy to go to his own bed.

To be honest, he was pretty tired.

I wonder why… but I’m enjoying this moment…

With that in mind, Atsushi closed his eyelids.

The next morning.

“Umm… what kind of situation is this…?”

It was Tsubasa, who came to Atsushi’s house.

And saw,

Atsushi sleeping loosely in the living room, while Yuri sleeping with his belly as a pillow.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 22

22. A series, it’s something that you want to see in one go

『”Huftー, I can’t believe itー, reallyー. Atsushi-san has never seen any of the “Revengemans” series, not even one… Are you really an ‘Otaku’? Are you really a man? No, are you even human?”』

“Oi, it’s not like I don’t know it at all, it’s just that I’ve never watched the movie, why do you have to say that much?”

Sure, the “Revengemans” series is a fairly famous movie work.

Originally, it was a series in which multiple overseas heroes cooperated and shared the same worldview. It has set numerous records and is very popular all over the world, and also has many fans.

Still, it was unexpected for Atsushi to be told so far just because he didn’t watch the movie.

『”Well, please rest assured. I came here today, for Atsushi-san!”』

Yes, Yuri had come to Atsushi’s house.

To be precise, she went home once before going to his house. Therefore, she had changed her clothes.

Why did she go home once? That was because she had to get something.

『”I’ve brought the entire series of “Revengemans” so far! “Thunder Man”, “My Metal”, “Blazing Titan”, “Master Shield”, of course, other than that four, I’ve brought all the series after that too!!!”』

Blu-ray discs were lined up on the desk.

The number was about ten.

“…Hey, do I really need to see this all?”

『”Isn’t it natural!!? If you don’t see all of this, you can’t go to see the final movie of “Revengemans”!!! It’s okay, don’t worry!!! I’ll explain everything you don’t understand, from the order in which you should watch and the relationships between the characters!!!”』

“Even if you want to explain it… it’s already night, you know?”

『”No problem! I’ve already contacted my parents! When I said I was going to stay at my friend’s house, they gave me permission right away while crying!!!”』

“Oi oi, there’s no way a parent will allow their daughter to stay at a man’s house… Wait a minute. Shirasawa. Maybe you didn’t tell them that you gonna go to a man’s house?”

『”No one cares about that!!!”』

“I see. I somehow understand the situation.”

So, her parents were delighted knowing that their daughter have friends and so they allowed her to stay over without saying anything.

They probably didn’t think it would be a man’s house.

Normally, your parents would ask whose house it is, but maybe because their daughter, who has too few friends, suddenly said that she’ll stay over at her friend’s house, they were so happy to the point they forgot about it…

That said, her behavior is still unusual.

“Wait, you. do you realize that you’re not only coming to a man’s house, but also to stay over there? Really, you’ve got a lot of nerves.”

『”You know it can’t be helped!!! The ticket date is Sunday, the day after tomorrow. It’s only today and tomorrow, if you’re not going to watch it from the start now, when are you going to watch it!!!”』

“I don’t know. But, more importantly, you really should fix that habit. I don’t know if your common sense is getting strange because you’re so excited, but I’m really worried, really.”

I’ve never thought that she would go this far so that she could watch the movie together.

But, why don’t you use that much energy in your daily school life?

“Anyway, do you think I can see all of these in time?”

『”It’s gonna be fine. Tomorrow is Saturday. In other words, no school, right?”』

“Oi, you don’t care about my schedule on Saturday huh…”

Ten movies. If one movie was about one or two hours. It would take at least about 20 hours.

Even if Atsushi used all of his Friday nights and Saturdays, it would be very close.

『”Pleaseee!!! I, have been watching this series by myself. But, finally, I can fiーnally go see the movie with someone!!! For that purpose, with proper knowledge, feelings, and excitement!! I want you to go with all of that!!! So, please, somehow please…!!!”』


Yuri kept asking for such things.

Even so, her face was expressionless as usual.

However, there was no doubt that what she said by telepathy was all serious.

To be honest, Atsushi didn’t hate watching movies. No, rather like it.

Only if I was in a normal state. 

But, he didn’t sleep for two days. In such a state, it would be impossible to watch ten movies in one go. Sure he didn’t need to watch it all night, but, for sure he wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully until he finished watching everything. It would be hard for him to focus on it.


After considering a lot of things, Atsushi sighed.

“… Huft, I guess I need to pull another all-nighter…”

『”T-That means…!!!”』

“Alright, get it ready quickly. Also, don’t complain if I fall asleep on the way.”

『”OK! At that time, I will poke your eyes so that you wake up!!!”』

“Yeah. It’s okay to wake me up, but don’t poke my eyes.”

With that said, Atsushi and Yuri started watching the movie.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 198

It’s late but, Merry Christmas!!

198. I don’t want to fight

In front of the room, a girl who was worrying about the safety of her king, called with a desperate voice. But, the king she was worried about, was somehow lying in the corner of the floor, rolled inside the futon. 

…… If she asks about what happened, I’ll tell her that, this is just the evidence that a battle would end in tragedy. Of course, I just did the right thing, nothing was wrong.

So, if I talk to her with sincerity, she should understand, that this situation couldn’t be helped… that I didn’t want to do it either! Well, in the end, if Minori-san comes while persuading her, it’ll be my victory…

“That voice just now, who are you!? I will not forgive you if you do something terrible to my king!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll unlock it now, so wait. Also, I’m not doing anything terrible, so don’t worry.”

“Damn! Fast!”

She seems to be in a hurry… well that would be the case, right? I mean, her companions are fighting a dangerous person like Jason after all. You don’t know when the person will come, and the fact that it’s midnight, makes this scarier. [TN: Jason Voorhees, form Friday the 13th]

I unlocked the door. The moment the rattling sound was heard, the door was opened vigorously and the girl jumped in vigorously.


“My king! Where are you!? Are you safe!?”

The girl who entered the room desperately looking every corner of the room for a boy.

“Wha-what happened!?”

Apparently, she found him. 

Well, in the first place I didn’t hide him, so of course she would find him in a moment…

“I’ll free you! Please wait!”

I’d a hard time wrapping him up like that, so I want you to stop trying to release him.

I gently grasped her from behind and stopped her movement.

“What’re you do――!”

A girl who was furious when she got stopped in trying to help her king, her expression changes to astonishment, as soon as she saw my face.

“Oh, you are …! Kohaku, Hatano…-kun”

“Hello. It’s a wonderful night, right?”

“Ah, so… the assailant is you, who are called as an angel… No wait, that monster is your team member…”

“Monster? Who are you talking about? All my members are kind women, you know?”

“Damn! Anyway, let me go!”

“No can do. Let’s talk first.”


I whispered that, slowly into her ear. Then, I put my hand around her waist and moved to the bed.

“Eh! What? Hey!?”

“It’s okay, It’s okay.”

“What is okay!?”

And then we sat on the bed together. 

And I put my hand around her waist

And pulled her slowly.

Our body getting closer to each other…

And as her waist touched my body, with a weak voice she said, “aah”

“Damn! You think you can win over me with this kind of thing?”

“That’s not it! I’m not trying to win over you… or persuading you at all…”

I answered with a hurt expression on my face.

“Eh? I-I’m sorry. I…”

“No, you’re right. No one will believe that the guy who comes to attack them want to talk with them. Yeah, it’s okay.”

With tears in my eyes, I made sure to create an atmosphere that can be called a ‘courageous angel’. Thanks to that, her attitude was obviously getting kinder.

“W-why you came to attack us!?”

“It’s not something strange, I mean, we’re here to fight.”

“T-that’s true…! Then why you want to talk to me…”

I let go of the body that was in close contact with me and gently pushed her down to bed.

“Why…? Isn’t it decided? Of course, because I want to get along with you.”


“What a cute pajama.”

“Do-don’t look… I mean, you attacked so suddenly. I didn’t have time to change clothes… Aah!”

I stare at her whose face was dyed in red, while gently sliding my fingers on her thighs.


“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Well, I don’t know what’s okay either…

“No, we can’t.. my king is here…”

Come to think of it…

I glanced at the boy rolled inside the futon. 

It seems he hasn’t recovered from fainting yet. 

…… That stan rod, they didn’t tweak the voltage, right?

“Think of him just as a figurine.”

I mean, he’s not even conscious…

“W-what about the camera …”

“It’s okay. The editing staff will do something…”

…… Right? Well, the worst case, they put mosaic… No, no, I’m not going to anything, I just want to waste time…

“…Is it okay?”

“It’s okay, because I really don’t want to fight. I want to get along with everyone …”

Perhaps, the girl made up her mind after she heard that word, she closed her eyes, tightly.

“Aah, Mom, I’m going to be an adult today. God, Thank yo―― “

Right when she said her thanks to God, I heard the door was getting opened slowly. 


For some reason, the sound that I heard clearly had an eerie atmosphere.

Of course, the fact that the door was getting opened meant that someone was there…

“Fou~nd you.”

A monster… Minori-san, appeared with a sword without the scabbard.

Am I actually in a horror movie?

…… ah, there is no blood on the sword. It’s okay… It’s gonna be okay.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 197

197. Invasion

Minori-san was fighting with some flashy and big moves, so I had to invade from the back. Naturally, I would return to the way I came. At that time, I saw Shino-san and Yuzu-san fighting…

But, no matter how I saw their figure, they looked like thieves. The sight them attacking a beautiful girl with a stick while their faces was hidden was quite shocking. 

It’s okay to be broadcasted right? It doesn’t break any code, right? 

…… Well, let’s ask Etou-san to do something with the editing. I don’t know if it can be done nicely, but…

……Hmm? I wonder why… I feel like all of my fights need to be edited. It’s so strange, there should be no problem with the rules…

I thought about it for a while, but in the end, I thought that Etou-san and others would do something about the video, so I decided to concentrate on winning the battle. 

In fact, I’ve been moving violently since the first day, so it should make the program more interesting.

…… Yeah, I haven’t done anything wrong.

I tried to justify all of my actions. 

I went to look for a window that would be easy to get in and out. And I found it in no time, I made sure that the window was somewhere located on a opposite position from where the others who were fighting inside. 

The best outcome is if this turned out to be the boy’s room, but well, it depends on my luck.

Even though I was worried, I moved to touch the window. Luckily, it wasn’t locked, I was able to open it smoothly. 

If this is the same world as Co**n or Kin**ichi, the person inside this room would surely be dead… Really, aren’t you too lack of security? [TN: Detective Conan, and Kindaichi]


I put my hand on the opened window, raised my body, turned it around, and rolled, so that it would look more stylish. Of course, I did that because I was aware of the cameraman was shooting me. 

In this battle, I’m not that noticeable at all, so at least, even just a little…

There was no man in the room I entered. Since the futon was still in a beautiful state, it was probably the room of the girls who was fighting Shino-san and Yuzuka-san in the living room. 

I quickly opened the door and looked outside. 

It seems that Minori-san’s battle has not been settled yet, but there is no sign of someone nearby.

I quietly went out of the room and started looking for the boy. Most of the rooms opened out in a hurry due to the attack. So, it was easy to see inside the opened open. 

In the first place, it’s impossible for them to sleep together, so there’s no need to check… 

I found only one locked room amongst the unopened doors. I thought about kicking it, but I gave up because some might come back in a hurry. Therefore, I decided to go out from the next room and invade through the window.


The window was locked when I tried to break in triumphantly.

…… What a hassle. Is it a measure to protect yourself from a girl who might visit in the middle of the night? Really, is he even a man?

As the current situation wouldn’t change even if I kept worrying about him, so there was no choice but to break the window with my stun rod. Of course, there was a noise, so I thought the boy inside would awake, but he was still sleeping comfortably in the futon.

The boy was wearing a nightcap and earplugs while being wrapped in the futon. 

He’s completely like someone on a vacation. Even though I’m holding my sleepiness and trying my best to be aggressive on this battle, how’s he like this?

Anyway, for now, let’s wrap the futon with the rope. Wait, what if he wakes up while I’m doing it… Alright, let’s neutralize him first.

I approached the boy while turning on the stun rod. 


It’s not like I’m jealous of him who is sleeping comfortably, I’m not doing this because I’m angry.

“Kukuku. It’s your fault.”

I touched him with the stun rod and proceed to pressー

Right at that moment, I remembered that the footage would be recorded. 

…… Damn, that was dangerous. No matter how you think about it, I’ll look like a villain. The viewer will get turned off by my action… Since I’m being called as an ‘Angel’, there’s no need to drop that image. 

After thinking about what should I do, I sighed, took the boy off the futon, tied his limbs and put a gag in his mouth.

“Hmm! Hmmmmmー!?”

Well, of course, he’ll wake up if you do this right? 

As the boy’s limbs was tied up, he could only behave like a fish out of water.

“Stop that useless resistance. I don’t want to be rough on you.”

“Hmm !? Mmmー!!!! Mmーmmmー!?”

“… What is it? Somehow, I feel like you just called me a coward.”

“Mmm! Hmmm!”

Perhaps some girls noticed that their leader’ voice who kept rampaging hard, I heard loud noise from the outside of the door. 

The members who noticed his voice probably decided to split some of their members, some to fight Minori-san and some to go here to protect him.


“So noisy”



With one press he turned quiet. Then I quickly wrap him in a futon, and roll him in the corner of the room.

“Damn! Are you safe!? Please reply!”

“It’s okay. I’ll unlock it now.”

“Eh, that voice…”

I didn’t want the girl to suddenly kick the door, so I went to unlock the door. 

Alright, I guess I need to hold on until Minori-san comes?

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 196

196. Night Raid

With Minori-san’s kick, the cottage door blew off in an unbelievable momentum. 

What a splendid “Let me in!!”… even if it’s not a night attack, I’m sure people will still scared of it.

The participants in this attack were four people including me… Shino-san, Yuzuka-san, Minori-san, and me. Maizumi-san and Yachigusa-san remained in the base to protect the device. When the personnel were decided, Maizumi-san made a sad voice saying, “I’ve to watch the base~”.

Well, it couldn’t be helped. Since it’s midnight, I need to bring Shino-san and Yuzuka-san, who provided the night-vision scope and are familiar with how to use it.

……Even though at first, I had a question like, why aristocratic high school girls are familiar with how to use such things, I decided to think, that’s because they’re aristocrats. Yep, that must be it.

By the way, the traps that had been set up while coming to this cottage were released smoothly by Shino-san and Yuzuka-san. 

…… But, seriously, what is a ‘high school girl’ in this world?


“I know!”

While I was escaping from reality, my excellent friends were starting to act quickly. The smoke bomb that Yuzuka-san prepared was thrown into the cottage right after the door got kicked. Smoke immediately came out of the grenade thrown inside and covered the inside of the cottage. And when then they quickly removed the night-vision scope, and changed it to a gas mask.


Now, all we have to do is suppress them.

It was decided in advance that together with Minori-san, I would capture the man. Shino-san and Yuzuka-san would capture the jewel. So, we acted separately as the agreement.

Since the device was installed in the living room, it was found immediately, but it seemed that there were girls who guarding it. Without hesitation, Shino-san and Yuzuka-san rushed into the guards with the stun rod.

“We are going this way. It seems that the layout of cottage itself isn’t that different. It’s easy to understand… still…”

There were noises and calls from all over the corridors where smoke was widespread. 

Even though it’s not even a minute since we opened the door… as expected of the chosen girls.

“Then I will charge. I will hold down the women who came out, so Kohaku-san, please capture the man.”

“Understood. There are quite a number of them, are you gonna be okay?”

“No problem”

Minori-san smiled and rushed into the smoke. 

…… Well, I have to act too…

Minori-san was having a fight with the girls in front of me around and I couldn’t seem to pass through them. 

…It can’t be help, I’ll go around and rush in from the back.


“Hinata-san, Hinata-san! It’s an attack! What should I do? What should I do!?”

“Huftー really, calm down! They’re coming!”

Hinata calmed down the short-haired girl and warned her about the incoming attacks. Immediately after that, the enemy attacked from the other side of the smoke. Since she could hear a loud noise from outside the room, even though two girls were coming to attack them, she guessed that the enemy were attacking other than their side.


Hinata avoided the sharp low hit and tried to grab the assailant, but the opponent didn’t give in that easily. At that moment, Hinata realized that the assailant was not ordinary, and so she braced herself, but at the same time,



Hinata heard the short-haired girl’s shout and an electrical sound.

“Are you okay!?”

Hinata didn’t get any reply. Sweat ran down her cheeks. Due to the fall of her partner, Hinata had to deal with two skilled people alone.

“This isー too much”

“You can surrender, you know?”

A reply came back to the words that Hinata muttered in a low voice. Hinata chose to talk after thinking a little about whether to continue talking or not. 

Hinata thought that if she could waste time, her friends who were fighting outside should come to help. 

The enemy is not that stupid enough to leave his base defenseless, so since there are two people here, there should be only one or two people outside the room. 

After all, the enemy needs to protect the boy and the jewel at the base, so at least two people must be there.

“Noー, I can’t do that.”

“Wellー. If you surrender now, I’ll give you the bromide photo of my king.” [TN: explanation in below]

“… No, hmm. Well, I want it, butー!?”

Immediately after, the opponent’s attack passed just above Hinata’s head so she bent down. It was an attack from the blind spot. 

Hinata calmly analyzing the situation while sweating coldly.

Another person attacked the gap that is created by attracting attention with conversation. Plus, there’s the smoke too. The combination is too good.

“Hmm, I failed”

“She’s tough…”

Even though they used such a nasty tactic, but their voices are so beautiful and graceful.

In that moment,


Hinata’s consciousness went to the source of the sound. She regained it back not long after, but the other person’s palm was already approaching in front of her.


Hinata avoided the hand and on the contrary, she grabbed the opponent’s arm and tried to hold it. However, if the opponent didn’t allow it. The other launched an attack and so she released the arm to avoid it. As a result, each other returned to their original positions. However, the smoke that had spread in the room gradually became thinner, and the other party became visible.


So, they’re wearing a mask and holding something like a baton in their hands. That shape and a loud noise, it must be a stun rod. 

Maybe these two are special agents from somewhere?…

TN: Bromide is commercial photographic portraits of celebrities. Basically, it’s an oversized photo or mini=poster of a celebrity on a card with laminated cover or glossy finish.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 195

195. Are you ready?

Yeah, it’s a surprise attack. As expected, in a battle royale, there should be a surprise attack, right? It’s something that in a manga, the main character will be praised for doing it, and the enemy will be despised as a coward. The current time is about 2 or 3 am, which is a good time to do a night attack.

Even though it was at such a time, the members who were preparing seemed to have a lot of fun. Everyone smiled, “Kyafufufu”.

The tools brought by Shino-san and Yuzuka-san were lined up in the living room, and all the girls were looking and thinking carefully which one to bring.

Gas masks, batons, and grenades… in a glance it’s looks like that, but really, what on earth are these girls fighting? Anyway, this is my battle, so I can’t just do nothing. 

Amongst one of the terrifyingly lined up things, I picked up something like a baton.

“Ah, I brought sevens of it! So that everyone can have one!”

“I-is that so? But, what’s this?”

“Of course, it’s a high-voltage stun rod! It can reach slightly further than a normal stun gun, and it’s easy to use, you know?”

…..What do you mean by, ‘Of course’, huh? I’ve never used it, so I can’t really say whether it’s okay to use or not….

“… I see. Then, what about this thing?”

“It’s a smoke screen. Well, I can’t bring the real thing.”

Shino-san said so and laughed, “Ahahaha”

…Is there something funny in our current conversation? 

In this way, I quietly watched over their preparations without saying anything with uneasy feelings.


“Ahー, night shift is so boringー, right?”

A short-haired girl threw herself on the sofa in the living room, and while slouching on the sofa she talked to her companion who was watching the night together with her.

“Wellー, even soー, you can’t neglect the night guard.”

The girl answered the words of the short-haired girl while pouring the juice into a glass.

“Yeah, that’s rightー…. Ah, thank you. Is there a belligerent boy who will go on the offensive from the first day? More over on the night?”

The short-haired girl said so and took a sip of the juice she was given.

“I don’t knowー. Most boys sleep at 10 pm, it was what the people on TV said on the other day, butー I don’t really know.”

“Eh? Is that true!? Well, our king went to sleep early so… “

“Who knowsー. After all, that’s what those people on TV said.”

The short-haired girl scratched her cheeks as if she was a little embarrassed by the words. Another girl looked at her while tilting her head.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ahー, it’s nothing, just that, we’ll be on TV right, Hinata-san?”

The short-haired girl timidly looked at the cameraman who was shooting them from the side. Her companion, a girl called, Hinata, turned to where the short-haired girl was looking at, and when she saw the cameraman, she opened her mouth

“Wellー, that was a program from a different station, so I don’t think there’s a proof behind what they said. The program from this station is different in terms of the credibility.”

“That’s remark, isn’t it a little too much…? W-well, whatever. What do you think of this fight, Hinata-san?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, who do you thing is dangerous? We have to make our king win! We need to analyze the enemy!”

The short-haired girl talked in a straightforward manner, but you could see clearly her face was full of curiosity. Hearing that, Hinata realized that they couldn’t really move away from the device due to night guards, that it wouldn’t be good to be so tense all the time, and so she decided to take the chat to ease the nerve.

“… Hmm, that’s rightー”

Hinata turned her face up and remembered each member who was participating in the finals. Then, she put her finger on her mouth, went to think about it a little and returned the words.

“I feel like four peopleー.”

“Four people! Who!?”

The short-haired girl approached Hinata.

“You’re too close, move.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Cough… so who are they?”

It seemed the cameraman was also interested in the topic, and began to close up on Hinata.

“Well, it’s just as what speculated.”

“Eeー, but if it’s as speculated, wouldn’t it be five?”

“Hmm… Based on the impression I got when I saw them on the ship… the masked man… that Kaizuka-kun, I feel like he’ll not makes the cut if he ever meets the other four.”

“Is that so… he was so confident though…”

“You see, that Ouza-kun, Daikuji-kun and Hibiya-kun…  just standing in a place, would make that place their own.”

To be honest, Hinata thought that her king wouldn’t be able to win against them, but Hinata thought that it was her job to do something about it, and even if her king himself might be inferior, all she could do was to support him.

“Hmm? What about that ‘Angel’? What is your impression of ‘My Angel’?”

“… Well, let’s put that nickname aside… anyway, Hatano-kun is…”

As Hinata was about to utter the impression she had of Kohaku… At that moment, a terrible sound echoed from the entrance of the cottage.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 194

194. Return to my base

It was a really fruitful discussion. 

I looked back on the results of the negotiations on the way back from Glasses-kun’s cottage. Despite being held hostage, Glasses-kun, who was trapped by me, still had the energy to throw abusive words to me. Even though, if he used his brain a little more, he should know that provoking me wouldn’t improve anything.

But well, I knew that he did that to get my attention and somehow create a gap where all the people around us could help him. In fact, he was so noisy that I squeezed his neck hard to the point he fainted.

After that, the discussions went very smoothly. The girls gave me the jewels and asked for his release. Of course, I planned to do that in the first place, but no matter what, it wasn’t my territory, so I promised to release him after I was safe and left the cottage with Glasses-kun.

As expected, the girls went to follow me. But as I getting near to my base, I told them that I would give them my contact information to those who would stop chasing me, after the battle. And in that very moment, they all suffered a sudden abdominal pain and got stuck.

…… Probably the water on this island isn’t good. I need to be careful… 

After I secured my safety, I just threw away Glasses-kun in that area and returned to my cottage while enjoying the surrounding scenery.

… get into the enemy’s base alone and succeed in stealing the jewel, I think it’s a pretty exciting development. There may be pros and cons with the way I did to steal it, but that’s just a matter of talking to Etou-san and having her edit it skillfully. Well, having a connection with the management side can also be said as a weapon.

……speaking of the managements of this program, I need to makes this exciting as this was came from my idea. So yeah, I’ve to do something a little dangerous like this, again. Perhaps many of the other participants are waiting, just like Glasses-kun. In order to liven up the tournament, it’s necessary to inspire other participants a little more and make them more active in the fight. For that, I need to take about one more of this by the end of today. 

I looked at the jewels I got while thinking so.

…… Seriously, to think about the tournament so far and act for it, I guess it’s not that wrong to say that I’m the MVP, right?

“Ah! Kohaku-kun!”


When I turned my face to the voice, there, Shino-san was waving.

“I’mー back.”

“Welcome home, Shino-san”

When I replied, Shino-san laughed happily.

“What’s wrong?”

“Eh? Hmm, nothing. I just feel like a lover who lives with in the same house.”

Shino-san shyly laughed. “Ehehe”

Very cute. She doesn’t look like someone who would happily setting up a foothold trap… Not only her, Minori-san and Yuzuka-san too, girls in this world are scary no matter how pretty they look, I can’t let my guard down.

“I guess so. It’s like we’re lovers.”

“!!! Y—yeah, right!”

“Then, let’s go home together while holding hands like a lover?”

I held Shino-san’s hand the same way I did to the girl I met on the way to Glasses-kun’s cottage.

Shino-san shyly dyed her face red, but after a while she looked at our connected hands, suspiciously…


“What’s wrong?”

“Kohaku-kun, did you hold another person’s hand today?”

“!? W-Why do you think so?”

“It’s just my guess? Hmm, I’m sorry, please forget it.”

Shino-san returned to a smile. 

…..Damn, you surprised the hell out of me. My heart skipped so fast even though I didn’t do anything wrong! I felt like someone who got caught while having an affair. Seriously, what on earth did you feel to come to that? Right, I can’t let my guard down…

…… No, no, Shino-san is my friend, a good friend. Yeah, it’s gonna be okay… but just in case, let’s tell Etou-san to cut the scene where I was holding hands with that girl.

“Welcome backー. Would you like to have a mealー? Bathー? Or, would・you・like・to・have・Miuー?

“I want to take a bath since I got dirty after setting up the traps.”

When I returned to the cottage, Yachigusa-san welcomed me in a lovey-dovey style as if we were newlyweds, but before I could answer her, Shino-san answered it first. It was their principles to cut the flags that other people tried to set up.

“Eー, you want to have Miuー? Hatano-kun, you’re so naughtyー.”

But it was also the reason they didn’t care about those who tried to cut their flags. They would forcibly make the flag stand.

“…I’ll take a bath then have a meal.”

Since I had something to tell them, I suggested it for the time being. After that, Maizumi-san woke up, but she made a fuss as I saw her waking up appearance.

Not long after Yuzuka-san also came back.

After everyone took a bath and had a meal.

“Well, the first day is almost over, but how was it everyone?”

“… I didn’t know exactly their positions, but for sure I felt someone was looking our base.”

Minori-san told me so.

But, but, I thought you supposed to be in front of the device the whole time? How did you feel the sign?

“We didn’t have anything to report in particular.”

There was no problem with Yuzuka-san and Shino-san, who went to set up traps outside. Yachigusa-san also didn’t have anything to report in particular.

“I see … Minori-san may have been people who were trying to map the field, like whose base this is and how many people guarding it.”

“That’s right. It would be advantageous to know it.”

“But basically, nothing happened. So, the other party hasn’t been actively moving yet…”

I stood up and started talking.

“By saying that, should we go on the offesinve?”

I proposed so to everyone with my angel-like smile.

“A night attack is also one of the strategies, right?”

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 193

193. Discussions between men

Apparently, the boy wanted to take control the flow of the story. His was very impudent.

A boy with glasses…

I’m very sorry, but I can’t remember your name, so I’ll call you ‘glasses-kun’ for now, since it’s convenience…

“So, what is it? For you to come all the way to other people’s base…”

“Oh, that is…”

“According to the report, you want to form an alliance with me… What are the benefits for me?”

“It’s not exactly an alliance… just that, wouldn’t it be difficult for us to fight, if there were enemies on each other’s backs?”

“… Well, that’s true, but it doesn’t really matter to me.”

Apparently, glasses-kun was full of confidence. 

To be honest, I didn’t care about his attitude or the outcome of the discussion. But that didn’t mean I should just finish the talk like, “Alright, have a good day (peace)”.

“…Wha-! Why? You don’t want to have an enemy behind you, right?”

So, I made a frustrated face. I did that so that he could speak comfortably and thought that I was cornered… In fact, if the discussion breaks up, this place is full of enemies.

“Sure, but that’s only matter if I keep attacking, right?”

Glasses-kun pushed his glasses lightly and looked at me with a satisfied smile.

“My policy is to exclusively in defense. After all, all you have to do is defeat the guy who has many positions at the end. I think it’s stupid to uselessly fight and exhaust your strength, don’t you think so?”

“That’s not how the real king fights!”

Glasses-kun sneered as if ridiculing my words.

“Hah, but you came here because you thought you couldn’t win alone, right? So, why don’t you beg me. come on, say it. Depending on your attitude, my feelings may change.”

Glasses-kun provoked me while trying to make a fool of me. So, I answered it while trembling my body.

“Say it. Fast. Well, if you don’t want to do it, it’s okay.”


“Oho, apparently he wants to go back, see him off.”



“Urgh! W-wait …”


“Wa…wait a moment …”

Looking at my bitter face, Glasses-kun’s face was full of joy. 

….. As expected, isn’t the personality of the boys in this world so bad? I mean, can’t you guys at least treat me a little better?

“Ple… please.”

“Fufufu, your words are getting better. Good. I’ll keep my hands off from you until the other enemies are gone. You should defeat the enemy to your heart’s content.”

“You want me to get rid of the obstacles alone, while you on a high spectator seat, is that what you mean…!”

“Don’t say it in a bad way. This is just my strategy from the start. If they come here, then there’s no choice but to fight. Anyway, why don’t you come back after you’re done with your errands?”

Glasses-kun looked at me with a grinning face. Perhaps my actions were going according to his wishes and so he felt good.

“That’s…right… I can’t keep staying here…. Since, I’ve finished my talks, let’s shake hands to finish the deal.”

“Hmm, it seems you don’t plan to argue which one is better… but well…”

I stood up with a frustrated face, approached glasses-kun and extended my hand. Some of the girls around me had shining eyes at the victory of their Lord, while others were looking at me with some anxiety.

And then, Glasses-kun also extended his hand, and when our hands touched each other…


The voice that came out from glasses-kun spread throughout the room. It was because I suddenly grabbed his wrist.


Then, I pulled Glasses-kun, while at the same time wrapping him around from behind and put my left arm around his neck.


“Everyone, don’t move. If you move even in the slightest, something awful will happen to him…”

I just took glasses-kun hostage.

“W-What do you plan to do! Let me go! All of you, what are you doing, help me now!”

“If you move, I’ll pierce his eyes with my fingers. Maybe it hurts a lot.”


The members of Glasses-kun’s team didn’t move, perhaps because of my unconcerned appearance.

“What do you mean by this! Did you plan to deceive from the beginning!? You coward! Isn’t it embarrassing to do something like this!?”

Glasses-kun kept throwing not-so-important abusive words to me.

“I want you to stop talking. Anyway, it’s the same with you, isn’t it embarrassing to surround me alone with such a large number of people?”

“Here is my ba…Urgh!”

Stop saying anything unnecessary

As I felt that his mouth would cause some disasters, I tightened my arm on his neck.

The girls were almost incapacitated once I took their lord, a man, as a hostage. 

…The security in here is very bad.

“F-from the beginning… I-I was deceived…? Was the time we walked together in that forest just a lie?”

In addition, the first woman I met turned pale and kept muttering something. 

I haven’t done anything wrong though? But based on her attitudes, it seems I’ve done something wrong with her. 

But such a worry that I had shattered after I saw the corner of her lips immediately went up.

“… I-Is this the feeling of a woman being tossed away… I can’t describe it in words, but it’s somehow thrilling…. Not bad.”

Let me take my previous statement back.

“I’ll still forgive you now! Release me soon and bow your head!”

Even in this situation huh?

I tightened my arm on glasses-kun’s neck again. 


His team members were flustered hearing his groaning voice.

“I don’t want to do this either! This is the only way for me to save these girls from a terrible man like you!”

I closed Glasses-kun’s mouth who was trying to argue, and freely say whatever came to my mind, and tried to justify the action I was doing. 

Finally, I gave the following instructions to the girls.

“ーWell, then, bring the jewel now. Or something more terrible will happen to him.”

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 21

21. The real extrovert

“Pre-President Kameshita, are you okay?”

“Fu, Fufufufu… I’m okay. Miss Shirasawa’s machine-gun talk impressions are the same as usual…”

However, Kameshita was on all fours, and his legs were shaking. As expected, Yuri’s words were on his mind.

Personally, I thought President’s Light Novel, was really interesting…

There were some quirks with his novel. So not everyone would like it. However, you could feel that the impressions Yuri gave to Kameshita’s works were all genuine.

In the previous point, Yuri never said that it was “not interesting”. On the contrary, she said, that she liked it, that it was fun to read. Given that, she probably likes Kameshita’s work as well. 

Perhaps that was the reason for Yuri’s machine-gun talk. Because she liked it, she was pointing out at it harshly.

She talked so passionately. But perhaps, she gave such criticisms because it was her favorite…

Well, just because, you couldn’t say that it would be a good idea to beat up the author’s mental health to that point.

However, to such a tattered Kameshita, his childhood friend gave a merciless word.

“Come on, get up. fast. It’s already this time, I’m going home.”

“Yeah. That’s right. I have to reflect on what Miss Shirasawa told me and write a new one!”

In a moment, the man who was shaking his legs up until not long ago stood up at once and said such a thing with a cheerful voice.

Atsushi was stunned by the speed of his resurrection.

“You’ve recovered already? That’s amazing…”

“Well, it’s one of his few good points.”

With a bitter smile, Tsurumi said such words.

Then, Kameshita put his hand in the bag as if he had just remembered something.

“Oh, that’s right. Miss Shirasawa. If you don’t mind, could you please take this?”

“…..!? This is….!!”

Looking at the two sheets of paper taken out, Yuri’s face became serious.

Things that changed her face, which was always expressionless.

『”Isn’t this the movie ticket for the final movie of that Legendary American Comic, that was released the other day, that “Revengeman Forever”, reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!』

A roar was sent to Atsushi.

『”Don’t scream, it’s so noisy”』

『”Don’t scream!? That’s impossible, Atsushi-san!!! This movie is so popular that it’s difficult to even make an online reservation!!! Actually, I’ve tried to book online many times over the last few days, but I’ve always failed… and that movie ticket is here!!! Is there anyone who isn’t happy with this!??”』

Yuri enthusiastically said so.

In today’s world, movies could be booked online without having to buy the ticket directly at the cinema. So, in a situation where you couldn’t even get the ticket on the net, it might be natural for you to shout if you were given the ticket.

“I was actually planning to go with Rinko, but I couldn’t go since I’ve some minor business to do.”

“Shirasawa-san, If I’m not mistaken, you said that you have liked this series before. So, if you don’t mind, can you go instead?”

“And if possible, Young Yamagami too.”

“Me, too?”

“Because I’ve two tickets. It’s a bit weird to say this in for the person, but I know that Miss Shirasawa doesn’t have friends with this kind of hobby. So, would you please go with her? Of course, that’s if you don’t hate it. “

Just from those words, you could tell that they understood Yuri well.

In addition, Kameshita casually gave Atsushi the right to choose.

So, he’s a person who pays attention to such a place.

On the other hand, Yuri sent telepathy to Atsushi.

『”Really? Seriously? Senpai, are you a god!?? I’m sure you are a god, yeah, they were the Buddhas who provided me with this club room, yes, I reconfirmed it now, thank you very much, Buddhas!! And so, Let’s go to the movie together Atsushi-saaaaaaaaaaaannn!!!』

『”Okay, for the time being, calm yourself down”』

Right now, Yuri was so excited

Of course, the beautiful girl who was stunned since she saw the ticket didn’t show her excitement on the outside. However, in her heart, she made a strange voice as if she was dancing like a crazy person, and even those incomprehensible words were sent by telepathy to Atsushi.

As always, why is the inside so different from the outside?

“Is that okay? For me to go”

“It’s okay. As Soichiro said earlier, it’ll be a waste if you don’t go. Besides, I’m indebted to you, for taking care of Shirasawa-san. Well, it’s not exactly for that, but if you can enjoy it, I’ll be happy too. “

But really, you might wonder what were these two people? Were they really gods? Or angels?

After all, both of them understood their Kouhai well and were kind to Atsushi who they just met. To be honest, one of them had a ‘unique’ character, but both of them without a doubt were good people.

But then you might think,

What Yuri always said about ‘Extrovert” this and that, or whatever it was, didn’t that refer to people like them?

Well, anyway, there was no reason for Atsushi to reject their favors

“Then, I’ll accept your kind offer”

In this way, Atsushi decided to go to the movies with Yuri.

But then,

『”Ah, but I’ve never seen this series, is that okay?”』

『”Whaaaaat? Are you serious?”』

Atsushi’s back got a little cold because of the telepathy that seemed to be mixed with murderous intent.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 20

Just to be clear, The President of the club is the man, Soichiro Kameshita, and the Vice-President is the woman, Rinko Tsurumi.

20. When you’re talking something you like, it usually becomes long

“―――And that’s why, president’s work is still too strong in ‘anti-elements’. No, I understand what you want to say. I understand it enough. Since the one popular right now is ‘Reincarnation’ and ‘Ore Tuee’, you want to make a story with that in mind, so I think that there is no problem in that regard. But the content is too niche. I mean, punching down the hero of such a ‘Reincarnation’ and ‘Ore Tuee’ story, only a few people want to reach such a story online. I understand that you’re aiming for that kind of group, but I think that the number of people who want such a story is too small. Well, I’m one of those few people, so I personally enjoyed it a lot, but that’s it. From an objective point of view, you should write something that suits the niche with a larger number of followings.”

“Then, you have a bad habit of ruining the heroine. Ah, it’s good that you write more of the hero’s thoughts and his activities. The readers can put themselves into his character. But, that’s why the heroine becomes important. In the story, the heroine is the one who always supports the hero who has become tattered. It’s important to write to such girls more attractively. I mean, don’t make the heroine says, ‘You’re the best!”, “Wonderful!”, “I fell in love with you!”, no matter what you do. On the contrary, it’s hard to remember her, because her character is too shallow. You need to remember, the readers are not only the main character but also the heroines. So, her cute, cool, and a little naughty side, any part is fine, please show it more and make her more memorable.”

“In addition, a story about the hero’s and the heroine’s relationships, or something like that, you should write more of that part. Your story, it’s not only about how the hero and the heroine are connected, but it can be a story where the hero supports the heroine that he likes with all his might. The probability of it go to that way is extremely high. It’s okay to make a story go that route, you know? It’s not bad, I personally like it. Especially something like, “The protector of a secret love”, such as a theme, is not bad too. For example, one day, the hero knew the heroine had a secret relationship with someone, so the hero decided to fight and struggled alone for their happiness. I can relate to such a character.”

“But, But. The readers just want to see the hero and the heroine’s flirting, and how they love-loving with each other. However, when the heroine eventually sticks to another man at the end of the story, that kind of development is hard to grasp. After all, the main character is the reader’s avatar in that story. If the lover goes to another man, everyone will get angry, and rage. So, isn’t it okay to write a story where the main character and the heroine are finally together? Or rather, I would like to read such a story. Oh, by the way…”

Yuri gave her impressions and criticisms one after another with her own mouth.

That appearance of her was something Atsushi couldn’t imagine. Rather, it was his first time seeing her speak properly.

“…Really, when it comes to her favorite genre, she becomes so talkative.”

It wasn’t like you couldn’t understand why, but in her case, it would be no exaggeration to say that it was overkill. The difference in her appearance from usual might be too large.

“Is it okay, to not stop ‘it’?”

“Yeah. It’s okay. ‘it’ is the same as usual. So, no problem.”

“The same as usual huh…”

Just because Yuri became friends with Atsushi, her senpais shed happy tears. All of that because they knew Yuri’s disappointing aspects.

“Well, they’re having fun there, so let’s leave them alone. Then, can I hear your impressions about mine?”

“Eh? That… is it okay?”

“Ara? Do you have some problem with it?”

“Well, I mean… Tsurumi-senpai wrote it for women, right? So, is it okay for me as a man to give an opinion?”

“Of course. Sure I’m writing novels for women, but I’m going to make something that even men can read and enjoy. So, I’d like to hear your opinion as a reader.”

“Is that so? Then…”

With that said, Atsushi gave Tsurumi, his honest opinions.

All the stories Tsurumi had written was romance novel. There was something like vampires in the story, but the center of the story was romance.

Originally, Atsushi didn’t read many romance novels. Especially the ones with a female protagonist.

However, even so, Atsushi was able to be absorbed in Tsurumi’s novel.

“―――So, in summary, I think it’s okay to add a little more brightness to your novel. The overall tone of the story is too dark.”

“Ummm, I see. Then, I’ll write while thinking about that next time.”

After hearing Atsushi’s opinions, Tsurumi smiled.

“Even so, I’m glad.”

“Hm? About what?”

“That a person like you became a friend of Shirasawa-san. She, was almost silent except when she was talking about her impressions, so I knew she had no friends.”

If you could get along with Yuri even a little, you would understand her disappointing aspects in no time. And at the same time, you would know that in fact, she didn’t have a friend.

So of course, if you were a senpai in the same club as her, you would understand it even if you didn’t want to.

“She’s a strange girl, but even so, please continue to befriend her.”

“Yes, of course.”

In fact, Atsushi didn’t have that many friends. That was why he wanted to cherish the one that had become his friends. After all, there weren’t many people that he could talk anything without hesitation.

So, no matter how disappointing she might be, Yuri Shirasawa, had become an important friend of Atsushi,

I guess, our relationships wouldn’t change in the future.

“―――So, let’s make her cuter and more erotic! Don’t be half-hearted in showing her shyness! If you want to write the situation where a girl gets bewildered and embarrassed, you need to be bold in writing it! Boldness is important!”

…..Correction, let me take that back.

Atsushi began to rethink about his future with his friends.

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転生物 -> ‘Reincarnated’ = Tenseisha [Usually it’s the MC]
俺tuee -> ‘I am strong’ = Ore tuee [The MC is strong]

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