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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 3

3. The truth of the silent beautiful girl

“In other words, you are the one behind the rumored ‘voice’?”

“Ah, yes…”

Yuri simply affirmed while doing ‘seiza’. [TN: kneeling with the tops of the feet flat on the floor, and sitting on the soles]

She was shrinking her body until her shoulders looked narrow.

“Anyway, it’s time to stop talking directly into my head, I’m right in front of you now, face to face.”

『”Eh, I don’t like it. Absolutely impossible. I’m really bad at talking to other people.”』

“How can you say so with that kind of attitude …”

Even though her face remained expressionless, her heart’s voice was leaking.

Her expression and the voice of her heart didn’t match at all. To the level that would make you wonder if she really was the owner of the voice. It wasn’t your normal ‘poker face’, you really couldn’t feel any emotion when you saw her, at all.

“Anyway, why did you do something like that?”

『”Wellー, that’s… when someone you don’t know suddenly comes, you would be scared, right? So, I just chased anyone away.”』


Atsushi let out an astonished voice… He thought that Yuri would say she was scared of him, but that was not the case. Yuri’s reasons were simple, she did all of that just because she got scared when someone she didn’t know came nearby.

But, Atsushi didn’t understand that feeling. 

Still, that didn’t excuse her for using her telepathy for that.

『”So, hmm, why you can still calm in this situation? Normally, you will get surprised, right?”』

What Yuri wanted to say, was probably, “If you hear a strange human voice in your head, it’s natural to be surprised and found it creepy.”. That was also the reason why there were so many people had been pushed away by her.

There was only one reason why it didn’t work in Atsushi.

“It’s simple. I am also the same as you.”

While saying so, Atsushi poked his nose twice with his finger.

“My nose is special. I can smell someone with supernatural power, so I followed the scent and here I am.”

『”I see~. whatー a lie.”』

“Even though you’re a person with supernatural power, how can you say that…”

The word ‘lie’ itself, even Atsushi couldn’t deny it.  From the point of view of ordinary human beings, something like supernatural powers might sound ridiculous. There was no way to prove that his nose could really sniff it.

But still, Atsushi didn’t want to be told that by the girl in front of him.

『”Well, you were able to find me in one shot, so I guess, it’s true. I believe it.』

Yuri easily withdrew her own words.

Even though Atsushi was upset by her indifferent attitude, he continued his word,

“Why are you, a celebrity of this school, in here?”

Perhaps Atsushi’s words hit something about Yuri, she squinted and replied,

『”… Because I’m a celebrity. I stand out in many ways, so people keep talking to me. That’s why, during lunch breaks, if there is a chance, those extroverts will invite me, “Shirasawa-san, how about having lunch together?”. Do you think I could bear to be in such hell?”』

“Hm? hell…?”

“Don’t say something so terrible.”, Atsushi wanted to say that, but Yuri didn’t stop as if she had a lot to complain about.

『”I want to spend my school life peacefully and quietly. But if I go out with those people in the top caste in the class, I won’t be able to do that. Forced to talk gossip every day with girls in your class, do you think I like that? If I join girls’ talk that I don’t even understand, I’ll be screwed. Besides that, when school ends, I need to leave school in the same group. Such a restrained life is impossible for me, absolutely impossible!!”』

“I see. For the time being, I understand how you feel about those extroverts.”

Atsushi wasn’t a person that could be called an “extrovert”. And it was also true that he was being avoided by such people. However, he had never thought like Yuri’s.

…Perhaps you could say, it was one of the differences between boys and girls?

“Then, why don’t you just show your true self?”

『”Yamagami-san. Are you stupid? If they find out that actually, I’m a super gloomy introvert otaku, it’ll become a rumor, and spread like fire. If that happens. I can’t live a peaceful school life. For sure.”』

That was… also true.

Regardless of the inside, Yuri was a first-class, no, a super-first-class in terms of beauty and style. That was why, people were calling her, ‘Fairy’. If she became known as an otaku who loved anime, manga, and games, it would be inevitable for people to start rumoring about her. If so, it should be natural that she wanted to hide it.

『”So… it would be very helpful if you keep silent about this…”』

“Hmm…? ‘kay, I don’t really care.”

Atsushi answered as it was just a matter of course.

Yuri, on the other hand, had her eyes rounded.

『”…….Eh? Are you sure? For real?”』

“What? Have a problem with it?”

『”No! There’s none! But that… What if you ask me to do something strange later? Like, ‘I will keep it secret, but let me take a nasty photo’. And after that, using that picture as blackmail, you’ll start asking more nasty demands….”』

“You, really have a great delusion.”

I’ve never thought a girl, especially someone like her, would say such a thing, but… no, wait, maybe they just don’t say it out loud?

But, how should I put it… A girl named Yuri Shirasawa, is not a perfect human being as I thought.

“I mean, do you think anyone can believe that you’re a person who has telepathy ability? Also, I’m the most hated person in school now. When I say that, anyone will just ignore it. No, on the contrary, they’ll start to think that I’m a crazy person.”

『”Ah, that is……”』

Yuri didn’t deny Atsushi words. As expected, she also seemed to know about Atsushi’s rumors. And, as he mentioned earlier, there would be no merit even if Atsushi were to reveal Yuri’s secrets. Rather, he would only be perceived as an idiot.

“Well, but I have one thing I want to request …”

『”I’m sorry, as expected a naked photo is just too much…”』

“Nobody said that, I didn’t even think about it… I just want you to let me be around here from tomorrow. Well, I mean, I just want to be able to have lunch and have a nap on the bench outside. That’s it. I won’t pollute your sanctuary.”

『”Ah, that’s okay… I don’t really care.”』

Yuri was still half-suspicious of Atsushi. Of course, her classmates, who had hardly spoken with her, suddenly learned her secret. So, it was natural for her to be vigilant.

Therefore, Atsushi didn’t say anything much after that, he just uttered a word of gratitude.

“I see… Thanks.”


The chime rang, as if telling the two, that their conversation must end for the time being.


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  1. I hate those extroverts on my old school. Remind me when they act like cool and stylish person for anything so western like, treat composed and calm person in class as losers, bragging about anything that so waste, avoid class duty while joining another class gathering, blame someone who talk less for blunder in current project even though he/she the one who forced it happen, talk something silly to introvert like ‘why is so hard to talk? how can you talk with your parent or sibling then?’

    1. That has less to do with extraversion and more to do with narcissism. In fact, many people who are extremely shy or become shut-ins are extraverts, and many in the popular crowd are introverts. It’s just that their external circumstances do not match up with the expression of their own internal preferences.

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