Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 2

2. While someone is taking a nap, be quiet

The two people knew each other about a week ago.

**********One week ago**********

As usual, when Atsushi entered the classroom, his classmates, who were talking in a fun atmosphere, shut their mouths in an instant. Atsushi, on the other hand, didn’t say anything, he just sat in his seat in the corner near the window.

After that, a whispering voice could be heard from the surroundings.

“See, it’s Yamagami. Why does he come again today?”

“That guy, I wonder whose he begged to let him come to school? Rumor has it that he stalked a girl student at another school and hit her face, right?”

“Not only stalking, but also raising a hand to a woman, he’s really the worst.”

“Every time he’s around, the atmosphere of the class goes downー.”

“To be honest, I don’t want him to come to this school anymore.”

The students said whatever they want.

It was also in a bad manner because they said in secret rather than in face-to-face. Moreover, they said in a voice loud enough for Atsushi to hear.

“Hey, don’t be careless, you can tell from his looks that he is strong in a fight. They said, in retaliation for touching the girl student, he got into a fight with the guys at other schools, and all of them were sent to the hospital. You don’t know what will he do if he gets mad.”

“It’s best not to get involved in this kind of thing. Yeah, it’s the best.”

Whether on purpose or not, they said it in the same manner as to let Atsushi hear it.

Needless to say, Atsushi’s position in the class was “bad.”

The reason why Atsushi was being treated like this because of a rumor, “Atsushi stalked a girl student, assaulted her, and sent all the students from other schools who came to him to the hospital”.

Of course, it wasn’t true… but not all were false.

It was true that Atsushi had a fight with a boy student from another school, sent them all to the hospital, and had to be hospitalized. But, of course, there was a good reason for that, and that was taken into account, so he could still go to school normally.

Indeed, it was true that Atsushi had a fight, and sure it was not something to be complimented.

However, even so, as a matter of fact, rumors always came from something being exaggerated.

(If you think about it for a moment, you’ll understand…)

As expected, something like, stalking students from other schools, hitting their faces, and sending multiple students from other schools to the hospital, it would become a hot news in an instant.

But that news wasn’t flowing anywhere further, and Atsushi still going to school like usual.

That was the proof that Atsushi had not touched the law.

(Tsk. So annoying…)

It has been a long time since I’m alone, but as expected if someone take such an overt attitude to you, you couldn’t help but to feel unpleasant, right?

Seriously, I wonder who made such a rumor.

Atsushi suddenly heard another topic.

“Hey, did you hear the story about the back of the school building?”

It was a conversation between female students who were a little away from Atsushi.

Four or five schoolgirls were talking about rumors around a desk since the morning.

“I heard it. There was a student who heard “that voice” again.”

“?? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you know? There’s an old school building next to our main school building, right? When you go there, you will hear a voice saying, ‘Get outー, get outー.’ “

“I see, but what is that… Isn’t it just a prank?”

“No, no. This is serious. More than a dozen people have listened to the strange voices there.”

“Eh? What the… Scary.”

“That’s right. Since a long time, many said that ‘it’ comes out there, and now no one wants to get close to that building.”

It was a common ghost story.

A ghost appeared or a ghost was seen, such a story was common in every school. Since they were a high school girl who loves rumors, it was no wonder that they talked about something like that.

Therefore, Atsushi focused not on the ghost story.

(No one gets close huh… Alright, I’ll go there at the lunch break)

And so, the morning chime rang.


Lunch break…

Atsushi came to the back of the school building. To be exact, he was in the backyard of the old school building.

As rumored, it wasn’t popular even though it was daytime, but for some reason it was dark. To be honest, it was creepy.

But for Atsushi, that didn’t matter.

The important point was that there were no people around.

“Here, no one can see me with strange eyes.”

Then, while sitting on the worn-out bench, Atsushi spread his lunch.

The reason why Atsushi came to this place was very simple. Since no one was around, he could eat lunch by yourself.

In the current situation, there were people who point to him even if he just going to the cafeteria, not to mention eating in the classroom. Under such circumstances… lunch would only become very unpleasant.

Since originally Atsushi liked to be alone, such a place where no one could approach was perfect for him.

『”… Get outー… Get outー …” 』

After eating lunch, Atsushi looked up at the sky, while exhaling slowly.

The blue sky spread out there, and the sunlight went into his eyes.

『”… Get outー… Get outー…” 』

It’s neither cold nor hot. Just the right temperature.

It’s the warmth that you can feel only on this time of the year.

『”… Get outー… Get outー…” 』

On a day like this, I want to take a nap without thinking about anything extra.

After setting the alarm on his cell phone, Atsushi laid down on the bench.

『”… Eh, hey, are you going to ignore it? disregard? no reaction? Humm, maybe he didn’t hear the words!? Hello, you there who has a scary face, can you hear me? Hello!!!”』

“It’s noisy. You don’t get in the way when people are trying to take a nap.”

Atsushi who finally put in a respond.

He ignored it from earlier, but it became too noisy that he couldn’t help but to raise his voice.

『”I-I see, so you can hear me… hmm? What’s with that reaction? Why aren’t you surprised?”』

“It’s just hearing the voices of others in your head. Nothing special.”

『”No, no, don’t you think it’s strange? Or something like that? Normally, if you hear someone else’s voice in your head, you supposed to get panic.”』


Stop asking common sense to me.

On the other hand, the owner of the voice was quite upset, apparently Atsushi’s reaction was unexpected.

『”W-wha-what should I do? A strange person has come….. W-Well, that’s okay. COUGH… I am a ghost who lives in this old school building. I’m not good at talking about details, so I’ll just say it straightforwardly. Get away from here early. Otherwise, there will be misery around you…”

“Do you really want to get rid of me by saying a bunch of lies? Is that it? Huh, Yuri Shirasawa”


Atsushi couldn’t hear the rest of the voice. However, Atsushi immediately realized that the other person was feeling more upset and impatient than before.

『”W-w-who is that? that name person with, No don’t I know.”』

“It’s too obvious, your reaction is already the answer.”

『”Uhu, you’re so annoying!!! Where is the proof that I’m Yuri Shirasawa!!?”』

“Proof? There’s no proof… if you want it, then I’ll go to you now. Wash your neck and wait.”

『”Eh … cho …”』

Atsushi went straight into the old school building without listening to the voices that trying to stop him.

Then, without hesitation, he went up the stairs, reached the second floor, and proceeded to the back.

Then he arrived at the room labeled “Third Preparation Room”.

He opened the sliding door, went inside, and headed straight to the locker used to contain the cleaning tools.

Then, he opened the locker vigorously.

“… I came as declared, you bastard.”

There was a figure of Yuri Shirasawa in tears, looking up at Atsushi while sitting down holding her knees in the locker.

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