Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 1

1. Directly into the brain

『”Let’s make a deal”』

Such words flowed into my mind.

『”If you tell me the answer to this question, after school today, a beautiful girl will treat you to fried chicken at a convenience store. So, give me the answer to this question…”』

『”Who cares! Think it yourself.”』

While dismissing such words, the boy continued to solve the problem in front of him.

In a class at a school. Mid-term test was currently underway there.

『”Gununu… Are you dissatisfied with fried chicken? No way, do you mean that you want a set with potatoes?”』

『”For now, you should stop thinking that I will accept the transaction in the end.”』

『”Urgh, I can’t help it then….. I understand. There is no other way, I need to make some sacrifice after all. Alright, let’s add croquettes.”』

『”Hey you, didn’t you hear what I just said?“』

The boy was amazed and sighed at the owner of the voice.

『”In the first place, I’m not that clever. It’s meaningless to copy my answer.”』

『”Hmm, don’t worry about that. I’m confident that you’re smarter than me!!』

『”How could you say that so proudly… anyway, it’s useless to hear the answer now.”』

『”What? What do you mean….”』

『”Well, the chime is already ringing”』

A moment when the words were transmitted to the owner of the voice, a chime at the end of the test sounds.

After that, a scream rang in his head, but the boy decided to ignore it.


There is a fairy in our school.

Yuri Shirasawa… She has a beautiful appearance that competes for the top spot, In this class, no, in this school,

Clear white skin with long brown hair. Her body is well-shaped. A slender body that is probably everyone longs for. And above all, she is always expressionless and rarely speak. No, it’s safe to say that she’s a silent girl.

However, she has a mysterious atmosphere that somehow attracts other people.

That’s why, everyone called her, ‘Fairy’, behind her back.

And now, several students surrounded her.

“Hey, hey, Shirasawa-san. We’re going to karaoke place after the test, won’t you go with us?”


“Look, we rarely talked right? I mean, we’re in the same class, so we think about deepening friendship with each other.”

“Let’s go together! Okay? Come with us! Please!!”

As expected of those who are in the upper ranks of the class caste. It’s true that they are classmates, but even though they were not so close with the girl, they dare to invite her to hang out together with a calm face… I guess, as expected of extrovert?

The boy ――― Atsushi Yamagami was watching such a situation.

Suddenly, Atsushi Yamagami was now a quite famous student at school.

It was not because he was being bullied. He was simply being avoided. Well, that might be be a kind of bullying, but he was avoided out of fear rather than disgust.

The reason was that he was in the hospital for about three weeks last month.

The reason he was hospitalized was that he had a fight with several students from other schools, and as a result, all the other students were sent to the hospital and he himself was injured. That alone were enough problems already, but what was even more troublesome was the cause of the fight.

People said that the cause of it was because Atsushi Yamagami stalked a girl student at another school and assaulted the girl. In retaliation for that, he got caught in a group violence.

(Even though it’s not true…)

In the first place, if that were the case, he couldn’t come to the school normally. He would be going to the juvenile detention center or, at best, transferring to another school.

It was true that he had a fight with several boys from other schools and was hospitalized as a result. However, the cause of the fight was completely different, and Atsushi had never hit a girl in the first place.

But as expected, rumors were a kind of entertainment.

People were willing to spread it, especially if it had nothing to do with them or their surroundings. Even more so if the rumors were about the misery or contempt of others.

That said, in this case, Atsushi was sent not only himself but all the other people to the hospital. Therefore, although there were just rumors, other students in the school wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him because the people that he sent to hospital might came for a revenge.

(Well, it’s fine. I don’t have to do anything troublesome)

Originally, he wasn’t that good at socializing with other people, rather he found it troublesome.

Even though he didn’t feel good being seen with strange eyes, but he though that it was better than hanging out somewhere with his classmates.

(Alright, the school ended already. Let’s go shopping for dinner one the way back home)

When Atushi stood up, Shirasawa suddenly glanced at him. Their eyes met. However, Atsushi tried to leave without caring about it.

In that moment.


Atsushi heard a voice.

No, to be exact, an echo in his head. The voice was loud enough to echoed in his head. This voice could only be heard in Atsushi’s head. In fact, no one else was aware of the voice.

『”When you see a person is in a big pinch, are you really going to ignore it? look the other way and leave it alone? Are you still a human being?!!』

The voice sounded like a taunt.

On the other hand, Atsush, while looking at Yuri Shirasawa, spoke in his heart.

『”Seriously, Don’t scream. It echoes in my head. Or rather, where is the pinch you’re talking about? You’re just invited to hang out. Just say OK already and go with them.”』

『”No, no, no, No!!! I, who is the incarnation of otaku nerd… go to karaoke place with an extrovert people like them? Do you think I want to go to a hell?!! Even if I go, what should I sing? You want me to sing the opening song of the masked hero that is on TV at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning and die?!!”』[TN: Otaku, is the term for someone who like anime and manga so much, a lot more than usual]

『”Who cares! Ah, By the way, that program is at 9 a.m. in the morning.”』

『”Shut up!!! Anyway, please help meee~. Going somewhere with these extrovert people, it’s absolutely impossible for meee~. Ah, if you help me, I’ll do anything you sayyy~. Specifically, I’ll cook food in a naked apron for youuu~”』

『”Oi, oi, didn’t you just said something ridiculous. Well, I’m sure there’s a guy in every world out there who demands his classmate to be in a naked apron. Anyway, if you’re so active like this, why do you hate going out with them so much?”』

『”Eh, isn’t it natural? Rather than hanging out with these strangers, playing with Atsushi-san is more interesting and not boring.”』

『”What do you mean by ‘playing with me’, huh? I’m not your toy! Enough.”』

『”Aaaaー!! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was getting carried away. It’s my fault. I’ll knell down naked later so please forgive me and please do something with this situatiooonnn!!!』

Atsushi sighed involuntarily at the desperate call, turned around, and approached the people surrounding Shirasawa.


“――― Sorry guys, she has a plan with me already.”

Atsushi’s words made everyone surprised.

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