Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 170

When I was recuperating, I was searching some light rom-com story to read (as dark story, or depressing story would only make me feel worse), and I found one that was enjoyable, And decided to tl-ing it slowly, really slow, as I was reading it.
Maybe you all would enjoy it too.
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170. Preliminary Group A

On the broadcast day of the preliminary of King of Boys…

The Hatano family members had already finished dinner and all of them had already taken a bath. After that, they’re waiting for the program and after watching it they planned to go to bed.

Tea and sweets were on the table, probably because they wanted to watch the program without missing any seconds. Alcohol and snacks were also lined up in front of My mom and Maria. In the evening news, they said that people were no longer in the busy downtown area. According to an interview with a person on her way home, she wanted to return home on time to watch the program. It seemed that many wanted to see it in real time instead of recording it. 

…….So that’s why mom came home early today.

I was very worried about what kind of person would participate in the finals. There must be some great guys out there, so I planned to gather information. 

Right when I picked up the rice cracker on the table and started eating it, it started

“It starts”

“Yay! I’m reallyー looking forward to it”

Unlike the programs that they usually do, the set is gorgeous, and in addition to regular members, many famous entertainers are appearing. According to the story I heard from Etou-san, many companies wanted to be the sponsors, and many entertainers had asked her to appear.

Etou-san talked about that with a big laugh. As the variety show said to be not very popular in this world, when she wanted to asked actor there was no reply… So, when she got to be the one being asked for, she was really happy.

After the program explained the purpose of the King of Boys, they were talking about the competition that was held in the preliminary.

『”Only the top 10 can advance to the finals! 』

『”Well, well, it’ll be a tough match”』

『”Since there are more than 1,000 applicants, it can be said that just by entering the finals, he is a top-class boy.”』

『”Now, let’s take a look at the preliminary rounds held in various places.”』

『”The hot battle of high school boys from all over the country is here!.“』

Two entertainers who were the MCs, were advancing the program. And on the screen that showed the studio, changed into images reminiscent of the hot battle of boys. Then, the character “Preliminary Group A” appeared.

『”Yes! This is the Fuji God Stadium where the high school boys from Preliminary Group A scatter sparks. The intelligence test has just ended, and the battlefield will move to the athletic ability test. Please take a look at the written test that was held earlier.”』

The scene changed according to the voice of the reporter. Men with serious faces were projected there, and narration and caption were flowing along with it. The members in the studio were looking at the situation seriously

… Well, even here, both of them are also looking at it seriously. It seems that I, who is drinking tea and eating rice crackers, am out of place.

Then, the scene changed again and the scene of the athletic ability test was played. However, although it was an athletic ability test, there was no element of Variety show at all… There were four types of tests: sprinting, long-distance running, softball throwing, and long jump. In the screen, it was sprinting but … everyone was slow.

… if it’s only these guys, it’ll be easy.

Suddenly, I heard a very loud voice.

『”NuHaHa! So weak! All of you! So slow!”』

The camera went to the owner of the voice. The boy that was projected was huge. He was tall and had trained muscles, which made his presence even more stand out.

The next moment, the boy’s profile appeared under the title “Attention Player”. Obviously, the treatment was different from other boys. The height was 2.1 meters. He was the tallest in the tournament.

His name was… Kou Daikuji.

『”I thought there was someone who could compete with me, but what a disappointment! I hope that masked man is not like them!“』

The boys’ facial expressions changed, the other boys were provoked….. But,

『”Still too slow!”』

By an overwhelming difference, he took the first place. 

He really has a big body, and he’s agile too… so it’s not just a big mouth huh, he ranked first in all of the athletic test with a margin. 

Next wafter that was the final test… the appearance test. It was something like a cosplay contest, Daikuji posed in a tight tank top and denim shorts as if to show off his body, and grabbed the eyes of the audience…

And when the scene returned to the studio, the topic became all about Daikuji.

『”Wellー, wellー, an amazing boy has appeared!”』

『”Yes, I don’t know what to say, but it would be great if you could hold tight that body!“』

『”So Erotic!”』

『”Right! You think so, right?”』

I started ‘Notepad’ on my smartphone, created a file named ‘Kou Daikuji’, and typed in what I saw earlier. 

……And after thinking for a while, I entered “A macho guy who loves his own body” as a remark.

There was no malicious intent in that… Yeah, there was none.


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  1. Imagine the MC won … He was sitting in the throne smirking… Then the host give something to him and the mc wore it. It was the mask …. She laughed and then said ” Look like im not wrong… I am the king” lmao my delusions is cringe asf 🤣🤣

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