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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 169

169. Preliminary, starts

The venue for the preliminary of King of Boys is the stadium, which is also usually used for large competitions. And since in the notice about what you should bring that they sent in advance include ‘clothes for exercise’, it seems that they really intend to do a physical ability test.

Still, there are a lot of people. And all of them are women, so they must be the viewers. This number might be about the same number of people who go to a live concert of a popular singer. Seriously, for whatever reason, I can’t see any man. 

I checked the notification documents sent to me for this round. 

Yeah, the venue isn’t wrong.

“Kohaku-sama, those who participate in the preliminary are over there.”

Maria, who came with me, told me so. 

I see, are the boys just finishing the reception and preparing in the venue? But, there’s still a little time to spare… they’re more diligent than I expected. I thought they’re gonna be late or come at the last minute, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Led by Maria, I went to the reception and filled out the form given there.

“Yes, thank you. Please wait in the waiting room until the start of the preliminary. Please check the waiting room as there is a guide in the aisle. If you are an attendant, there is a seat for the attendant at the venue, so please wait there.”

“I understand.”

“Kohaku-san, it seems we’ve to separate here. I pray for your good luck.”

“Hatano-sama is in the receptionist no.1! I’m supporting you so please do your best!!”

……As expected, my idea was not wrong. There should be a good number of participants, but it seems that no one has come yet. Seriously, they are a bunch of bold people.

Today’s schedule is intelligence test first, then athletic ability, and finally appearance… In short, it’s like a contest and it takes a whole day. It seems that the first exam is not an academic test, which means anything that are regarded as intelligence subject. But, since it’s a TV program, a paper test with no movement should not be emphasized very much. There is no way they will spend a lot of time just seeing boys sitting on the TV, so it’ll fast. That means, the difficulty must be not that high.

Therefore, the important thing is to relax and receive. It has become a battle where I can’t lose, so I need to calm myself and don’t be nervous.

…… Seriously, why did this happen? 

When I was lamenting in my heart, outside of the room became noisy. 

It looks like the other guys are finally here. 

Looking at the clock, there were only two minutes left until the start. 

Hoo, they’re in time!

“Oh, why is there already someone here?”

“Right, did you come early to calm yourself? Hahaha”

“Don’t waste your efforts. It’ll be me who’s gonna win anyway.”

Participants entered the waiting room one after another. They always looked at me who was inside and said a word before coming in. 

…… Why do these guys curse people just by coming early and waiting? Seriously. Well, I’m a kind adult so I don’t take the provocation unnecessarily.

Then, a management staff came behind the participants, and told us that the intelligence test would start.

“Wait a minute. We just arrived here, you know? Let us have some tea or juice and rest first.”

“That’s right. how can you be so inconsiderate…”

“We’ve come all the way here, aren’t you so terrible to us? Seriously, TV stations are arrogant.”

“Uh, uwaa… I got up early just for this, but you… so mean …”

….. Seriously, it’s amazing, I mean, don’t you know there’s a limit to everything? …… No, in this case, maybe because other guys are doing the same thing, they become bolder? And, some people are crying for some reason. But… look! This time the staff is about to cry. What the hell are you doing! 

….. Huft, there no choice, I’ll help you this time.

I approached the staff member who came.

“Well then, let’s go”

“Ah, but …”

The staff member was looking at other participants in the waiting room.

“It’s okay. They just hate going because they’re afraid to lose, so they just make excuse so they don’t need to take the exam.”

The boys got angry all at once when they heard my voice. Various curses and taunts flied toward me. I took such a storm of abusive words and turned my eyes to them as if they were insects.

…… See? It’s easy.

“You! You’ll have to pay for this!”

“Seriously, there is a completely selfish guy everywhere.”

“I really hate someone who is selfish”

“… What a cold-eyed guy. A guy with such an eye is absolutely rubbish.”

It works as expected. Or is the thinking circuit of boys always the same? I was thinking that, if this didn’t work, I would make all of these people loss by default, but well…

it seems that preliminary is being held at other venues, so even if I make them pass out, they will just send me to another venue. Anyway, I won’t forgive that last one.

Then I want to the intelligence test site. I was seated in the designated seat and the explanation started.

So, it’s a normal paper test…

During the explanation, the camera was moving around.

… Please, don’t shoot at me too close.

And after a while, a signal to start was given. 

I flipped the answer sheet over while spinning the mechanical pencil I picked up.

…Well then, let’s get it done.


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  1. And so……it begins…………..Oh, well, whatever. I’m guessing he is going to ace all of the tests, especially the physical one(though he won’t reach the women’s physical level….i mean, all of them are really strong), since he has been working hard at everything pretty much the moment he took over that body.

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