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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 42 Part 2

Well, There was problem with my RL (caused by C-19), so I had to take a sudden hiatus…
And it seems no other group take this series, so… yeah, I’ll start releasing again, but It’ll be really slow,

Also. I think that my english and my translating still has gotten better? so I plan to re-work the older ch,.. (I’m still not sure)
Anyway, Enjoy…

42-2. In the meantime, This is bad (Part 2)

Wolfe was worried about the situation and called out to me.  

It’s difficult for Illias to fight when there are people around. But, can they all be evacuated?

Those who were blown away by the sudden shock gradually got up and started to evacuate. However, some of them were on the ground and not able to move normally due to the damage.

Should I instruct those who are evacuating to take those left behind? No, now my body is my top priority. Even if instruct them, no one will follow the instructions.

“… Wolfe, Let’s move back”


“There’s so much noise already, other knights should be rushing in soon. Let’s buy time until then.”


We jumped off the roof and approached Illias. 

After a few times pushing each other sword, Illias and the woman stopped. 

…This woman competing with Illias’s strength???

“Idiot! Why you haven’t run away!?”

“Araー, did you come to see meー? I amー Happyー!”

“Well, you started a crazy fight since daytime… Girista? Is it?”

“Yesー! That’s right, I’m Girista-chanー! It seems, you know meー?”

Even though she’s still competing sword with Illias, it looks like she still has room to spare. Illias isn’t defeated, but it seems she can’t move as she wishes. Illias’s feet are sunk into the ground. 

From the sword pressure… no, even from that roaring sound before, it seems that it’s heavy. 

Well, for the time being, I need Wolfe to drop me off.

“It seems Laheit sent a dangerous person this time.”

“Aーra, arara, what are you talking about huhー?”

“You don’t have to hide it. The other day, Laheit ‘had declared war’.”

“Ara, is that so? I haven’t heard about itー. It seems Laheit is also a meanieー”

“It’s a lie, you damn stupid! To get caught in such a trap, what a blunder.”

Suddenly an angry voice came from behind Girista. 

An adventurer-like man who looked strong was standing behind her. His whole body was covered with a black inner, and light armor was worn over it. 

Is it the same weapon as Wolfe?

The man was wearing gauntlets in the shape of a black dragon.

“Ahhaー, he deceived meー? Soー meanー”

“Do you think that coward (Laheit) dares to do that? You fool!! But, you made such a good opportunity. Let me praise you for it.”

Right when I thought that he talked like a rude man, his expression switched to a good young adult man. 

I don’t think it’s an emotional instability or something like that.

“I’m sorry Pa-chanー”

“Don’t stretch it strangely, or I’ll sew your mouth! Seriously, just call me Pashuro already.”

Certainly there was such a name on the list… Pashuro, a disciple of “Fist Saint” Gradona and a candidate for the successor of that title, but he was excommunicated for killing many of his fellow disciples. 

After that, he earns living as an adventurer and a bodyguard.

Although his ability is certain, he has killed his friends and clients many times based on his mood, and has been active as a resident of the dark side. Which means, he’s not a good guy. So, a madman who is moving around based on mood, people who’re incompatible with me… what a bunch of troublesome guys that Laheit sent to me.

Anyway, the enemy’s reinforcements have arrived, where are ours??

“Wellーwellー, it’s useless to wait for the arrival of other knightsー.”


“I have a barrier that make people away set around hereー. Let the one who leave from inside, refuse the one who want to come, something like thatー.”

I checked the surroundings. 

It was too quiet even though we made so much noise. I couldn’t even hear the voices of the people who had panicked and fled. 

So, is there no choice but to do something with the current situation just with three of us?

Currently, there are five immobile ordinary people around a radius of 10 meters between Illias and Girista. Girista’s weapons looks extraordinarily heavy, at a level that of Illias’s. She might be equal to or better than the undead state Guido who we fought before. And Illias doesn’t seem want Girista to swing her big sword too much as the ordinary people at the distance where they will get hurt by the impact of the collision. If we stall too long, Pashuro may start moving.

“Illias, make a distance!”

“I can’t, if I let this girl here free, there is a danger to those aroun―― “

“It’s not ‘take a distance’, but ‘make a distance’! “

” ―― Ah, I see!”

Illias bounced off Girista’s sword. 

With this, Girista is now able to swing the big sword again.

But ――

“For now, move away from here!”

Illias’s kick blew Gilista away. Girista instantly made one roll in the air, piercing the ground with a large sword with the movement like what Grandpa Kara showed before, and killing the momentum.

“It hurtsー, to kick a woman’s belly, what a terrible knightー.”

“Well, my bad, but I don’t have to kick you anymore!”

This time Illias slashed her sword at Girista. The ordinary people were not in the range of impact generated by the two. Finally, Illias could fight properly. However, Girista was firmly parrying Illias’s attack. 

Her level is at least more than the assassin who we fought before, perhaps around the level of the bandit leader, Dokora.

“Ara, I don’t like this. Youー are stronger than meー.”

It seemed that Illias has an advantage in terms of brute strength. Although Girista had been parrying Illias’s attacks, she couldn’t counterattack. However ――

“Oi, Kid! Don’t you forget my existence! You don’t think that two-on-one is cowardly, right?”

From behind Girista, Pashuro hit Illias with his gauntlet. Illias blocked the attack but was pushed back. Girista filled the gap immediately.

“Of course, don’t forget me tooー”

“That’s my line!”

Wolfe kicked Girista. Gilista was blown back again. This time, she seemed completely surprised and was slammed into the ground.

“Ara, ara ara, a cute puppy suddenly popped out, huhー?”

Girista got up slowly. She looked like a zombie, yet it felt like she still had room to spare.

“Pashuro, I’m not good at taking care of animals, can I leave it to you?”

“Don’t choose your prey on your own! You Bastard! Well, it’s not good enough but, okay.”

Girista aimed at Illias and Pashuro aimed at Wolfe. 

I’m not worry about Illias but Wolfe is worrisome. I think she should waste his time and try to not be defeated rather than try to win, and wait for Illias to join.

“Wolfe, I’m not telling you not to win, but refrain from doing reckless attacks. Measure your opponent’s ability correctly.”


Pashuro parried Wolfe’s rushing blow with his gauntlet. With the collision as a signal, Illias and Girista began to swing their swords again. Illias upped Gilista with power and speed in the same way as before.

“It seems I can’t win with a normal slash, so how about this?”

Girista took a half step down while pulling her sword. But Illias immediately tried to close the distance.

“Got you!”

Suddenly the big sword broke up. The sword opened as if a crocodile had opened its mouth. Illias stopped suddenly and flied backwards. The saw-shaped sword attacking from above and below, made a violent noise.

” ―― A kind of magic sword?”

“Yeah, this sword is said to have been used by the demonsー. it loves drinking blood, eating meat and chewing bones into small pieces.”

Girista’s sword wriggles like a living thing. And opened its huge mouth again.

“Come! Come! Come! Come on! Let’s dance and eat that knight who looks very delicious!”

Girista wielded a big sword that keep biting. The sword was closing and opening at completely random time. 

If you were to close by swinging it down from top to bottom, it will be a slash from diagonally above left or right.

If you were to open it by swinging it up from diagonally below, it will switch to a slash that attacks the legs and head at the same time. 

If you were in between, you would be crushed, and even if you tried to avoid it, the swing and movement of the sword was completely irregular and difficult to avoid. 

If you were to attack it, all patterns will be carried out at the same time. 

Of course, as the sword changed its shape irregularly, it should be difficult to defend yourself too. However, Girista dodged the blade returned by Illias without problem. 

Girista was well aware of the irregular movements of the sword.

“It’s a troublesome weapon. It’s hard to handle and it keeps eating human’s Mana.“

“Yeah, this child’s bite also eats up the Mana of the surroundings. Even if the attack doesn’t hit anything.”

What a hell, if that’s true, Illias’s magical and physical strength is being reduced at a considerable speed just by fighting like that. It’s not clear from Illias’s expression about how much magical power was taken away. But, I guess, at least about 10% is taken away… What about Wolfe? Is she okay?

I shifted my sight to Wolfe.

“Bastard! You’re just a small fry, what a bummer! I admit you have a high amount of Mana, but other than that, you’re still too young.”

Wolfe was evading and defending Pashuro’s attacks, even though he kept attacking at fast rate. 

Their difference in skill is like when Wolfe was sparring with the knight from Ragdo corps. Fortunately, Pashuro isn’t really serious yet. But, she can’t counterattack. I hope Illias will break through the situation while I’m watching over her.

“I’m tired of it, I’ll die of boredom if I keep fighting this damn small fry!”

Suddenly the movement accelerated and Pashuro’s fist was swung down. Wolfe defended it in a hurry, but cannot kill its power completely. She was blown off and slammed against the wall.


However, Wolfe immediately kicked the wall and jumped into Pashuro.

“By the way, Girista is a magic sword user, you don’t think that I, who is her partner, just a normal gauntlet use, right? Get burn you damn beasts!”

Pershro’s arms were wrapped in black flames. The moment the fire fist reached Wolfe, Wolfe bounced right beside him. Wolfe changed the trajectory of her rush by releasing Mana. Had she didn’t do that, the game would have been decided. From the fist a huge black flame was out, it reached the wall and burned the wall black.

“The stone wall is burning…!?”

“The flame produced by this gauntlet burns things, but it’s actually not a real flame. It’s a Mana that has the property of burning the target’s Mana!”

Thank you for a polite explanation. But, this is bad. In short, it’s a Mana that burns Mana. The flame ignites the Mana that Wolfe released to avoid it, and it burns all of it at once.

If Wolfe, who has a mass of Mana, is hit directly… It’ll be horrifying. It might be possible to stop the flame right at the moment of ignition, as she can just stop putting out Mana, but it is like blowing off the flame with a bucket of oil. On wrong move, and you cannot avoid a big flame.

Although there is a difference in ability, the opponent has a deadly flame. Wolfe is at a disadvantage no matter how you look at it. if I break into the battle, I’ll just be a burden. I mean, I won’t ignite the flames as I’ve almost none of Mana, but the surrounding air and soil will normally burn, right? In the first place, I can’t do hand-in-hand combat.

All I can do now is to understand Girista and Pashuro even a little and find a way to breakthrough. However, they’re not rational. They’re trying to slaughter us with absurd violence. This kind of match, I’m not sure whether just ‘Understanding’ it will be enough.

But, this is not the time to complaint. I should do what I can. Damn, the chains around my body are heavy.

…… the chains are heavy? No, wait, why there are chains on my body?


Suddenly, I felt intense pressure on my whole body and my body started to float. It was so sudden that I couldn’t swallow the situation immediately. 

What happened? I need to grasp the current situation.

―― Now my body is tightened with chains. And I’m being hung from the roof of the building. 

I looked up. There was a man muttering while staring at the sky above. Chains extending from both arms bound me.

One adult, his movement was restricted. The man’s arms were wrapped with chains and no one could look into his bare skin.


“You still here!?”

“Of course right. I mean, I or Pashuro wouldn’t even put up any barrier. Anyway, what a good job, Ecdoic.”

I was careless. I was too conscious of their strengths, so I didn’t think much about their number. 

Both Girista and Pashuro are more than sufficient threats. So, I misunderstood that their appearance was the end.

Chains on my body tightened as if it was a living thing.

“Ugh, Argh..”

This is bad, my consciousness is fading… If they are here by Laheit’s command, the purpose must be the book, or someone that can decipher it. So, if I were to faint here, my chance to wake up ever again is slim…….

By the time I thought about it, it was after I had completely lost consciousness.


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