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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 45

45. One last trick

On the first day of training…

I was completely defeated by Pearl.

It was the first time I hadn’t been able to do anything against someone.

It was as if all of my actions were foreseen.

It felt like I was slashing into a lump of steel all the time. I slashed, slashed, slashed… and the moment I was out of breath or disturbed, he kicked off my belly.

What was that, “I have to be a little more serious”. He wasn’t serious at all.

Pearl was without a doubt strong. I couldn’t imagine I could hurt him.

I tried over and over again until the sun went down, but in the end, only me the one who got scratches.

When I dropped the sword in my hand for the hundred times, the training on the first day was over.

Was that really a training? I felt like I just swinging a sword to my best, nothing more.

The second day of training…

I could see Pearl’s movement a little.

However, I hadn’t reached the level yet. I could block and parry more often than before, but I couldn’t reach anything other than the sword. However, I felt that my Mana was steadily increasing.

The third day of training…

I had learned the basics of sword art, such as how to hold a sword and how to make a gap.

By the way, nothing was taught by Pearl. That man was silent, he just slashing his sword on me.

He had a similar educational policy as the Old Man, “Only teach me the basic training method and leave the rest to me”.

But, this method was quite suitable for me. Rather than forcing something to me, it was better for me to think and come up with an answer myself.

I had never learned any swordsmanship.

Therefore, the way of holding the sword, I imitated Pearl… Hold the sword with your right hand and point its blade at the opponent’s throat. A One-handed sword style.

For these three days, I finally understood the initial movement of human beings and the magnitude of motion after I became one with the sword… The breathing, gaze, muscle movement… How much your knees sunk and how much your hips twisted.

All of that information processed instantly to predict the movement of the opponent.

If you could understand this, it would be possible to make movements that would be difficult for the opponent to read.

On that day, the sword in my hand was dropped by Pearl only three times.

And the morning of the fourth day comes.

I wake up in a room surrounded by bookshelves.

By the way, the room where I’m sleeping is the room of Pearl and Akane’s child, Dia.

In the room, Bookshelves are lined up along the wall. Even the windows are hidden by the bookshelves. A bed and a blanket with a cat mark on top of it are placed in the middle of the room.

“… as ever, this room still makes me dizzy.”

When I first came to this room, I thought it was a study room for a moment.

Pearl had a bitter smile when he guided me to the room.

『”My daughter is an alchemist! She is crazy about alchemy research and has no interest in anything else! All the books here are alchemy books! The room is also undecorated! But now, she has her own store and sleep in that store!” 』

I asked, “Is the store at <Mother Punk>?”

『”Yeah! If you are interested, please try to visit once!”』

Well, I’m curious about the appearance of their child, and about the alchemy stone too… Alright, Let’s go when the duel with Leila is over.

Today, is the last day of the training since the day after tomorrow will be the day of my duel with Leila. So, I want to be in good shape tomorrow.

I haven’t been able to hurt Pearl yet.

Today is the only chance to meet the conditions for receiving his sword.

Anyway, I wake up and go to the washroom.

While brushing my teeth in the washroom, I’m thinking about how to land one hit on Pearl.


Peral is really strong.

The stronger I become and the more I know about sword, the more I realize that there is no chance.

I’m sure my sword talent is decent. But, no matter how much I master the sword, I don’t think it will reach that man. That’s if only about the sword.

For the time being, I have one trick.

There is only chance, I’ll be able to land a hit when Pearl is not careful enough.

“The success rate is fifty percent, but I have no choice but to do it …”

I collect water in my palm and hit it against my face.

Then, I turn around, and I see Shura with a messy hair.

“Good morning… HAAAWN

Her lips are trembling. Her eyes are like a line, I can barely see her pupils.

She looks really sleepy.

Shura is sleeping in Pearl’s study. It seems that she is fishing for books related to curses.

“How are you doing? Good?”

“I guess, not bad?”

Shura passes me and stands in front of the washbasin to brush her teeth.

“How about you? You’ve been going to the city library and reading a book about the curse, right?”

“No harvest. There’s only a book with many types of curses, a theory of strengthening magicians with curses, and other similar…Only rotten books. “

Well, you know that it won’t be easy to find a way to break the curse, right?

Anyway, I leave the room, get ready, and head for the usual rocky area.


When I reach the rocky area, I put a huge rock on your back and do push-ups 1000 times. I decided to put up with it if it’s only 1000 times.

After that, it’s the time to spar with Pearl as usual.

I and Pearl hold the sword and stop with a distance of ten steps between us.


Pearl is grinning, but his eyes say the opposite.

For a beginner in swordsmanship like me, He’s totally alert. It feels as if he’s dealing with an expert. 

Looking at Pearl’s eyes, it’s easy to misunderstand yourself as an expert in sword.

With real sword in each of our hands. I’m moving slowly to him.

“Seal, this is the final match.”


I lower my sword and open my left hand.

“Why? Don’t you still have time? “

“You have to start training for beating Miss Layla! When this match is over, we will start that training immediately. “

“……All right. Then, is this the last chance?”

“Hmm? What are you talking about?”

“Have you forgotten that you will give me that sword if I can land a hit on you?”

“HaHaHa! So you still remember! I thought you had given up!”

“No way…..”

I raise my sword again.

The aim is for that one chance.

Right now, the rock wall behind me hides the sun.

The moment when the sun comes out and the sun shines on Pearl’s face. It’s the chance.

I will show you my trump card.

“If you don’t come, I will――”

At that time, the sun shined on Pearl’s face.


Pearl wrinkles around the eyes.

It’s time.

Now. Only this.

I strengthen my whole body with Red Mana and… I wear ‘Yellow Aura’.

” ――!?”

The next moment

I’m right in front of Pearl.


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