Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 167

167. Am I going to participate?




Shino-san and Yuzuka-san were entering the classroom at the same time as Fukushima leaving the classroom. The two were stunned looking at Fukushima, who left the classroom with tears. The classmates who were in the classroom greeted them, and the two who regained their senses came to my seat where people were gathering, saying good morning. 

I felt like it had been a while since I met Shino-san. Well, Shino-san was taking classes at Seimei, and just went to this school for the first time in a while. And after a long time, she saw a man suddenly cried leaving the classroom while screaming, so of course it couldn’t be helped if she got stunned.

“Good morning, Kohaku-kun.”

“Kohaku-kun, Good morningー! I was so surprised when I heard that you suddenly went back here, You know!”

“Good morning Yuzuka-san, Shino-san. I was surprised too when I was suddenly told to come back here.”

It wasn’t my faults. I never thought that something like that happened just because of dodgeball, it was a PE class, so it wasn’t my bad at all. Sure, there was a student sent to the infirmary, but it wasn’t my fault!

“I-I wasn’t just surprised… I… I was lonely too.”

Shino shyly blushed while saying so.

….. I see, that words and gestures are a little troublesome, especially it’s coming from a high school girl, even more she’s the daughter of Toukain Family who is said to be one of the beautiful girls in the world… If she were to do it in the world of my previous life, it’ll be so destructive that I think there is no man who won’t fall. But!! It’s different in this world. I’m not the one who will get a heartbeat. I’m the one who will make others have a heartbeat.

“Shino-san… I-if you suddenly say something like that…”

I shook my body and looked away from Shino-san, and make a low voice, yet loud enough to reach the her.

“I-it made me feel embarrassed…”

Well, what was embarrassing wasn’t Shino-san’s words, but my behavior. Usually, I should be the one to receive this kind of gesture, but in here I was the one who did the gesture, so it felt strange. But, the girls had red faces, and even the boys too, after they saw my gestures.

… Why?!

“I feel like I can eat three cups of rice today just by seeing this expression of Hatano-kun.”

“My ‘Instant Memory’ ability finally showing it’s result for the first time.”

“A shy boy is also nice …”

“Damn you, Hatano! Urgh… That’s …”

“Ca-calm down! That must be an act … I know it… It’s not like my heart skipped of anything…”

“So, Hatano has that kind of trait too. Or maybe he’s like that from the start?”

……It’s better than I expected. Yep, I will continue to use it.

“Ko-Kohaku-kun …”

Shino-san looked at me without moving an inch.

“T-That’s right! Kohaku-kun, what happened to Fukushima-kun?”

Yuzuka-san, who had a red face too, tried to change the air.

“Fukushima? Well, I mean, he did something unnecessary, so I just gave him a little punishment…”

“Unnecessary thing?”

“Yeah. Well, it’s not a big deal.”

Sure Fukushima did that without permission, but it was not a big deal. After all, I had a connection with the management side, so I could cancel the application with a single phone call. Even if I couldn’t cancel the application, I could just not to go to the preliminary.

“I don’t really get it, but I’m glad it wasn’t a fight.”

Yuzuka-san said so with a cheerful smile. It seemed that she was worried about my relationship with Fukushima. But seriously, no one could find anything suspicious from her smile…… I mean, when you see her smile, it could warm your heart.

My full of ulterior motive actions are trash compared to her smile, so please don’t turn that smile on me now…

“By the way! Kohaku-kun, you will appear in that King of Boys show, right?”


“Ah, I heard that too. I’ll definitely cheer on you.”


No, I want you to wait a moment. Why do these two people who have just arrived know information that I just knew not long ago?

“Both of you, how do you get that information…?”

“Ah, well, I have an acquaintance who’s working in a TV station, so… “

“It’s the same for me.”

The two of them then smiled, but I couldn’t feel the warm atmosphere that I had felt. 

It’s strange no matter how you think that my name comes out from more than one thousand applications! These people, I’m sure they gather my information with the power of their house… Is this the real power of the aristocrats who make a name for themselves in the business world? …It’s so absurd!

“My grandfather is looking forward to it.”

“My dad is also looking forward to it.”


Shino-san’s Grandfather… and Yuzuka-san’s Dad… 

…Wait a minute, I can’t just cancel my application since the leader of those two powerhouses say such words, right? Moreover, since they’re a top-class man, I can’t just get away by crying, right?

…Huh? So, I need to participate? Seriously?


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  1. If I read that right, our MC not only made the girl’s hearts skip a beat but the guy’s as well. Cool.

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