Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 44

This Ch is from Layla Freiheit POV

44. Layla’s loneliness

Before I hated my Grandpa, I was so clingy to him. I loved my Grandpa who uses some strange techniques who liked to spoiled me earnestly.

Grandpa showed me the strange technique… Sealing Techniques, as if it were magic tricks.

When I was a kid, I was simple, so when I saw his technique of putting out rings and jewels from a piece of paper, I fell in love with him.

Seeing such a mysterious technique, I decided to become a Magician.

I strongly admired the Sealing Technique used by Grandpa. I tried to learn it, but I gave up knowing that I didn’t have the Mana for it.

Of course, I didn’t give up easily, I imitated my grandpa all day… but, I knew I couldn’t really do it, and the next day I was crying all day.

Every year, in the Tenzaka Month, I came to <Mother Punk> with Grandpa and spend our time together there for a week. [TN: it’s the fifth month]

Grandpa, who seemed to be busy all year round, stayed with me for a least seven days every year. He bought me anything I asked. Clothes, stuffed animals, anything… I didn’t know since when, but one day I felt like I only used my grandpa for money, and I instinctively hated it even when I was a kid. So, when I was about… seven years old, I didn’t ask him for anything on our trip.

…And on the last day of our trip on that year, Grandpa bought a stuffed animal without me asking for it.

It was an ugly… weird-looking teddy bear.

To be honest, it wasn’t to my liking at all, but since Grandpa left home for hours only to bought me one stuffed animal. When I thought he was probably very worried and decided to give something to me, I received it and laughed at that ugly teddy bear. Then Grandpa smiled as if he was relieved.

Grandpa said he was worried because he didn’t know what to do since I didn’t ask anything…

Even so, I couldn’t believe that he chose that ugly stuffed animal…

Yeah, he was basically a clumsy person. He rarely talked, and always looked lonely… somehow empty. He had a sad face.

…But only when I was on his lap he was laughing as if something was filled.

Grandpa always cared for me and often asked, “Are there any abnormalities in your body?”, “Are there any pains?”, he persistently asked me. So I told him that he worried too much. Still, every time I met him, I heard the same thing… He was really a worrywart.

It might be weird to say this myself… But, Grandpa was fond of me. I felt tremendous love from him… me too, I was returning the same affection to my grandpa.

Grandpa who was kind… and I loved so much.

――That person… betrayed me.

Committing the worst sin… a human experimentation…


After I left Seal, I went back home and went into my room, the frustration I feel since a while ago didn’t go away.

“… Seal Zetta”

Suddenly, I see an ugly stuffed animal on the bed.

I trample it, and his face come to my mind.

“Seal… ZETTA…! “

What is this feeling?

I just, can’t forgive his existence.

I can’t forgive that face of him, He who learned Sealing Technique, and looked like as if he knew everything about Grandpa.

――『”I need to tell you this… Your Grandfather is dead….”』

“It doesn’t matter……”

I hate Grandpa.

I lost everything because of that person…!

“I don’t care… I don’t care!”

I kick the stuffed animal many times.

Again… and again……

“I’m not sad… I’ve a grudge against Grandpa, I despite him, I really hate him――”

――I’m not sad.

I take my feet off the stuffed animal. 

The stuffed animal still looks the same even after I kicked it so many times… it seems, I was unconsciously held my strength.

“Sealing Technique… Why you could? Why you, know that Grandpa died…”

The technique that I longed for, that I wanted to have no matter what I lost… He has it all.

Well, of course… he doesn’t know how much I wanted it.

You, who is a complete stranger…

I definitely don’t want to lose.

I want to deny this.

Grandpa’s disciple, his existence, I can’t forgive ―― no matter what

At first glance, his ability is not that high.

There was almost no magical pressure, I couldn’t feel the atmosphere peculiar to the strong man.

The girl next to him seemed stronger than him.


My right arm that I used to block that girl’s kick is still a little numb.

Well, I’ve been away from magic for a long time, so my senses are dull. But it’s okay, I can regain my senses in five days.

That guy… Seal, is probably about the same level as a ‘Three Star’ in the Magic Academy. And I, a ‘One Star’ level. He’s not my opponent. I’ve never lost in a mock battle. I’ve won against both senior students and teachers.

I’m confident that I will never lose as long as I’m conscious.

The last existence left by Grandpa, the only disciple of Grandpa. The existence that taught by Grandpa about that technique-―― All of it, everything… I’ll deny it and break it.

All my hatred for My Grandpa, I’ll vent it all to you.

“I’ll bully you to the fullest… Seal-kun.”

The light slowly disappears from my eyes.


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