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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 166

166. Am I going to apply?

After the weekend, I went to school as usual,

“……they keep looking at me”

It’s different….. Well, sure I always get lot of attention from surroundings when I go to school, but today it’s more than usual. Perhaps this is, what they mean by the influence of TV? Perhaps they’re curious whether I would also appear on TV or not… This means, I may get more attention at school……. This is bad. I love special and preferential treatment, but I don’t like to stand out too much….

As I got near the school and the number of Kenran’s students on the surroundings increased, I felt that the number of eyes on me also increased. It was not just from girls, but from boys too. They should be looking at the other boys too if they were thinking about that program, but for some reason they were concentrating on me. 

Personally, I thought that the boys would go to school while complaining about that program, so this situation was very strange. 

Thankfully, I wasn’t too narrow or impatient enough to yell “Don’t look over here!”, And I walked until my classroom while being exposed to their sights.

As usual, I could head the girls were talking cheerfully and lively from the outside. But today I could hear the voices of the boys too.

“Good morning”

I entered the classroom said so, and one after another replied my greetings. 

When I got to my seat, my classmates gathered around me.

“Kohaku-san, did you see the broadcast past weekend, that King of Boys?”

“Does Hatano-kun plan to participate?”

“Of course you will, right?”

“If it’s Kohaku-kun, you’ll definitely win!”

“I will cheer on you with all my might!”

…… My classmates didn’t seem to doubt about my participation.

“I saw it, but I haven’t applied.”

The moment I said that,


I heard a loud noise from somewhere inside the classroom. 

I turned to the source of the sound, and what I saw was all the boys were standing up. Their facial expressions were astonishing, and I could see they were in shocked from those facial expressions. 

When I was wondering what surprised them to that point, the boys pushed the girls away and surrounded my seat.

…… I feel like I’ve been surrounded by boys more and more recently. Is it okay to say that I’ve become popular with boys as well? Is it okay to think so?

“Yahoo, good morning everyone. Why all of you look so upset? What’s wrong?”

“Who cares about that!”

I care though? I mean, I greeted you, at least greets me back too, or I’ll be sad you know!

“Are you really not going to participate!!?”

“Ah, That King of Boys. Well, I’m not going to apply.”

“Bastard! Even though you call yourself the King of Kenran…!”

“That’s right! You’re so pathetic! How can you forgive that masked man!”

“Well, it was just some bullshit. It’s not enough to makes me move myself.”

“I was refraining myself since I thought that you would come out… So, I don’t need to refrain myself? Is that what you mean?”

“Refrain? Because of me? Nah, You don’t have to think about that. You could become the King of Boys so why don’t you try it yourself?”

Truth was… I was going to tell the boys that they just need to their best without worrying about me because I want them to liven up the program, but… Yeah, I might had made a slight mistake. After all, the faces of the boys who heard my words were dyed in anger. On the contrary, the girls who were watching the conversation had glittering eyes. Perhaps they were pleased with the serious interaction amongst boys, who were rarely seen…..

“Serious discussions amongst boys… If I take a video, I can earn a lot of views!”

“No, such a precious scene should be saved as a memory only for us.”

“Memory of my school days… Ah〜 wonderful …”

The words and behaviors of the girls… It was a little sad to look. 

Perhaps the boys were concentrating on me so much that they didn’t even realize what the girls was doing.

“You see, not just in this class. Most of the boys in this school were careful about you and refrained from applying, but alright… let me tell them that they don’t have to worry about it.”

Wait… what? did these guys build a network between boys without my knowledge?… and what happened to that guy who proclaim to be the king? I can’t find his face at all. I mean, he was trying hard to be the king when I wasn’t in here, so it’s a great opportunity and motivation for him. I thought of letting him know it… Ah, found him. 

The person I was searching… Fukushima, he had a pale face while sweating for some reason. I had some idea about what happened with Fukushima but I asked him for confirmation.

“Hey Fukushima? You look pale, What’s wrong?”

“N-n-n-nothing! No… thing…”

Fukushima’s voice became smaller and smaller. 

…He’s so obvious.

As I was staring at Fukushima, the other classmates began to pay attention to Fukushima too. Perhaps, He couldn’t stand that line of sight? He started to open his mouth with a sorry voice.

“No, it’s really not like what you think… that… I think it’s okay to do it…”

“I see, so you did something. It’s okay, I’m not angry. Just tell me.”

I gently asked Fukushima to speak. 

“Re-really!? You sure right!? Well then, I’ll say it… I thought that Hatano-kun would definitely participate… so I filled the form for you! Just in case you forgot!”

…… I see, in my previous life, this is what you call, “A friend applied for you without permission”…

“Well, for now, go run around the schoolyard ten times.”

“B-but! You said you won’t get angry!”

Fukushima left the classroom with tears.


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  1. ………..Plan failed succesfully………Oh, well, whatever he was going to be coerced to participate by someone else regardless so no choice but to go with all the intention to win.

  2. I was hoping that he would host/judge as a special guest while casually demonstrating each task. This way he steals the spotlight without actually winning.

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