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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 43

43. Boring and Fun Trainings

Pearl takes both of us to his home after leaving the rest of the work to the secretary.

Pearl’s house is in the middle part of the mother punk.

As expected of Knight Captain, his house is a big two-story house.

“It’s a little late, but let’s have lunch first. My wife should have prepared the food for me! Let me tell you, my wife’s food is superb! “

“Superb, huh…”

Hmmm, is it “Akane-san”?

Layla said she is her cooking teacher…

――Yeah, I can’t expect too much.


Shura grabs the sleeve of my cloak. Like a child grabs the sleeve of his father’s clothes.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s about time.”

“Ah… yeah yeah”


White smokes come out, and…


The blonde magician Ash appears.

The lower abdomen is exposed as she’s wearing the clothes that Shura wore. As it fit perfectly, her body line is clearly visible. The chest part looks tight. The swollen chest is about to burst.

Yep, of course right… I mean, the size difference between Shura’s chest and Ash’s chest is about the size of an acorn and a melon. If Ash wear clothes that match the size of Shura, it will be like this.


How about their underwear? With this size difference, there is no underwear that could suits both at the same time. And how about the bellow too?

Wait… what happened to it when I sealed Shura? I forgot…

Alright, let’s ask her next time… No, if I ask, I be beaten by her, right?


Pearl scratches his head as he watches the scene.

Everyone is surprised when seeing it. But Pearl has a slightly different reaction than the others.

“You are the child with <Curse of The Sun God (Ra)>!”


“Perhaps, are you from the Curse Village <Fluchdorf>?” [TN: I’m sure it’s Germanic, and the meaning is, Curse Village]

“That’s right.”

“――It’s hard to believe, Shanoir-dono let you go outside…” [TN: in the raw, シャノワール can also be translated as Chatnoir, which is in French?, it mean black cat… But I’ll go with ‘Shanoir’]

“The Chief didn’t let us go. We came out on our own”

Pearl seems to know about the curse of the ‘Ashura’ sisters and about their hometown.

…There are two words I don’t know. <Fluchdorf>, which seems to be the name of their hometown? And ‘Shanoir’, which seems to be the name of the head the village, the one who still want to continues his village crappy customs.

“But for you to be with a Sealer ―― What a karma huh, Old Man Bar.”

Pearl sadly laughs.

It seems that there is some sad moment that I don’t know.



The bell on the door rings.

The door on the first floor is opened a little so that the inside could not be seen.

At the end of the door, I can hear an elegant female voice. It seems that the person inside is looking through the gap in the door.

Then the bell rings loudly, the door opens completely.

And a woman wearing an apron appears.

“What the ―― “

I make a surprised voice.

Because a person with a lot of hair ―― a beastman stand there.

“Fluf ―Fluffy!!”

Ash with shining eyes points her index finger of her right hand at the beastman. 

“Ah, I’m sorry,” I gently lower Ash’s right hand.

The person is walking with two legs, and has the same physique as a human, but her face is, it looks like―― a cat. 

A cat beastman!! 

She has fluffy ears, white hair growing from the whole body, and three beards? grow symmetrically on the cheeks.

You can tell that she is a female because she has a soft face and swelling chest.

Although she is a beastman, she’s really charming and full of elegance.

Pearl waves to the cat beastman, “Oii!”

Don’t tell me she’s ―― –

“She is my wife!”


A human and a beastman.

Well, I thought there might be such a combination somewhere in the world, but… I don’t think they’re this close.

“Ara ara, a guest?”

“Cute… the ears are moving up and down…”

Ash pulls on the hem of my clothes. Her eyes are shining like when she saw the bean sprouts.

“Ha Ha Ha! You don’t need to be bewildered like that!”

“It’s impossible not to…”

“Well, there are some species among the Beastman that can be counted as a monster, but she’s from a species called, <Bastet>, a full-fledged pure beastman. You don’t need to be so scared!” [TN: Bastet or you could say, Cat God]

I guess, it’s bad to keep being surprised so much… Let’s renew my common sense

…Yeah, I guess there is such a family… yep

We go inside the house….

In the middle of the corridor, there is a door with a hanging door plate,

{Dia’s room ー Off limits ー} 

Oh right, Pearl said he had a child. So, I guess it’s the room of their child?

―― I wonder how their child look like? Is it a normal human, or a beastman, or a half?… Oh, I’m really curious.

“Even so, what a cute guest~. May I ask you for your name? “

“I’m Seal Zetta”


“Seal-kun and Ash-chan. I see… I’m sorryー, I would have made something better if I knew that a guest would come … “

“Ha ha ha! It should be fine! Everything you cook is delicious! “

“Oh come on~”

In the living room, there is a rectangular dining table with four chairs.

I and Ash sit side by side. There is a window on the side of the dining table, and the sunlight overflowing through the gaps between the leaves of the cherry blossoms comes in. 

I give up the window seat to Ash.

Plates are brought to the table. Seeing that, I get up and help carry the dishes. 

“Ara, what a good boyー.” Pearl’s wife gives me a gentle smile. 

Yeah, it’s a gentle smile that resembles Pearl’s smile. And she’s so cute… I want to stroke her head…

When the meals are lined up on the table, I take a seat. Pearl sits the opposite side and his wife sits next to him.


I’m nervous…

Sure, all the dishes in front of me look delicious. But, I’ve a bitter experience of being betrayed by the looks.



“Please enjoy♪”

I stab the sweet and sour pork with a fork and bring it to my mouth.


The meat juice that pops in my mouth from the meat with a soft texture.

I can bite it even without using the power of my jaw, it just passes through my throat and melts into my stomach.

I’m glad…

This taste delicious.

“Akane-san, is it?”

“Ara, my name… did you tell him?”

“Ah, no, I heard the name from Akane-san’s apprentice. Layla… “

“Ah! Layla-chan! I see~”

“So, you see, she cooked food for me before, but her food was a little bit… well, so I’m wondering why Akane-san’s apprentice can’t cook such delicious food like you”

Akane-san smiles and looks away from me.

“I’m sorry, but you see, there are things that can’t be helped no matter what. In this world.”

Well, so… is Layla’s cooking skill beyond help?

“Seal. After eating, Let’s go outside <Mother Punk> and go to the rocky area. You’ll train there! “

“Can you tell me what we’re gonna do there?”

“Well, just look forward to it!”



After finishing the meal, I go to a place full of rocks.

And there is the start of ―― my hellish training.

Pearl put on a rock that is ten times as tall as me, on my back. And while covering my whole body with Red Mana, I’m doing push-ups on the spot.

The purpose is to strengthen my Red and Blue Mana.

Red Mana increase by applying a load to the muscles.

Blue Mana increase by using the Mana.

Pearl told me that in order to increase these two at the same time, I should train with a load on the muscles while covering my whole body with Red Mana. And so, this rock push-up is said to be two birds with one stone because it uses Red Mana and increase the muscles density at the same time.

Well, I understand the theory, I really understand it, but――

“999, 1000 …!”

“Good! 9000 more!! “

“Hah…! Hah…! Hah…! Do you think―― I can do it!!??”

I throw the rock on my back to Pearl.


Pearl pulls out a sword with a Green Alchemy Stone embedded in it from his waist and swing the sword vertically twice. 

The wind blade created from the sword easily cut the rock into three.

The slashed rock falls to the ground avoiding Pearl.

That sword seems to be easy to use. The ability is simple.

The wind blade moves far into the sky… so the range is also quite long….

Pearl puts the sword back in its scabbard and puts his hand on his waist.

“Hah! You lack of endurance, Seal!”

“It’s so plain… I can’t stand it… it’s boring!… Don’t you know some ground-breaking training?”

“Ummmm, how about Plan B?”

Pearl pulls out a sword with a Red Alchemy Stone embedded in it and throw it at me.

I catch and receive the handle of the sword.

Then, Pearl pulls out the sword with the Green Alchemy Stone embedded in it.

“Let’s have a sword battle until you tired… This is Plan B. You can get battle experience, and increase your Red and Blue Mana at the same time. “

“Isn’t this Plan, the best?”

“However, there is one drawback…”

“What’s the drawback?”

“I could accidentally kill you, Seal. It’s difficult to adjust my strength when I get serious!”

“… The drawbacks are too harsh”

Could we just use a wooden sword or something else?

“Plan A, Low risk and average growth, or Plan B with high risk but high growth. Which one do you like better? “

“Which one is more boring?”

“Plan A”

“Then let’s go with Plan B”

I take off my cloak and point the sword I received at Pearl.

“GAHAHA! As expected of Old Man Bar’s discipline! You can come at me from anywhere! Come! Seal!”

“……It seems you underestimate me too much…“

“Well! Swing your sword with confidence! Come at me! Your blade will never reach me! “

“I see… Ossan! So, you mean that even if a miracle happens, I still won’t be able to hurt you? ” [TN: I’ll use Ossan, sine it somewhat sounds better? It means Middle-aged man]

“Yeah, try it if you want! Even if the earths and heavens are turned upside down, You won’t be able to hurt me! “

A red aura is emitted from Pearl.

I can feel an absolute confidence from that aura, it’s telling me his accumulated experience over the years

“Alright. If you say that much, If I can hurt you, give me that sword. “

I point to a pearl sword with a Green Alchemy Stone embedded in it.

“My lovely sword, this <Zanpuken>! You want it huh!? ―― interesting! Alright!! But be prepared! If you want me to bet this sword, I have to take this battle a little seriously too! “

A sword that produces a wind blade.

It’s a perfect weapon for me, who don’t have any means in medium to long range battles.

A Green Alchemy Stone on the handguard and a swirling dragon emblem on the blade.

The appearance and the skill, I like both. 

Yeah, it’s a cool sword.

I definitely want it――

“Good, it’s getting fun…!”


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