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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 165

165. The call

“Etou-san, what should we do about this …”

Huft… I never thought they would react like this …”

In front of Fumi and Doma, there was a bundle of documents. It was the result of the broadcast the other day. The number of applications was already reached 1222, and the period hadn’t ended yet. This was something rarely seen in history.

Fumi took one paper from the pile of documents. 

The one who want to participate could apply by mail or by using the application form on the homepage, and in both cases, there were column for name, age, address, photo, the school’s name, PR and comment for the program. In other words, each sheet of this paper contains an information about a man…

Fumi thought that the things in front of her was a treasure trove full of personal information of high school boys. If she decided to go on the dark side, she could get a large amount of money, by selling that information.

… All of this is so important. I need to be careful about how to store this.

Fumi confirmed that all the application forms, and all of them were filled in. To be honest she was surprised that the boys filled the documents properly.

Nonetheless, in each application form, the PR column was filled with how good and wonderful the boys are, and column for the comment about the program contained explanation about how rude the masked person was.

“But, it’s really exactly as what Hatano-kun said.”

“Well, it easy because of him, if we’re doing it ourself, we wouldn’t have received any applications.”

“That’s true… I don’t dare saying something like that towards men.”

“I thought it’s impossible move them with just provoking words. Maybe there are something that only men can understand.”

“But he… after the shoot ended, he had a really nice smile…”

“It was a shining…”

Doma trembled, remembering what happened at the recoding.

“I was scared thinking about the complaints that would come after the broadcast at that time.”

“I was prepared for it too, but …”

But it went well more than what they expected.

“I guess… a lot boys knew that the one behind the mask was a man.”

“Really? Isn’t it hard to know if you put on a mask?”

“No, you can know it just by the words and movements, don’t you think so?”

Only the person from the same gender could speak so radically about the others of the same gender. That was why female viewers refrained from making complaints. There were many threads on the net thinking about whether to make complaints or not, but it got deleted. As a result, they came to the conclusion that they should refrain from sticking their neck in the fight between men, and decided to just wait and see what would happen next.

Fumi clasped in the success. With the cooperation of Kohaku, she had achieved such good results. And so Fumi swore in her heart,

I will make a program that will be remembered forever!

Then, Fumi took out her smartphone.

“Now, first of all, I have to tell Kohaku-kun about this result.”

In Fumi’s entire life, Kohaku’s phone number was the first male in her contact list. 

Even if it is a contact I got because of work, I can invite him on normal day from now on! There is a slight difference in our age, but it is still acceptable… I hope so!

And so, the woman who was on the same age as the mother of the child on the phone hoping for her bright future.


“Hello, Etou-san. Good afternoon. Result?……..? Ah, no, I haven’t forgotten it. I was really worried. I couldn’t even eat.”

The phone call from Etou-san was the result of the broadcast on the other day. Apparently, it was a success, and it seemed that there were more than a thousand applications, which was wonderful. However, the other party was an adolescent boys’ high school student, and so I told her that she should be careful until the end, as there might be some fake applications.

“It’s good that many people want to participate, but the application period has not ended yet, right?”

『”Yes, it may still increase. However, some companies have offered themselves as sponsors in response to this, and so I got a good broadcast slot.”』

“But if it increases too much, you have to drop the number of people by a lot in the preliminary first.”

『”It’s a shame, yeah… it’s really a shame. But even for the preliminary, I got a broadcast slot for it, so various boys can be seen on screen.”』

“I see, so do you have a plan about what to do in preliminary?”

『”I’m still thinking about it…” 』

“Really? But I think it’s something simple.”


“Yes, just think about their academic ability, athletic ability, and appearance.”


“It’s called the King of Boys for a reason. Of course you want the boy to be high in all of these three, right?”

『”That’s right.”』

“Some more if you have a good face, it will look good on TV, and I think many people will want to see the program.”

After all, it will be on TV, so good looks are necessary. 

It is the same principle that even a trashy actor can be the leading role in a drama as long as he has a good face.

『”Kohaku-kun, Thank you for your input.”』

“You’re welcome. Good luck and please do your best.”

I hang up the phone. 

…I’m looking forward to an interesting program on the TV.


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