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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 164

164. The broadcast

“Heyー, get the sweetー, fastー, It’s my wish you knowー.”

The boy’s words were immediately answered by the woman, who was also his mother. The boy was lying on the sofa and watching the TV programs that he had always watched…. but just because he was watching it all the time, it didn’t mean that he liked it, he just watched it as a habit.

“Hah, as usual, it’s not interesting at all. They have to start making a more interesting program. This I, is generous enough to watch it after all, don’t they know it?”

The show was nearing the end, just as the boy’s mother brought a cheesecake and a cup of tea. The boy looked at the clock at noticed that the show ended earlier than usual, then he wondered why…

“Did they cut it short to slack? Even though I’m watching it? What the!!! How dare they!!”

The boy complained about the show while eating the cheesecake. 

After the end roll was played, the screen changed,



Came out.

“What? A king? Why do you think the king can be decided when I don’t even appear? Are they stupid?”

The boy asked for confirmation from his mother, “Right?” 

Of course, the boy’s mother thought that her son was the best, so of course she agreed. 

However, both the boy and his mother were watching without looking away from the screen. And on the screen, a person wearing a mask and a hat with feathers appeared.

“Ewww… It’s so bad… What’s wrong with this person! Do you think this looks cool? And to calls himself a king, seriously? This horse fa――”

The boy saw the person on the screen and immediately began to curse him. However, the taunt was silenced by the first voice made by the person on the screen. It wasn’t because of astonishment, fear, let alone delight, but the reason was just pure anger.

『”Hey hey, high school boys all over the country, No, I mean, you pig who don’t know your own worth, good evening.”』


“Pig”, that word instantly exceeded the boiling point of the boy.

『”Oops, excuse me. My honest thoughts just slipped out… Even if I really think you are like livestock, who just enjoying the rights given to you and not even trying to hone yourself at all, well well, I was really rude…”』

“Of course!! How can you compare me with the――”

『”To the pig”』

“The hell!!!”

The boy complained to the person on the screen even if he knew the person couldn’t hear it. Not only him, but most of the boys who were watching it… including men other than high school students.

『”Well, I don’t care about that. But I want you to understand what I’m lamenting. You guys… the low-ranking boys, misunderstand about your own worth. And it makes me angry. That you and I are being treated as if we’re in the same line.”』

The person on the screen shook the head slowly and sighed, “Seriously…”

The boy was no longer complaining, he just looking at the screen expressionlessly…. It wasn’t that he wasn’t angry, but because his emotional gauge had gone past “Angry”…

『”And that’s why, I’m thinking of letting the women know a truly wonderful man, the one fit to be called as the king. The producer of this show who came to the negotiations said, “If you really want to be on TV as the King of Boys, you have to show your abilities, and if you don’t prove it, as the broadcaster, I can’t put you out as the King.” …… Seriously, what a brave lady to say that to me.”』

All of it was a lie, but anyone who was watching the broadcast didn’t know that.

『”And so, the producer prepared a tournament, a battleground for the boys around the same age as me… to decide ‘The King’…… But you guys are cowards and have no ability… You guys are incompetent peoples with only high pride. Well, at least you know your own worth in society.”』

The boy who understood the point, “Only those who are confident in themselves should participate.”, was so angry that he turned his expressionless face into a smile. This was because in the boy’s head, he saw the sight of himself completely defeating the magnificent weirdo who was on the screen. And the boy also thought, that he would be praised for defeating the weirdo, that he would be in glory, so he decided to participate.

『”Those who are confident. You could challenge me, but this I, will defeat all of you, and show you! that I, am better than you in everything!”』

The masked person… Kohaku, the thing he was careful about in this shoot was that he mustn’t clarify his awesomeness. For example, he thought that most boys wouldn’t apply if they showed high academic abilities and athletic abilities. Simply put, most of boys basically wouldn’t challenge the fights if they knew that they would lose. What Kohaku wanted to say by that remark was, “I’m amazing, but I won’t show the proof. But in the end, I’ll make you a fool.”… Anyway, the way Kohaku presented it made the boys who watched the broadcast thought that the masked person was in the same level as them

『”Then, I’ll stop it around here… I’m looking forward to seeing the fools who have the guts to challenge me. Please do your best to be a foil to me.”』

That said, the masked person disappeared and the application requirements were displayed on the screen, then the program ended. 

The broadcast was spread at an amazing speed on SNS and video sites, and known to many people who didn’t watch the program.

Not only the overconfident boys who saw the broadcast who decided to participate, but also the talented and hard-working boys decided to participate too.

…… At the same time, the real person behind the mask was not sure whether he would participate.


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