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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 163

163. After the recording

“Kohaku-kun, thank you for today.”

“You’re welcome, I hope it helps. But even if I used a mask, I can’t help but to be nervous when I think that I will appear on TV.”

The moment Kohaku said that, not only Fumi but the others who were at the recording room got quiet for a moment.

…… He was nervous? 

In fact, after Kohaku finished the recording and had his mask removed, his face was shining, and with a refreshing smile he said, “Well, I really did a good job!”… 

Seeing Kohaku’s expression, the staff members gave OK unconsciously. And when they thought about what Kohaku’s said, they all thought that his words were a little bit too much.

“I-Is that so…”

“When the camera started to face my direction, I was almost stuck with words.”

“I-I see… But, I felt like you were used to it, since you were so natural…”

“I was desperate you know?”

Kohaku replied to Fumi with a little sultry smile at the end.

“The broadcast for this, is it two days later?”

Fumi who had been enchanted by Kohaku’s smile, suddenly came back to real world with that word.

“Yes, I’m planning to show it at the end of the program and put the word that it’s in the progress.”

“I hope, many will participate.”

“Yes, if I don’t get the minimum requirement, I have to think about another project…”

Fumi looked pale when she imagined a future where the minimum applications would not be gathered. 

Seeing Fumi’s pale face, Kohaku gently clasped Fumi’s trembling hands to cheer her up.

“It’s okay. I’m sure the efforts of Etou-san and the other staff will be rewarded.”

Kohaku told Fumi to cheer up with a soft smile.

“Kohaku-kun… That’s right! It’s gonna be okay, I’m sure it will work! That’s right, right everyone?!”

All the staff raised their voices, “Yes! That’s right!”, and their morale rose.

Kohaku was satisfied with the situation, but Maria, who was accompanying him, urged him to return home and left the recording site.

After Fumi went to see off and came back to the recording room, Doma asked,

“Etou-san, you really think the shooting today is enough, right?”

“… Yes, of course. I’m prepared for the worst outcome already.”

“But if you just let it as it is, it’ll cause a shitstrom…”

Fumi had considered all of the worst outcome… Whether she would be flooded with complaints call, burned in the SNS, leaved by the sponsor, and ridiculed by her colleague who was in the charge of drama… She was prepared

….. Fumi’s stomach started to hurt when she thought about the bad ending…

“… But since it’s a boy who said it, I think not a lot of complain will come.”

“Well, with that mask on his face, it’s hard to say whether it’s a boy of girl.”


“Would we try to sugarcoat it by editing?”


Fumi thought about it quietly, and after a while…

“No, let’s go with it as it is. Since Kohaku said so, I’m sure there’s there is a feeling that only men can understand.”

“… I see, it’s true that men know best about men.”

“I’m sure that remarks… will attracts a lot of men. Or else, I’ll take responsibility, so don’t worry.”

“I understand. Then. let’s go as it is!”

“Yes, let’s make a legend!”


Huft… Finally, I’m done with my work.”

I stretched my body to loosen my body.

“You’ve done great work today”


“But Kohaku-sama. Will a lot of men want to participate after hearing that advertisement?”

As expected, Maria is worried about that too. But I think it’s gonna be okay. If you fan the flames that far, I’m sure some will come to apply. I mean… One of the things I think is amazing in this world is how high the men’s pride. Because of it, I feel like they’re going to eat the bait even if they know it’s a trap.

“I’m looking forward to the broadcast day.”

Maria, said so expressionless as usual but I somehow could feel an excited atmosphere from her.

Well, I agree…

“That’s right. I’m looking forward to it too.”

I wonder if it is gonna be shared at some forum or SNS…

And finally on the day of the broadcast.

“Kohaku-kun, Kohaku-kun! It’s about to start!”

“Yeah yeah, I know”

My mom rushed me. When I said that I would appear on TV, she decided to watch together. My mom and Maria, were already in the living room. Beer, some other liquors and snacks were on the table. Also, tea and sweets were there too.

I sat on the sofa and picked up the sweets. 

The show was nearing the end, and the advertisement was about to start. I was a little embarrassed thinking that I would appear on TV, but I also worried about the results. 

Hmm… I wonder how it’ll look…

And finally, it started. On the screen, big letter appeared,



Then, a suspicious man wearing a feathered hat appeared on the screen…

….it was me.

“Kyaaaー! So Coooolー!”

“My Lovely Kohaku-sama. A really nice guy.”

My mom and Maria were making a lot of noise just because I came out. 

Maria, you were there with me…

And then, the me in the screen started to speak.


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  1. ……………..I’m sure that Kohaku will absolutely be shocked to hear whatever words will came from his mouth or he will be pleased they didn’t edit his words. Well, i’m sure many of the men with uselessly high pride will take the bait.

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