Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 162

162. Advertisement Recording

“Etou-san, are you really want to do this plan?”

“Yes, we have to get a high rating.”

The director, Doma, who was in charge of the variety show program with Etou Fumi looked at the proposal that Etou gave and asked a question with a worried look. That should be the case, because in the plan a crazy project called, “King of High School Boys”. The project was mainly for men, who were kind of taboo for a variety show, as a single mistake, could lead to a catastrophe for the show. Of course, if the plan ended in succeed, the show would definitely get a high rating. But the risk was too high and Doma didn’t want to do it.

For a variety show in the recent year, the mainstream was to earn a stable audience rating rather than taking risks. 

Doma looked down on the proposal again. In the plan, it was written that the regulars of the program were mostly the host and the participating high school students. The host would so something like interview to the participants, but the main of the show would be the participants… the boys and girls in the adolescence, that a little too difficult to handle. One wrong move and tears would come out…

Just by reading the plan, Doma’s stomach was already in pain.

“But still, it depends on today’s recording whether those important participants, the high school boys, decided to join or not.”

Seeing Doma’s expression, Etou said so…

“Hmm, you’re going to advertise this project at the end of the show, right? And the one who will advertise is someone you know, right?”

“Yes, but it’ll be anonymous since the face will be hidden in the promotion.”

Huft, do you really think many will participate?”


Doma’s words made Etou felt nervous. 

Seeing that, Doma understood that Etou was betting on the project.

“… Etou-san”


“Since we’re going to do this, let’s succeed.”

Etou opened her eyes wide and with a strong and powerful voice she replied,

“Yes, of course!”

A program with uncertain future, if it were to fail, everything would be ruined, but if it were to succeed, you could expect and award from the Company’s President. 

The two felt a thrill that they hadn’t felt for a long time.

“Etou-san, the one who will advertise, is really a boy, right?”

“Of course, what are you talking about?”

“I’m sorry to say this, but I still can’t believe that Etou-san has a boy acquaintance.”

“Hah! Are you making fool of me!? I know a really beautiful boy!”

“Humm, I’m not skeptical about it, but….”

“He’ll be coming soon, so take a closer look. See how beautiful he is!… Ah, I got a call.”

Etou answered the phone in a hurry, said that she would pick the boy up and left the room in a hurry.


I came to a TV station where Etou-san was working. It was a major commercial TV station. 

Well, in my pervious life, the sushi before is like, “let’s eat sushi in Ginza!’. Well, it was not in Ginza. [TN: Ginza is a part of Tokyo, Why Ginza? I guess it’s because a lot high class restaurant is there.]

… But if you think about it carefully, isn’t it a rather unsophisticated job to instigate a high school boy who is being carefully raised by their family to participate a program that runs all over the country? Well, even if I gets caught, I can just say that it’s according to the script.

“Kohaku-sama, Etou-sama is here.”

For safety reasons, Maria, who came with me, told me that Etou-san would arrive soon.

“Hey, thank you for coming.”

“Hello, please take care of us today.”

Maria also quietly bowed her head.

“Well, I’m the one who asking you to come so you don’t need to bow your head…”

“Today we’re recording a promotion video, right?”

“Ye-yeah… Even though you just came, I’m sorry, but could you please follow me now?”

I was introduced to Doma-san, who was the director of the show in the room where Etou-san guided me. For some reason, when Doma-san muttered that a beautiful boy had really come. 

Don’t worry, I’m not a bad person.

Then, I was guided to the studio where I would use to record the promotion.

“Kohaku-kun, you don’t need make-up, right?”

“Yes, I’ll hide my face with this.”

After saying that, I showed Etou-san the mask handed over by Maria. With a mask like a Venetian mask, a hat with wings, and a small voice changer specially made by Maria attached to the mask, I was ready to go.

“I-it seems you’re prepared. Anyway, we’ll start the recording in 10 minutes.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best! Everyone, please take care of me today.”

With that said, I bowed down and appealed myself as a healthy boy to the recording staff. 

With this, even if this fails, they’ll not have a really bad impression of me. 

More than I expected, the staff’s reaction changed from frightened to blushing.

Yep, they’re too easy.

“Ah, ah~, ahー… Maria, how is it? Is my voice different from usual?”

“Yes, Kohaku-sama, your usual beautiful voice has changed to an inorganic mechanical voice.”

“Alright, I’ll do my best”

“Good luck”

I sat in the designated chair and waited quietly. 

Finally, the signal was given, the countdown began, and the recording began.

“Hey hey, high school boys all over the country, No, I mean, you pig who don’t know your own worth, good evening.”

Hmnm? Why I said something different from the script… Well, whatever, I’m in the middle of a recording, let’s continue…

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  1. ………………..Oh dear……..*insert facepalm meme*………………………….Why is that i’m not surprised in any way about Kohaku speaking like that to others?……..
    Actually, i have been thinking that the one speaking like that is the “real Kohaku” that our MC possesed(unknowningly) for some reason.
    Well, now we will see how Kohaku pours rocket fuel to the fire to fool many boys with uselessly and meaningless high pride to increase the rating of the TV station.

    1. I think his original memories doesn’t realize that it didn’t overwrite who he previously was, just simply meshed into one with it.

      That and the psychology and biology of men in this world has an influence over him.

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