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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 161

161. The plan for the tv program

Etou-san replied me with a confused face, seemed that she had no plan prepared.

“No, wait a minute, Kohaku-kun. It’s not like what you think. It’s not that I haven’t thinking about anything at all, there’s a reason for this.”

Seeing my stunned expression, Etou-san started talking about the reason.

“You see, variety shows, unlike dramas, require the host to talk a lot or even tease the guests.”


“Of course, there’s a script for it, and we always proceeding according to it, but… if the guest, in this case, a man, if he doesn’t like the script on the day of shooting, there is a high probability that the man won’t appear on the show unless we change it, even though the man said OK in the meeting.”

I see…

“Therefore, when a man decided to appear in the variety show, there is an unwritten rule that you should refrain from teasing as much as possible and just having them appear as the ‘flower’ of the show, but of course it is necessary to get involved with host a little.”

It seems that there are many programs that have failed because of that, so there are also concerns on the production side about having a man in their shows. It’s a so-called double-edged sword. Sure the audience rating definitely will increase, but there’s the risk to overcome.

“But is such a show interesting?”

“The content of the show will sure be mediocre, no, I mean low, since the progresses must be changed carefully… as to not piss off the man.”

Etou-san said so painfully as she drank the alcohol.

“But the rating will definitely be high. The viewers are looking for a man to appear.”

My Mom and Maria agreed with the words.

“Ah, well… When there is a man in the variety show, you can’t help but to want to see it.”

“Yes, I’ll put it on even if I don’t pay attention to the show all the time.”

“I mean… It’s nice to be able to see the facial expressions of the man that you can’t see in a drama.”

Indeed, it would be popular even if the quality of the show is mediocre as long as it matches with what the market wants.

Hearing the explanations, an idea came to my mind.

“Etou-san, then if there are a lot of guys in the show, the audience rating will go up even more, right?”

“Well, that’s right. It will inevitably attract attention.”

“Then I’ve an idea. If this idea succeeds, your show might get a high audience rating.”

Maybe it will exceed the ratings of the famous programs out there. That, if you succeed!

“What kind of idea is it!!?”

Desperate words come out of Etou-san’s mouth. Naturally, she wanted to put out a large number of men in her show if she could. However, I was more fascinated by the words I heard after Etou-san’s desperate words.

“It’s the lean of bluefin tuna. There’s the medium fatty-tuna and super fatty-tuna, so please enjoy all of it.” [TN: All of it tastes good but expensive, especially the bluefin tuna]

Yeah! A bluefin tuna! I can feel that it will be delicious just by listening to word. 

The red meat placed in front of me had a fine texture and a deep red color. 

Yep! I’m sure, this tastes delicious!

“……Hmm, so…”

“Please let me eat the tuna first.”

“Ah, Okay…”

Etou-san timidly asked me, but as the matter of course, the tuna came first. 

After slowly enjoying the three types of tuna that were served, I talked Etou-san.

“As expected of a bluefin tuna!”

“Ah, that’s right. No, it’s not that, sure the tuna is delicious, but it’s not that!”


“Why you looked confused… we’re talking about your idea, right!?”

Oh, right…

“Yes, I haven’t forgotten. Don’t worry… You said that your show will definitely get a high audience rating even if only a man appears in you show right? So, if a lot of men appears in your show, it’ll sure get a very high rating, right?”

“That’s right, but that’s…”

I ignored Etou-san, who said such a thing was impossible, and proceed with my idea.

“Recently, ‘boys who want to be the king’ are popular in my school.”

Well, it’s one person…


Etou-san looked so confused when the topic suddenly changed.

“A man who thinks he is the best, I’m sure a lot of man think that way, especially a man who still young and adolescent like the high school students…”

“Their greed knows no bounds. They want to be the king …”

“So, let’s hold it. The match for the king of high school boys!”

“The, king of boys!”

“What an attractive word.”

“I will watch such a show”

Mother and Maria were positive about my idea. Even me, if that kind of show available in TV, I would like to see it too.

“Sure it sounds interesting, but…”

“Etou-san, you’re worried about gathering the men, right?”

“Yes, even if you use a lot of advertisements, I’m not sure if men will want to participate…”

“I will help you about that. I will advertise it if you give me a little time at the end of the broadcast…. Even though it’s behind the glass. I think people will spread it on SNS.”

“I don’t think you could get a lot of men that way…”

“You can say that it’ll be in production while promoting it, and if not a lot of men want to participate, you can just slowly fade out. I mean, it’ll be definitely profitable, so why not, right?”

I think a lot of men will probably want to participate. With a little fanning, the flames will spread everywhere, they’ll come near the bait like ants swarming in honey. 

Well, I said that I’ll help with the promotion, but I didn’t say that I will appear in the special episode of your show, so don’t get the wrong idea, okay?


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  1. Etou: Congrats on being the king of the boys
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    Boy: yep it’s normal for me to be the ki-huh?

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