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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 160

160. In the Sushi Restaurant

On the night of the holidays, my mother came home with her friend Etou-san.

“Hello, Kohaku-kun. Why don’t we go eat sushi?”

Etou-san invited me to a meal with a smiling face.

…… Yep, she’s planning something.

“Don’t worry! This big sister will bring you to a high-class sushi restaurant today!”

When I heard that word, my suspicion that Etou-san was planning something turned into conviction. However, people were very weak to the words such as ‘high-class’ or ‘delicious’… more over the word ‘sushi’, so…..

“Wow, thank you very much. I’m really looking forward to it.”

I decided to accept the offer heartfully.

“Urgh! What a nice smile… and to such an innocent child, I…”

…… What the hell is this person trying to do to me?

“Heyー, Maria-chan, we’re going to eat sushi todayー, get readyー!”

Maybe my mother had heard of it in advance, she went to call Maria who was cleaning the second floor……. It was as if she knew I wouldn’t refuse sushi.

“Then, let’s go when you’re ready.”


After that, with a taxi, we went to one of the most popular downtown areas in the country, with shops lined up along the road. We stopped at the restaurant in the corner. The inside of the restaurant was bright and elegant. Also, it had a relaxing atmosphere.


An elderly with a kind look welcomed me with a smile.

“I made a reservation with the name Etou.”

“We have been waiting for you. Please follow me.”

We were guided to our seat.

 …… To be honest, I was a little nervous, I never went to a high-class place in my past life, after all.

“What would you like to drink?”

Oh, it’s a shop without a menu! 

The others placed orders smoothly.

“Cold sake please”

“Me too”

“Then I would like that too.”

I hope they don’t drink too much, get drunk and show some strange behaviors… God, bless me.

“Young man, what would you like to drink?”

“Please give me green tea”


And our orders came.

“Are there any things you don’t like?”

I replied I was fine with anything, and not long after, the food started to be served.

“It’s firefly squid with ginger and citrus sauce.”

Hooo, finally…

The firefly squid on the plate looked fresh and delicious. When I put it in my mouth, the taste of firefly squid with the refreshing citrus flavor spread inside my mouth. Based on that, I could guess that Etou-san really wanted to make a request.

“It’s octopus. Feel free to put soy sauce or salt.”

The sashimi of octopus was served. It was chewy but soft, yet it tasted good every time you chew.

“This is sea bream. Feel free to use the soy sauce or salt.”

Oh! This is also delicious! 

As I was enjoying the food served one by one, Etou-san started talking.

“Ah, Kohaku-kun, how is it? Delicious?”

“Yes, it’s very delicious.”

“I see, I’m glad you like it. By the way, does Kohaku-kun watch TV a lot?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Alright! What about making appearance in a tv program? Count it as a good experience!”

It’s strange… The flow of the talk is strange… It’s like, she’s already trying to take me forcibly…

“No, I don’t want to, but I see, so Etou-san is a person working in that kind of industry.”

“That’s rightー. Fumi is a TV producer.”

My mom suddenly joined the talk. Her face was a little reddish. As for Maria… She was eating quietly.

“She alーways! Called me with a low voice saying she can’t get a high rating!”

Etou-san suddenly looked gloomy.

“Yes, that’s right! I can’t get a high rating for the variety show I’m in charge of, and I’m always looked down by my colleague who is in charge of drama! So! I thought I could get a high rating if a young pretty boy makes an appearance! Yeah, I know I’m a fool for hoping, you can laugh at me!”

“Ahahaー, I’m such a foolー”

“Noー, it’s not something foolishー”

Oh shit, these guys…. 

I looked at Maria, and she stood up as if she knew what I wanted to say, and quickly pushed the acupuncture points of the two who got drunk. Both of them were pushed in the acupoints then returned to eat the meal.

“Maybe I’m getting a little sober.”

“Yeah, me too.”

What a bunch of troublesome adults …

“Kohaku-kun. So, how is it? is it a no, no matter what? even just a little? It’s okay even if it’s just a small talk with the host, you know.”


“I want to get a high rating with this special episode and see my colleague shocked face.”

Etou-san appealed with a serious eye. 

People who were serious about things they do could move someone else hearts. Even me would start change my mind.

…… But I haven’t heard anything important from her.

“So, what do you do in the special episode?”

“……..What do you do huh…?”

Etou-san tilted her neck. She acted cute as if she still a young girl.

….. This woman! Please ask after you have a plan!


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  1. But she doesn’t really need a plan. Just him being on the show would get high rating consider how deep the thirst run in the women of that world.

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