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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 159

This ch is from Fumi Etou POV

She’s a friend of Kohaku’s mom who appeared in ch 12…

159. Fumi Etou’s work

Recently, the number of people watching TV programs decreased. The reason was because entertainment could be easily obtained with a personal computer or smartphone. Besides that, in the downtown area, there were arcades, place for karaoke, bowling, etc. Also, the influence of the video site. with the number of people posting were a lot, the content was so diverse. Because of that the viewers could select and watch whatever they want instead of “Watch because that’s the program”.

However, although TV program in such a predicament, the content such as drama, still earning quite a lot of audiences. It was because men were always in the dramas. There were many stories could be told in the drama, the love between the heroine and the hero made the viewers experience it too. To put it simply, watching a drama gave the viewers a feeling of excitement. Therefore, the drama could last until now… Then what about other than the drama?

What Fumi wanted to say was only one thing,

“I can’t get a good audience rating”

Fumi was a producer of variety shows Lamented so. The last broadcast of tv program she was in charge of, only got 6.0% audience rating. Even though the program was in the time zone where the audience rating was easy to get, the golden time. However, it was happened to other channels with the same genre, variety show. 6.0% was certainly not good, but it was still a good number compared to other variety shows. There was only one clear reason why variety shows couldn’t get a lot of audiences… because there were no men. Men refuse to appear, let alone as regulars, even just as guests, they didn’t want to. All of it due to the nature of the variety show, the host needed to talk or even teased the guest, but man who had a high pride couldn’t forgive it.

Previously, a male actor had appeared on a variety show for the sake of a movie, but after the host teased the actor a little, the actor never said a word again, no matter how much he was asked. It was so unexpected. And it seemed that the host of that variety show almost cried. After the show ended, the actor said that he would stop working because he got sick, and it became a big problem. In the world where there were few men who were thinking about appearing on TV, entertainment agencies that had men were careful not to stimulate the pride of the men in their office. Therefore, a lot of channels tried not to put out variety program as much as possible.

But… but…. the audience rating of the program that pushed the difficulty and danger would go up. It was that kind of industry. 

The producer who was in charge of that variety program became the director of the organization. The producer didn’t want to do it again as it was too dangerous.

… Fumi was wondering whether she should chase the danger. There would be a two hours special program in the near future, and she just wanted to get a higher audience rating. The face of her colleague, the person who was the producer of the drama came to mind… The mocking expression of the producer saying “Hah?!”, when looking at the rating of the variety show that she was in charge of… Anyway, Fumi wanted to see the shocked face of the producer. However, the problem was that she had no men she could contact.

In the first place, Fumi became a producer of a TV station because she had the expectation that she might be popular with men. For that reason, as the result of studying and refining her appearance, she was good enough to be able join the company, but she was not popular with men at all! Her friend had already given birth to a child… She really wanted to call the person in charge. She should be able to go out with at least one person because of her high income and position. The face of her colleague came her mind again. “Well, there are many opportunities to get to know a man in a drama, how about you? Ah, I’m sorry, I don’t think you’ll ever meet one in a variety show.”

……That Bitch! 

Every time Fumi remembered her colleague face, she became motivated. She already decided to have a man in the special program. So, she tried to make a phone call to the entertainment agency, but she was told that their talent couldn’t appear because he was sick.

Fumi then remembered that there was a man who look better than the male idols and actors on TV…. the man also had a gentle personality and was polite enough to even taking care of drunken people. The problem was that the man was an amateur…

As long as the other people could do something about it… Yeah, this is not a bad idea… right?

Fumi was convinced of her success….. The problem was how to persuade the man… She changed the plan from calling the entertainment agency to her friend number.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Hell yeah. Finally he’ll go into showbiz. I’ve been a fan of a few showbiz related WN but I haven’t seen it too much in the JP side. I hope they revisit this concept a few more times.

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