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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 158

158. A mess in class (2)

What should I do, this is just a mess… No, more than this, I’m worried more of weird rumor about me will spread more than now. The damage will be just… 

If they take out the words without context, it’ll be just… kissed, hugged naked, and licked face… Moreover, even with context, all of that happened with different girls. This is like what a bitch would do… No, in this case, maybe I should call it, Gigolo? Man whore?…… No, I can’t let this be…… ‘A devilish man’ gives a noble impression, a high class like a jewel, but ‘Man Whore’? it sounds cheap, like a candy you could buy everywhere.

I need them to calm enough first before I explain… but I can’t see any signs of it…

The girls were screaming and the boys were asking, “Should we experience it too?”

“What’s wrong? It can be heard from outsi――eeeehh!”

The one who came was the young lady of Seikagu Family, Yuzuka-san. She looked at the depressed face of her classmates with an astonishing expression that I had never seen before. That would be the case, since the situation looked crazy from an outsider perspective. No one wouldn’t be drawn by the situation. Even if Yuzuka-san’s surprised face was a very rare thing, but what I would like to ask from her was to noticed my cries of help… 

Please, help me somehow….

Yuzuka-san was looking around the classroom to understand the situation better, but she nodded lightly after she had an eye with me as if she was convinced of something. It seemed she somehow knew that I was the cause of the situation. She spread her hands strongly…


The loud clap echoed in the classroom. The clean sound seemed to dispel the disturbing air that was floating in the classroom, and the classroom became quiet for a moment.

“Ah, good morning Seikagu-san”


“Good morning, you’re a little late today…”

Yep, there is something wrong with their heads. How could they greet with a smile as if nothing wrong like that…?

“Good morning. What happened? I could hear the noise from outside the classroom, you know?”

“Ah, that’s right! Seikagu-san, Listen! Those three robbed something from Hatano-kun!”

“… I’m sorry, I don’t understand at all.”

Yuzuka-san made a troubled face and turned to three people… Yachigusa-san, Minori-san, and Maizumi-san.

“Umm… what did you do?”

“I kissed him”

“I got my face licked by him.”

“I took a bath together with him, and also hugged him.”

The three replied honestly, Yuzuka-san looked a little surprised at the reply with a face saying, “What the hell…”, Then she smiled gently, and…


Convicted the three.

“No way!”

“That’s not true! You want to split two people in love!!?”

“I already had experienced the fear of being killed by a maid! No more!”

The three protested, but the girls in the class were already thinking about punishment.

“Alright, they’ve been judged as guilty, what should we do?”

“Maybe something like, let them live with just the white bread crust for a week?”

“No, on the contrary, why don’t we let them eat a cup of sweets every day and make them fat?”

“No, no, why don’t we don’t let them getting rid of their body’s hair?”

“What about, asked them to go to school without makeup?”

“Saegusa used a little makeup, but Yachigusa and Maizumi are already without makeup. So, nope.”

“…What should I do, I suddenly feel the urge to kill them…”

Seeing that, Yuzuka-san laughed and said to everyone.

“Just kidding, I know all of you are jealous, but they didn’t do anything wrong, they’re Not Guilty.”

The atmosphere of the class got softened. Even though I hadn’t said much.

“Kohaku-kun, I’ll ask you just in case, but you weren’t forced to do it, right?”

Ohh, she moves the focus to me….

…After thinking a little, I shook my head vertically.

“It’s not forced. What I did to Yachigusa-san was to cheer her for doing a tough club activity, it was a reward for having endured and succeeded in playing the leading role in the play, As for Minori-san…”

I was drunk when I did that to Minori-san though… Nope, I can’t say this… It was my fault for drinking the ‘juice’ in the first place, But wait, it’s not liquor, so I shouldn’t get drunk…

“Mi, Minori-san…”

“What about Minori?”

Yuzuka-san asked with an innocent face. But just for a moment, her angelic face looked like a devil.

“Because her face was full of scratches, so I did that as a disinfecting measure…”


Yuzuka-san’s face was saying, “Isn’t it better to use a disinfectant?”. She looked very disappointed.

Please don’t be so disappointed in me…

“What about taking a bath together?”

“I happened to stay at the same inn as Maizumi-san. And when I took a mixed bath, the airhead Maizumi-san came in not long after.”

“I’m not an airhead!”

I guess, she doesn’t seem to know herself well…

“Well, what about the hug?”

“I just supported that blonde there who was about to fall.”

“I’m not blonde!… Ah, wait, I’m blonde.”

Somehow Maizumi-san started to feel depressed. Maybe she started to realize that she was an airhead? Well anyway, Yuzuka-san who heard my explanations turned to everyone.

“See? There’s no reason for it all. So, maybe everyone has a chance to be kissed too.”

Yuzuka-san told everyone that those three girls were not special.

“I see, if I succeed at something, I may be rewarded with a kiss…?”

“When you come back from the battlefield, he will lick your wounds…?”

“If I stay at the same inn and sense that Hatano-kun is going into a mixed bath, I would be able to experience that… a special event.”

When everyone finally settled down, the chime rang.

“Now now, everyone. It’s time to go to our own seats.”

Yuzuka-san said so and everyone went back to their seats.

“Ah, that’s right, Kohaku-kun…”

Yuzuka-san, who was about to take a seat, came to my side and said,

“Please do all it for me next time, okay?”

Truth was, for a moment, Yuzuka-san made my heart skipped a beat.

Kohaku “By the way, Mishima-san isn’t here.”

Teacher “Mishima-san is absent due to a cold”

Yuri “Cough Cough. I’m glad I’m sick when Hatano-kun is far away…”


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