Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 157

157. A mess in class

“Asking your friend to call you with ‘-sama’, acting as if you’re the king… I think it’s not good behavior.”


“What do you think?”

“No… well… yes…”

“Yes, right? It’s not like I’m preaching you so that you’re not annoying, but I think you should rethink your behavior.”

I was trying to take care of Fukushima, who had a bad attitude, as a classmate. It was not because I was being annoyed by him, but my kind heart told me to do something about him since no other people seemed to care about what he did… Even though, I told him to listen in a sitting position, I wanted him to think of it as a whip of love from his classmates.

“E-excuse me… my feet…”

“Not yet”

“Uh, urgh …”

Fukushima acted like a spoiled child and was squirming his legs, but at least until the homeroom starts, I had him remained that way. The boys around me were either pointing at me with hate or refused to see me at all. On the contrary, the girls were honest with their desire, they were busy taking pictures of a boy doing rare poses ‘seiza’. [TN: Seiza is sit in a position where your legs neatly folded and spine are erected]

“Now, the question is, how do you sneak in there…”

“No, stop it. It’ll only be a nuisance to Kohaku-san, so stop it, okay?”

“That’s right, Seri-seri, don’t be stupid.” [TN: I guess Seri-seri is kind of a nickname to Serina]

“Who is an idiot!”

I heard familiar voices from the hallway. 

Hello? It seems there’s an improper girl among you, is she okay?

“Good morning, everyone!”

“Good morning”

“Good morninー Ahh!”

Three people who came in were Maizumi-san, Minori-san, and Yachigusa-san. 

When they saw me, they were surprised with their eyes almost popping out.

“Ara… Ara Ara Ara”

Maizumi-san approached with a bright smile while saying “ara ara”… Scary.


“Well, Kohaku-san, what happened?! Isn’t it too early to come back?!”

“What are yuuuuch!”

“Good morning, Kohaku-san. Minori was thinking about your return every day.”

For some reason, when Maizumi tried to talk, the other two intercepted her. 

Is this a conflict between women? They’re really like a wild spirit that won’t miss a chance when they see one, even if they’re on good terms…

“Why both of you get in the way between me and Kohaku-san, whyー!!”

Maizumi-san, who was blown away by the two and trembled, screamed. The two looked at Maizumi-san with piercing eyes.

“Hmmm? But, Miu is the one who has the closest relationship with Hatano-san, so…”

“No, no, no, that’s me.”

And then the two were glaring at each other.

Yachigusa-san took the initiative to launch an attack.

“Miu, and Hatano-san had already kissed.”

The moment the bomb was dropped, the classroom was in turmoil.

“N-no way!! That.. Hatano-san’s first kiss… has already been robbed!!”

“What a disaster!”

“To give a once-in-a-lifetime treasure of boy to other so easily like that, no way!”

“Urghh… you mean, he’s that different from us!!”

The boys were astonished, and the girls were despaired that the most ideal boy they knew had already had a close relationship with other women before them





As expected, the girls are reacting worse than boys…

Minori, who received Yachigusa’s attack head-on, staggered and stopped moving, but managed to somehow hold up.

“I-I-I see… I’ve been thinking that you’re on good terms for a while… but I see…”

“Huhuhu. I feel bad for Minorin, but that’s the truth!”

Perhaps Yachigusa-san had already convinced of her victory, she looked very confident. However, there was still a light in Minori-san’s eyes.

“But… but I, my face was licked by Kohaku-san! A lot, my face was licked a lot!”

And the class which was already in flames… a fuel dropped and exploded once again.

I decided not to care anymore.

“A face licking you say…”

“Which is better, a kiss or…?”

“Of course a kiss, right?”

“No, a kiss is something normal, and face licking is more like a fetishism than kissing. In other words, isn’t the one he wants more is Saegusa?”

“But it was the first kiss that Yachigusa got. Hatano-san gave it to her. The first kiss is special, right?”

“It’s difficult to decide…”

The boys started to argue, and the girls got more confused.

“Lick! Lick Lick! Lick Lick Lick!”

“I want to be licked! Lick Lick!”

“A lick is not bad too! Yeah, Lick Lick!”

Their responses are really the worst.

“Minorin. You…”

“It’s not just you who are getting along with Hatano-san.”

The two were smiling at each other. However, I could feel some kind of force behind their smile.

“Aah! I! I have too! Listen! Listen to me!”

Maizumi-san made an appeal while jumping. I knew she didn’t want to be left behind, but I wanted to shut her mouth if possible…. But since it had gone too far, I decided to let her be as she might hold some kind of grudge if I hold her back.

“Hmm…Since it’s Seri-seri, I don’t think it’s something to make a fuss about, but well, you can say it if you want.”

“Sure, so may I ask what it is?”

Perhaps the two thought the most dangerous enemy was between them, they didn’t take Maizumi-san seriously.

“Well, you see. I’ve taken a bath together with Kohaku-san. Naked! Also, we hugged while still naked! Eheheー.”



The two fell quietly after making an expression that they couldn’t understand what they just heard. And, of course, the classroom became even messier. Among them, Fukushima, who was still in ‘Seiza’, had the expression “Please forgive me already…”, but of course I ignored it.

Seriously, is the class gonna be okay today?


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