Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 40

40. Separation

A place where yellow snow falls.

There, I met her.

Layla Freiheit

My Master, Barha-Zetta… She’s his granddaughter…

She hates him deeply.

Deep enough to even hate his disciple.

“The place is the first bottom part of <Mother Punk>, the Ancient Arena <Kataros>….. as for the time…”

GONG!!… the sound of a bell, heavy enough to reach the whole area.

It signals the end of the day.

“The same time as now. When this bell rings, okay? “

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

“Don’t run away. Seal-kun…”

Layla descends the stairs.


I stop Layla.

“I need to tell you this… Your Grandfather is dead. About a month ago…”


Layla keeps going down the stairs without another word.

I open my fist holding the letter. It remains crumpled in my hand.

“Show me that letter for a moment.”

Shura spreads her hands over my right hand.

White Mana flows from Shura’s hand.

――It’s the Mana of Regeneration.

The letters quickly stick together and turn back to its original condition.

“Ooo! So, your <Sub-Source Colors> is white!”

“Yes. As long as I know the original shape, I can do this much. So, what are you going to do?”

“What am I going to do? I must win.”

“You shouldn’t underestimate her too much. That girl is pretty strong. When I was hugged a while ago, I felt a different Mana. It’s dangerous.”

I agree.

The skillful handling of Green Mana that she shown me when cooking.

The Red Mana that can catch Shura’s kick with one arm.

The Mana of Creation and the Mana of Strengthening. A versatile type that can used both of it skillfully.

And also, the fact that she’s the granddaughter of that Old Man… She can’t be weak.

“Put yourself together! I still have to ask that girl where Barha-Zetta’s house is! I can’t ask if you don’t win!”

“You should go listen now, if you’re the one who ask she’ll tell you――or maybe not? She’ll get angry just by mentioning that name… Shura, rest assured. I have an idea of ​​someone who seems to know the location of his house other than her.”


“Yeah. Let’s go to where the Knights are. There must be Old Man’s acquaintance there.”

“Wait a moment. There is a place we need to go before that. “


Oh right… those three people.


Carrs, Ignacio, Frederica.

After all of us gathered, we descend to the bottom of the <Mother Punk> and go out of the city through a small gate.

Outside is an expanding field.

There are several roads where the vegetation has been cut clearly.

Carrs, Ignacio and Frederica stand face to face with me and Shura.

“I see…..”

The three looked a bit bothered when I told them I couldn’t leave the city for at least five days.

“General, I’m sorry, but as expected, five-day is a bit tough. I want to go to the Guild Town as soon as possible.”

“I’m sorry. I have to go back to the guild too…”

“I also want to join the Knights in the Imperial City, not in <Mother Punk>. I’m not a hurry, but can’t just stay in here for a long time … “

“Well then, it can’t be helped. Time to say goodbye. Shura, what are you going to do? “

“Of course, I’ll remain. Anyway, first of all, I have to meet someone you know.”

So, two to three huh? I wish I could travel with these guys to the Imperial City.

“Well! Even if we go to our own way here, I feel like we’ll meet again.”

“Hmmph! I’m reluctant to agree with what this kid general said, but I feel like I’ll meet you again too. ――Seal, Shura-chan, I hope for both of your well beings.”

“If the fate let us meet again, please take care of me again at that time. Oh, and please give my best regards to Ash-san … “

The three left <Mother Punk> and set out for the Imperial City.

I and Shura wave our hands to see them off and go inside <Mother Punk> once again.

“Ahー, I’m lonely. Suddenly I’m feeling lonely … “

“Humm? Why’re you so depressed like that?!! I’m still there, you know! Anyway, let’s go. To the where the Knights are.”

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