Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 156

156. The boys along the way

“Eh? Return to Kenran?”

On the night after the death battle with class 1-4 was over, the Student Council President, Risa Sanada called. She informed me that I should go back to Kenran.

“Ah, I’m sorry, but it’s a request from the Seimei side, so …”

“It doesn’t matter, but why suddenly?”

“Hmm, it’s hard to say, but Hatano-kun, didn’t you send some boys to the infirmary in PE class? That’s the reason… “

That thing? It seems I need to resolve the misunderstandings.

“President, that’s a misunderstanding. I didn’t send the boys to infirmary purposedly, they just went there by their own actions. I just played with sportsmanship, so there’s nothing wrong with what I did.”

“I-I see, yeah. well, yeah… I know…. yeah.”

Why she talks like that?

“Well, for whatever reason, the fact that two boys were sent to the infirmary will cause the other students to feel fear. I’m sorry, even though it was me who asked you to go, but from tomorrow go to Kenran as usual. “

“I understand, then please give my best regards to them.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

I ended the call.

…I’m supposed to be in Seimei for a week, but it became only two days… I’m worried that the boys from Seimei that I’ll meet when I go to school tomorrow will make fool of me… Yep, there is no point in thinking about such a thing…

When I was lost in thought, my room was knocked.

“Kohaku-sama, the bath is ready. Please take a bath now.”

“Okay. I get it.”

I got up from the bed and opened the door. A beautiful maid stood there.

“Thank you, I’ll go now.”

“Yes, then me too”

“Nope, you’re not.”

“The maid’s job is from morning kiss to night care.”

“Don’t lie! You’ll be sued by many men, you know!”

“95% of maids, dream of this.”

Absolutely a lie! No… that… might… be true?

“Have mother took a bath yet?”

“Kohaku-sama… Don’t you know that Yoko-sama is drunk…?”

“… Wake her up early tomorrow morning and force her to take a bath.”

“I understand.”

The Hatano family was peaceful as usual.

The next day, inside the train, I saw Seimei’s boys as usual, but usually they looked at me and speaking ill about me, but today they kept looking down.

Hmmm, probably the rumor about that Dodgeball has spread. It really has unexpected effects. Well, at least with this, since they talk less behind someone’s back, they might get along with some Kenran boys. It means that what I did was not in vain.

When I got off the train, I could see a boy from my school. 

I feel like I know him somehow. Who was it?……

… After thinking a little, I remembered who was him. When I was surrounded by many boys who wanted to go join the exchange event with Seimei, He was there. 

If I’m not wrong, he’s a boy in my class, and he was depressed because I didn’t know him at that time. What should I do… Should I give a friendly morning greeting?

In the end, I decided to follow the boy from behind. Of course, other students around me had noticed me, so I waved my hand to them. They looked very happy so I felt good too. However, the boy who was walking in front of me….

“Hmm, to wave at me so casually, as expected of easy girls. You supposed to keep my head down until I passed by. Seriously, a bunch of girls who don’t know the common sense at all.”

…… What kind of common sense are you talking about?

“This is also Hatano’s fault. The girls are growing like this because he’s crazy. Well, that unsightly Hatano won’t come back for the time being. In the meantime, I’ll dominate the class… no, the whole first year. By the time he comes back, he’s no longer on the throne. The stupid face when he realized that will be a sight to see. Ha Ha Ha!”

The boy began to laugh. 

This is a road that many students use you know? I’m sure they will look with cold eyes at you…

I looked around, but the girls in the surroundings watched over me with a bright eye.

…… They’re kinder than I expected

Then, I continued to follow the boy from behind until we reached the classroom.

“Good morning Fukushima-kun”

“It’s not Fukushima-kun! It’s Fukushima-sama!”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Fukushima-sama.”

“Hmmph, don’t make a mistake again.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

Doesn’t he realize that the girl is smiling at him with the face saying, ‘It can’t be helped then’? Is he really okay with that? 

The girl who greeted him noticed me who was right behind him and gave me a bright smile, but I raised my index finger and made a gesture saying, ‘Please be quiet’. She tilted her neck but kept quiet.

“I can’t wait to see the face of Hatano when he comes back. Because everything he controlled will be gone by then. Kukuku, well, if he sincerely apologizes to me, I can make him my subordinate. First. I’ll make him pour tea for me?”

“I see…”

At that moment, he quivered as if he had been struck by lightning and then stopped moving.

“It seems you’d been thinking something fun huhー”

“… W-w-w-w-why! It’s still early to come back…!”

“I came back a little early to burn someone like you.”

“N-no way… do you mean that I just danced in the palm of your hand all this time…”

Fukushima kneeled down.

…… I’ll let him go this time, but what should I do in the future?… but seriously, he really is a small fry!

Shino “Hmm? I can’t see Kohaku-kun…?”

Teacher “That’s because Kohaku has returned to Kenran”

Shino “!!!”


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