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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 155

This ch is from Subaru Shirogane POV

155. Shirogane’s Dilemma

Subaru Shirogane was the Student Council President at Seimei High, a prestigious school that many boys long for. As a matter of course, the school had a strict admission, so the one who sit at the top of those students, Subaru Shirogane, was always respected and admired. 


Such a respected person, Subaru Shirogane, he had been worried a lot in the past few days. He sighed unconsciously, and after a while he realized that he had sighed. He realized that the number of sighs had increased recently. And this fact also made his stomach pain. Such was the habit Shubaru’s had…… No, rather than a habit, he already had a stomachache whenever he got too much stress since he became a high school student. Perhaps it was the way to relieve the stress?

Subaru was hesitant whenever he was about going to the Student Council room these days. Of course, to maintain the smooth management of the Student Council, there was no option but to go, still he couldn’t help to feel uncomfortable….. Specifically, since he had a talk with the students of Kenran. The Vice-President, Hibiya, made the meeting with Kenran’s Student Council more complicated when he saw Kohaku Hatano…. All of it was because of his personal feelings, his grudges made him spoke some nonsense complaint at the meeting.

Subaru gave up at the beginning, but lately he felt that it was better to not think too much because it would soon end. Subaru thought that Kohaku Hatano was not as selfish as the rumor. If Kohaku Hatano were a true tyrant, he wouldn’t work for the Student Council, and even his previous self-introductions didn’t give any arrogant atmospheres. However, on the other hand, Subaru also felt that the Kohaku Hatano had no mercy to a person who was being hostile to him. For that reason, Subaru thought that what Hibiya had done might affected of what coming soon.

Subaru remembered Hibiya said that he joined the Student Council to gain power, but the High School Student Council didn’t have that much power. If Hibiya went crazy, the teachers would stop him. The Student Council was a representative of the students as well as the one responsible for doing miscellaneous affairs in school. It would be same even in Kenran or other schools. Even after Subaru asked Kenran’s Student Council Persident, Risa Sanada, it seemed Kohaku Hatano was doing his work seriously. So, it was hard to believe that Kohaku Hatano would do something crazy like what Hibiya said.

Subrau arrived at the Student Council Room before he knew it. Looking at the heavy door made of oak wood for a while, and after he regained his spirit, he turned the knob to enter.

…… It’s strange.

As soon as Subaru entered the room, he felt something wrong had happened. The atmosphere in the Student Council Room was tense. Recently, as soon as he entered the room, he could hear Hibiya’s loud mouth, but no one was speaking this time. Subaru noticed that the usual member was not present and asked a question.

“What happened to Kanda?”

The members who were not there was first grader who was always assisting Subaru. He was a junior who always came to the Student Council Room before Subaru to prepare documents for meetings, and even tea. Subaru and Kanda had a rather dry relationship, but Subaru would still worried if Kanda suddenly not came.

Tamachi, who was in the same year as Kanda, was the one who responded to the question. He shook his body and made his eyes go back and forth.

“Tamachi… talk to me”


Tamachi spoke quietly.

“Kanda-kun seems to have quarreled with Hatano-san.”

Hatano again!!?

Subaru wanted to hold his head here. There was no day when the name of Kohaku Hatano didn’t appear in the Student Council these past few days. He thought that perhaps the story about Kohaku Hatano was mentioned more than the exchange event. 

Everyone loves Kohaku Hatano too much! Please give me a break!

Shirogane didn’t let what he thought out on his face… No, he had a bit of a bitter expression on his face….

“Tamachi, tell me everything you know.”

“Y-Yes…. but I’m sorry, I don’t really know the details…”

“Tell me what you know”

“Well, then…”

Subaru had a headache when he heard what Tamachi said.

“It’s an unpleasant story no matter how many times I hear it.”

Hibiya, who had already heard the story said so.

To summarize Tamachi’s story, for unknown reasons, it seemed that class 1-1 led by Kohaku Hatano and class 1-4 led by Kanda decided to have a Dodgeball match, and as a result, Kanda who completely lost seemed to be resting due to shock….

However, Subaru thought that there were more incomprehensible things in the story.

Why a simple dodgeball match ended with Kanda in the infirmary? Both of them… What kind of match did they had?

“But Kanda is also Kanda. He dared to challenge Hatano, whose even me had a hard time with… I guess, he grew up huh?”

Hibiya said so arrogantly.

Still, sending someone to the infirmary was more problematic than anything else.

But what to do?

Subaru remembered that the reason why Kohaku Hatano came to Seimei was to help the Seimei’s boys who were unfamiliar with girls to get along with Kenran girls easier, and so the cause of the problem this time could be said that it was Kohaku Hatano himself. Also, according to the story Subaru heard from Tamachi, class 1-1 was already under the control of Kohaku Hatano

……What’s that? Seriously, I don’t understand.

“… So, what to do?”

“What to do? Well, there is only one thing to do.”

“And that is?”

Subaru told the Student Council members his decision,

“I’ll have Kohaku Hatano return to Kenran.”


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