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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 154

154. To the victory

I took the ball that rolled around. I was sure what I did wasn’t wrong, but for some reason everyone stopped. Some more, strangely, the teacher did not sound the whistle. 

…is there another rule that I don’t know? Will I get another foul? 

Perhaps the teacher saw my confused face, he hurriedly rang the whistle.

“Out! To the outfield… anyway, Hamamatsu, are you okay…?”

Hamamatsu, hadn’t stood yet after falling down in an exaggerated manner. 

Yep, it’s a tactic to get the sympathy of those around you. If it’s right on his face, I can understand… but I hit his stomach, so it shouldn’t hurt so much… 

Hamamatsu shook his head from side to side while holding his stomach.

I guess, it’s not good……. But, you have such a good body, please show your guts a little more, can’t you?

In the end, Hamamatsu was carried to the infirmary on a stretcher and the match continued.

“… Coward”

I didn’t know why, but the boy who was provoking me before, was hatefully staring at me. As I hadn’t finished processing the situation, I passed the ball in my hands to my team mate infield.

“Coward? Me? Why?”

“You have challenged me! Hamamatsu is deceived and defeated…”

“What do you mean?”

I replied with a face saying that I have no idea at all. The boy seemed to be very angry at my reply.

“You pointed at me! You challenged me!”

“Eh? I don’t remember challenging you? I just pointing my finger at you, that’s all. And I don’t remember saying I’m aiming at you, right?”

“What the!”

“Well, it seems all of you misunderstood my actions, so it’s your mistake, not mine.”

“… Don’t say that with this you’ve defeated me?”


“I’ll remember this!” 

The boy moved away angrily… but I felt a little refreshed. Somehow, the movement of the class 1-4’s team was getting worse, probably because I hit one of their pillars. Thanks to that, the situation was progressing to my team advantages.

However, the boy finally moved in such a situation. When his team got the ball, he immediately requested for it and took out one of my team mates. He also caught the ball aimed at him without difficulty, and would immediately counterattack.

I guess this is what they call as an all-rounder player?

“Everyone, don’t be distracted! There is a devil over there!”


The morale of class 1-4’s team were back.

… Who is the devil? Me? Are your eyes okay? 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay quiet anymore or my team would lose. So, I requested the ball again. However, a tall student immediately stood in front of me…

“I can’t let you get the ball anymore”

“Urgh! Hatako-kun…”

“Ah, it’s okay, just throw the ball to area where this boy can’t reach.”


“It’s okay, don’t worry. More than that, as long as I can get the ball, I’ll make him out immediately. Well, I hope he’ll not go to the infirmary afterward like Hamamatsu-kun…”

The tall boy reacted to my words and looked at me with a frightened expression. It was as if he was crying for help and mercy, but since we still in a game, it couldn’t be helped, right? 

He probably doesn’t have much jumping power, or else he would be the one who became the jumper instead of Hamamatsu. Anyway, he’s not a match for me.

The ball I requested went to me. The tall boy failed at blocking it. And the moment the ball passed into my hand, he cried in front of me…

…if you want to hold a grudge, please grudge your team leader.

And so, a stretcher could be seen once again. Since the tall boy was nearby, the ball went to the outfield, and I got the ball again. 

…It seems being in the outfield may be good, you can attack one way without being targeted.

“It was pretty fun, but the class is about to end, so I need to finish this.”

I said so with a smile. 

Then, using my team mates help or not, I took out the boys in the class 1-4 team. Finally, only one boy left.

“… No … no way.”

“Yeah, sometimes life doesn’t go the way you want. I understand that well.”

“Urgh! But I haven’t lost yet! I just need to take all of you out, and it’ll be our win!”

“Unfortunately, the ball is now in my hands, and with this one throw you’re out.”

“… Come! No matter what cowardly hand you use, I will beat you!”

Seriously, I don’t remember doing anything cowardly. He sounds the same as a cartoon character who keeps saying his opponent is a coward whenever he lost to his opponent’s strategy. Alright, I’ll advise him after the match that he has to be more openminded.

“Yeah, it was a good match, but let’s end it.”

I threw the ball at the boy. He smiled a little as if he could see the speed of the ball. 

……Well, sorry.

The ball fell sharply and diagonally in front of the boy. He froze on the spot as the ball hit his right knee. After the ball hit his knee, he lost his balance and collapsed.

One of the students of class 1-1 who saw the scene said,

“The winner who looks down and the loser who looks up…. It was that kind of scene. Wait… Oh, right, Hatano-kun’s eyes at that time were similar to the eyes of someone looking at insects.”


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