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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 153

153. Provoked

I went to the outfield since my action considered as a foul. It was not intentional, but it couldn’t be helped since the referee said so. 

When I was walking out the outfield,

“Scary, I’m sure that was absolutely intentional…”

“Maybe he was going to kill him”

“He said, ‘Go to hell’ …”

“Huft, if we don’t win, we’ll be killed for sure.”

“We can’t lose!”

Seriously, it wasn’t intentional. They didn’t give me a chance to explain it. 

So, the reason they don’t want to lose is not because they don’t want to be looked down on by the boys from class 1-4, but because they are afraid being hurt by me huh…… Well, as long as they win, I don’t really care.

The boy who got hit by me had somehow revived. However, he kept glancing at me who didn’t even have the ball. Perhaps he was worried? Or hoped or an apology? Well, it was an unfortunate accident, so I had no intention of apologizing.

“Hamamatsu, concentrate on the game!”

“A!…… Yes!”

That’s right, you have to concentrate on the game. 

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for the ball since I went to the outfield, but it didn’t come around at all. Why?

I suddenly remembered the sport tournament that was held at Kenran.

Compared to those guys at Kenran, they’re better at sport……. why their skills so difference?

“Hatano-kun, you seem to have underestimated our athletic ability, right?”

“Hmm? No?”

“The students in here are not only required to have pride and intelligence. They must physically fit too. Seimei High is said to be prestigious because we have all of them. You can’t compare us with the spoiled boys of your school.”

“Yeah, you’re right”

Without a doubt the boys at Kenran are terrible! They only have pride.

“Anyway, is it okay for you to talk to me now?”

You just told your teammates to concentrate on the game, didn’t you?

“Yeah, I trust my team mates. See.”

The boy pointed to the boy from my team who had just been hit by the ball.

“We will win, even without me having to move.”

“… Isn’t it to early to declare victo――”


“Out! To the outfield”

“Hmm? What did you want to say?”

“……Ah, it’s nothing”

“It’s too early to declare my victory? Well, as you can see…”

A whistle sounded again and another boy from my team went out again.

“KUKUKU… I thought you was tough because you can handle that Vice President, but you just a frog in the well.”


“I wish you had stay quiet in Kenran and continue your roleplay as a king there. Now, you feel miserable because you tried to do the same here. You’re being too greedy.”


“With this, you can’t help but to spend the rest of your time in here quietly.”

What are you saying? No boy as quiet as I am, you know?… Perhaps, you’re provoking me? Do you think I can easily get on such a provocation? I’m not that simple.


… Still, I haven’t touched the ball since I went outfield… I’m starting to want to touch it. 

I asked for the ball from my team mates who were about to throw the ball.

“Ha-Hatano-kun! Wait, it’s still early, we can still do it!”

“Yeah, we’ll counter from now! So don’t worry!”

“Huft, we’ll show our real strength from here.”

“It’s okay, we won’t lose!”

Even though a few members of our team were hit in a row, the morale of my team mates were still high. Their determination made me feel relieved, but…

“I understand everyone’s feelings. You guys are very reliable.”


“But the ball, pass it to me”




Somehow the morale of my teams had dropped sharply. 

The ball was thrown and came into my hand.

Hmm… It seems that it’s not enough to just compliment them as reliable. 

I bounced the ball while thinking for a few seconds, and then I talked to everyone in my team.

“I know that everyone is doing their best and that they can still do it …”

Not only the boys from class 1-1, but the boys from class 1-4 were looking at me curiously about what I was about to say.

“But I’m also a member of class 1-1! I can’t stand the fact that my friends are being hit! I can’t just keep watching silently! Everyone, let me avenge you all! “


“That’s right! Hatano-kun is also our friend!”

“What a friendship…”

“Hmmph, I knew you wouldn’t be provoked easily.”

That’s right, I’m provoked at all. It’s for my friends. 

After confirming that the morale of my team mates had risen again, I slowly raised my right hand and pointed to the boy who tried to provoke me.

“I see, you plan to aim at me, the general huh?”


The boys from class 1-4 gathered in front of him and became a wall.

“Everyone, you don’t need to shield me. Let me show him it’s easy to take his ball.”

“But the power of his ball cannot be underestimated!”

The jumper, Hamamatsu-kun, desperately appealed. 

Even though it wasn’t intentional, but it probably hurt. Well, I’m not wrong.

“Hamamatsu, have I ever betrayed your expectations?”

“……. Never”

Hamamatsu-kun glanced at me before pulled his body. 

Stop staring at me… I haven’t done anything… Anyway, with this, I can throw without any obstacles.

I kept the target in my line of sight, twisted my body, bent my arm, and released the ball! 

The ball with a beautiful vertical rotation hit the boy who was the center of class 1-4’s strength, Hamamatsu-kun. And, he collapsed in agony.

The heat that was raised on the court calmed down like it was a lie.

ROLL!! ROLL!! ROLL!!… The ball was rolling.

…… Well, I’ve never said that the boy I was pointing was my target.


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