Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 37

37. Hateful Person

Layla guides me to the back room on the second floor.

There are two other rooms on the second floor, which is Layla’s bedroom and toilet.

A plate is hanging in the door of the room Layla guided me to, and it’s written “Ain”.

There are few things in the room. One fluffy bed, one closet, one desk and one chair.

There is a window on the side of the bed. I can see a streetlight from the window. 

It seems the sun had already set. 

Yeah, I better not go out anymore today.

I look at the outside view from the window. 

The streets stretch toward the cherry blossom trees… I see, the guy who built the house here has a good sense. You can see such a beautiful cherry blossom tree before going to bed. Isn’t that great?


Something fluffy has fallen in the gap between the bed and the wall.

I go to pick up the fluffy object.

It’s a doll.

A plush bear.

It’s tattered… it’s dusty and some of the cottons are missing. But, even if the condition is good, it looks quite ugly. Insanely thick eyebrows, hateful round eyes, and a three-shaped mouth

…is this what they call as ugly-cute?


“Come in”

The doorknob is turned and a silver long-haired girl get into the room.

It’s that a nightwear? It’s thinner than the dress she was wearing before. It’s translucent… and the thighs to the bellow is bare.

“How is it? Is there anything you are dissatisfied with this room?”

“No, not at all. Far from being dissatisfied, I am very satisfied.”

“I see, that’s good… By the way, what’s in your hand?”

Layla leans her head to the side and looks into my back.

“Ah, this?”

I bring the plush bear in my hand to a position where it can be seen by Layla.

“―――― !?”

“It’s a really ugly bear. Some of its cottons are missing. Did you forget to throw it awa――What the…?!!”

The plush bear disappeared from my hand in an instant. 

Layla took it from me. She’s holding it with her face down.

“Sorry, this… there’s a reason behind this.”

“I… see… My bad, did I just say something insensitive?”

“That’s not the case. It’s true that this plush bear is ugly, dirty, and not cute at all…”

Then why do you hold it so importantly like that?

“It’s a gift from someone… an important person to you?”


Layla’s expression is dark and cold.

Seeing that, I know that in fact her expression now is her true face.

“Hey, Seal-kun. Do you have ‘Someone you hate till die’ ? “

Layla suddenly turns her black eyes toward me.


What is this pressure…!

My instinct is screaming “Escape now!”.

“I don’t have, but… why?”

“I see… I have. This stuffed animal was given by that person. “

“Then why do you still keep that kind of thing?”

“Well, I wonder why… I don’t even know myself. “

And Layla laughs, “Hihihi”.

I’m sure, it’s a forced laugh.

Then, Layla switches the story in a strange direction.

“The pigeon that I sent to Uncle Pearl’s house is back. It seems he’ll be back at the Knights Office in here around noon tomorrow. “

The pressure has disappeared.

At the same time, Layla’s face changes back to a comfortable look.

“Don’t you say that Pearl is not in his house? So, who wrote the reply?”

“He has a wife and a daughter. It’s his wife who wrote the reply. Her name is Akane-san, She’s very good at cooking. She’s my cooking master.”

Her master huh?

Is she really good at cooking? I mean, Layla’s cooking is…

“Well, tomorrow, should we go around <Mother Punk> in the morning, then go to the branch office in the afternoon to meet Pear?”

“That’s right~. I bet you can’t sleep later because you’re looking forward to it, right?”

“It’s just a date with you. Don’t worry, I’ll sleep properly. It’s not my first time to go on a date with someone.”

I drop my shoulders to emphasis that it’s not a big deal.

Layla pouts her cheeks and leaves the room, while looking at me.

After confirming that Layla is gone, I put my hand on my waist and squeeze my body.

“A date huh…”

A date with a girl of that level.

I guess it’s true that sometimes a good thing will happen in your life… it’s good to be alive.

This is bad… I’m starting to get a little nervous. I mean, my experience with girls so far were pretty terrible.

Once, there was only one time when it reached to a date. She was one of the most beautiful women I ever saw in <Distall>, I intended to escort her to the fullest…

『”Seal, you always looks so bored all the time.”』

But she disappeared.

I think I was having fun at that time. I wasn’t bored.

So why did she say such a thing?

In the end, she left for somewhere the next day.

“―I need to stop thinking about this… Yeah, I’ll enjoy tomorrow!”

Yes, Layla is special.

I have to say that Layla’s appearance is the cutest I’ve ever see――no, There’s Ash and that female knight, Niamh. Ah, there’s also Ignacio. Regardless of their personality, those three people were also cute.

Shura is too short for me, so she’s out.

Hmmm… it’s hard to decide who’s the most beautiful amongst the girls I’ve ever met.

But, there is no doubt that Layla is at the top level! Damn, I don’t feel like sleeping now! This damn tension!


Suddenly, I felt a gaze on my back.

I look back nervously. There, the door is still opened about three fingers and light blue eyes are looking into the room.

It’s a bit unlike me but my cheeks tuns a bit red.

“Since when …?”

” From the point you said, “A date huh…”.”

“No way…!? Listen to me, it’s not like what you think…! “

The more upset I am, the wider Layla’s smile is.

“Fufufu, I’m also, looking forward to tomorrow. Vir-gi-n-bo-y♪”

Layla says with a little devilish smile.


The door closed. 

At the same time, my pride as a man has collapsed.

“Seriously, from where did you learn such words … “

I feel like a fool, but it somehow helps me to fall asleep quickly.


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