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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 152

152. Let’s start the match?

The sky is blue, the sun is yellow, what a good weather. 

I looked up at the sky and thought it was a really good day for sports. 

Yep, it’s really refreshing… and yet, there’s this dangerous air tainting this fresh air… a critical situation between class 1-1 and 1-4.

“… Hoho class 1-1, aren’t you guys quite hostile?”

“Today, we’ll beat all of you completely, so be prepared.”

Somehow, the boys of class 1-1 got agitated.

“But, I don’t remember doing something that make you so hostile?”

“Huh?!! How bold of you! I’ll make all of you regret for looking down on us”

They’re having a conversation but it’s so disconnected… I thought the boys of class 1-1 were good boys, why did this happen? It’s really strange. 

As I was listening to the conversation nearby, the representatives of class 1-4 turned to me. 

What?… Well, let’s smile first….

“… I see, is it you, Hatano-kun?”

The boy seemed suspicious of me. Why though? I just told everyone what I had guessed from what he said.

“What is it?”

The representative boy lightly clicked his tongue and glared at me.

“I don’t know how you instigated them, but don’t think you can get away with that.”

“… Oh, I just motivated everyone, you know? I didn’t do anything shady.”

“That’s right! Hatano-kun didn’t do anything!”

“Yeah! We just want to beat all of you who made a fool of us!”

The representative boy still staring at me.

“So, you guys sold your souls to the devil huh…”

“… Well, even if we did sell our souls to the devil, in the end, we will win!”

Their determination is something I want to have too. But, I’m not a devil, okay? Can’t you all at least deny it?

“I see, I understand. So, we just have to win to get their souls back huh.”

“You mean, you can easily win against us huh?!! So arrogant!”

“Let’s stop talking and settle this with Dodgeball.”

“I agree, let’s start the match.”

I’ve never seen such a passionate Dodgeball game. Anyway, this game started because of me, but for some reason, now, I’m completely out of their radar.

“We won’t lose today!”

“Our class won’t lose either!”

Shino-san and the girls were arguing between themselves. It was not as bad as the boys. 

Well, they seem to be having fun, so it’s fine.

“Ooiii, all of you get readyー! Each class will be divided into 2 teams. One of the teams go to the court. When it’s over, we’ll do it again with a different team.”

The teacher called out and the confrontation between class 1-1 and 1-4 were about to begin.

I also quickly entered the court and got ready. 

When I was slowly stretching my body, I was approached by the representative boy.

“You have done it well huh.”

“… No, no, I really didn’t do anything.”

“Hah, I don’t need your words anymore. Which one is right, will be decided by this game.”

He said so and moved to his position.

…… You don’t want to listen to my words? but it’s you who came and talked to me first right? I’m sure if I tell you this, you’ll be even more agitated… I need to restrain myself.

“Who will do the jump ball?”

“It’s me!”

“No, it’s me”

“It should be me”

“Huh, don’t you know my jumping power?”

When everyone was arguing among themselves, a boy looked at me and…


“Ah, what is it? Do you want to be the jumper too?”

“No, it’s different! Look!”

“What’s wrong with…”

The boys who were arguing looked at me all at once. 

…… Why are you suddenly stop talking?

“Hey! What should we do? We keep arguing on our own, so now he’s glaring at us!”

“Y-You! You said you wanted to be a jumper, right!?”

“Urgh, we might get annihilated before the match even start…”

“Don’t give up!”

What should I do?…

When I was thinking of saying something, one of the boys who was arguing was pushed by the others and walked toward me reluctantly.

“Ehmm… that…”


“That… you should be the jumper…”

“I don’t want to do a jumper, though?”

“I-I’m really sorry. I ignored Hatano-kun.”

Oh, this… They really think I wanted to be the jumper because I was looking at them, I guess… Still, can’t you at least hear my answer?

“Then, please do your best.”


And so, it was decided that I would be the jumper. 

Well, whatever…. 

As the opponent team was already preparing and waiting. I sprinted to the center.

“You finally come, huh? I’ll make you regret for ridiculing me.”

This boy… he seems familiar…. Ah, that boy who talked to me in class 1-4.

Apparently, the jumper of the opponent team was the muscular boy who talked to me in class 1-4. He seemed to think that I ridiculed him for not speaking with him. 

…I guess, he became the jumper because he trained his body. So, he must be the main force of class 1-4’s team. I should take him out as soon as possible.

“Urgh, again!”

Oops, my bad.

I was so absorbed in thinking and left him alone.

“Then, ready, start!”

I tried to say something, but the match started. 

…It can’t be helped, let’s talk after the match.

The ball went up.


The boy jumped enthusiastically. I also jump a moment later. 


My teammates made sad voices, perhaps they thought class 1-4 team would definitely get the ball because I jumped late. 

Don’t worry guys.


I went higher than the boy who jumped earlier, and with my right hand I grabbed the falling ball. Then, I turned my body in the air and threw the ball at the boy who was unprotected in the air.

“Go to hell!”

The ball released from my right hand hit the boy’s body. As he was in agony, he could not land properly and crashed to the ground.

…Good, I just took out one person. 

The whistle rang when I tried to return to my team mates triumphantly. 

What is it? 

When I saw the teacher, I was told with a tense face.


……I don’t know such a rule.


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