Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 151

151. Raising their morale

“――That’s it. Let’s do our best tomorrow.”

After school, I told everyone in class 1-1 about what happened in class 1-4. Everyone was looking at me with blank faces. 

Perhaps the flow of the story was a bit strange? Well, even for me… I felt that way too.

“Excuse me, but I’ve a question.”

A boy raised his hand.


“Well, you said that the guys from class 1-4 wanted to show their strength to us in tomorrow’s physical education. Can you tell me the reason?”

“I don’t know. I really don’t know, but it seems that they thought I was provoking them.”

“… What did you say?”

“Even if your class is not doing as well as class 1-2 and class 1-3, it’s not really a shame…That’s it.”

The class became quiet after hearing my reply. 

Yeah, now that I think about it again Even if I intended to sound like a caring person to the person I met for the first time, but yeah, it sounds terrible…as if I was making fool of them. I’ve to reflect on it… Well as a normal human being, you can’t help but to look at the past, right? Anyway, I’m sure at tomorrow’s PE class, they will come at us with hostility. If I don’t get rid of it, they’ll start getting carried away. It’ll become a trouble for the other boys here.

“Well, anyway, let’s win against class 1-4 at tomorrow’s PE class! Let’s do our best!”

“” Yeah! “”

The two girls responded with a cheerful voice, but the boys were reluctant and replied in low voices, “A-alright…?”. 

Well, of course, when you don’t really understand the reason, you’ll be like that. But, I don’t know either. Seriously, those guys…..!

If I do nothing now, we’ll surely lose… If only it’s a one-on-one match, as long as I keep winning…

“By the way, what are we doing in PE class tomorrow?”

“It’s dodgeball.”

….. Dodge…Ball? In high school? Really? Isn’t it up to elementary school?

“Dodgeball… huh?”

“Yes, not only individual’s strength, but the overall strength as a team is also important, and it’s a game that requires wisdom, tactics, and skills.”

“……I see.”

I understand that these guys like dodgeball. But what to do, this low morale… this’s fatal in team competitions… Wait, at worst, I just need to hit everyone? Then we would win the game, right? No, that would be my sole victory, not a team’s victory. He said that he would show off the power of his class, so I’m sure they would mock the other boys, if only me left on the field, right?…What to do…

I quickly bowed to everyone in the class. Then, the atmosphere became more tense than before. I raised my head and looked at everyone’s face. For some reason, all of them became pale as if they saw something scary.

Hmm… it’s a little different from what I expected. Why they made such faces?

“I’m sorry I got everyone involved, but I accepted the match because I felt like they ridiculed all of you.”

“W-What do you mean?”

“They said that they would show their strength…”

The boys made a confused face, as if they wanted to say, “What’s the problem with that?” 

I gave a bitter and regrettable look.

“Don’t you know what they really mean? It means they could easily beat us with a little effort.”

The boys were listening quietly. I tried to raise their hostility a little, but if I made the story too unreasonable, everyone in the class would think, “What the hell are you talking about…”. Still, once I put it in words, I couldn’t easily withdraw.

“Sure I’ve only spent a little time in this class, but I feel that this is a great class. I can’t forgive the guys from class 1-4 for ridiculing you all! That’s why I want to win!”

I raised both hands and hit the table strongly.


“If we lose, they’ll make stupid of us. Specifically, every time you’re in the hallway, you’ll be laughed, or they’ll see you like a loser. When I thought that my kind classmates will be treated a laughing stock, I can’t stand it… So, please, let’s try our best tomorrow…”

I tried to appeal so. To be honest, it was more than enough even if only one or two people were motivated. 

…Well, I guess my plans failed.



“Unforgivable! Those guys!”

“Yeah! I can’t forgive them for making stupid of us!”

“I’ll make them take their words back! We’re not that easy to beat! Hah! They’re getting too carried away!”

“What? Wanna laugh at us? Treating us like a loser? Alright! Let’s beat them and do the opposite.”

“Kukuku, they’ll definitely regret it.”

Hmmmmm? It worked… better that I expected…


“Ah, Yes!?”

“We will do our best! Let’s win against those guys!”


The boys got motivated……. To be honest, it’s too much.

Now that I think about it, Seimei’s boys have a high pride, so if I poke that pride, perhaps I can easily move them?… Aren’t they too easy? Seriously, I’m worried these guys will get scammed somewhere.

Well, let me use… No, I mean, let’s do our best to win!

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