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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 150

150. The situation in class 1-4

The exchange between Seimei and Kenran, for the first grade, it could be said a success. There was one more class left, class 1-4, but the situation in the other classes were pretty good, the boys were trying to get along with the girls. In class 1-1, after I gave some advice, the boys were trying to get along with the girls in discipline manners. In class 1-2, the boys were gradually shortening the distance thanks to Tamachi-kun. And lastly, in class 1-3, the girls were spending their time with the boys happily and harmoniously.

To be honest, Seimei’s boys were much more rational and kinder than I thought……. Well, I was a little disappointed that they were not as terrible as what I had imagined…. I couldn’t help but to feel like the boys in Kenran had worse personality.

Hmm, what about class 1-4? Let’s see…

 I opened the door of class 1-4 and took a peek inside. What I saw was different from before. The boys were intentionally moved away from the seats where the girls were sitting. So, there was a lot of space around the girls. Moreover, unlike other classes, no one seemed to be trying to get along with boys and girls.

There should be a member from Seimei’s and Kenran’s Student Council in this class, but the situation isn’t looking that good. Let’s see the girls… hmm, I’m sure they’re clearly rejected by the boys, but I can’t see any sadness in their face. On the contrary, they’re grinning… I’m sure they’re thinking, “Oh, to be surrounded by so many boys, it’s like I have a harem” … yeah, their mentals are strong!

When I lost in my thought… a boy stood in front of me without me noticing him at all. He had a muscular body, which could be said rare in this world. 

…Perhaps he’s been drinking protein while working out?

For some reason the boy was seeing me with hostile eyes.

“What is your purpose of coming to another class?”

The way he talks is so arrogant like a ‘Yankee’. But, the fact that there’re various boys from ‘Shota’ to ‘Yankee’ in here may be also a factor for Seimei’s popularity. Perhaps, Kenran needs different type of boys too… For now, there’s only a bunch of fool there.

“Oi! Are you listening!?”

Oops, I don’t. 

I concentrated too much on my thoughts and ignored the boy in front of me. 

There’s no offense, okay? So please forgive me.

“Urgh! So. you don’t even want to talk to me, huh!?”

For some reason, the boy’s shoulders were shaking a little as if he regretted what he just said. 

He should’ve keeps his composure when talking like that…… Well, it’s also my bad for not answering.


“I’m sorry, I made you feel unpleasant. Let me handle this.”

I wanted to apologize and stated my purpose, but another boy interrupted us.

“So, let’s hear what’s your purpose for coming here, Hatano-kun.”

“Ah, okay.”

A smart-looking boy with delicate body.

I feel like I saw him somewhere before. But if that’s the case, I can’t ask “who?”, as an adult, I need to response while remembering his name…… If I can’t remember, it’ll not end well.

“You should’ve been transferred to class 1-1, so why did you come to this class?”

Despite the boy talked to me with a smile, I could feel that he didn’t really welcome my existence in his class… Why though?

“I was wondering if the girls from Kenran are doing well or not, so I came to see.”

“Oh, I see. But I’m in this class, and there’s also a Student Council member from your school in here too. You don’t need to worry. It’s okay.”


I glanced at the girls.

“Hmm, I don’t know if Hatano-kun can understand us, but it takes time for us who haven’t come into contact with girls until now to get along with them.”

The boy gently told me to understand their circumstances. What he said was understandable and it was something that couldn’t be forced. Perhaps after seeing the situation in the other classes I became a little too greedy.

“Ahhh, yeah, that’s right. No matter how well the situation in the other class, it doesn’t mean this class too.”

Since the boy was smiling, I also replied with a smile. When he heard my reply, the smile gone from his face for some reason.

“… Class 1-2 and 1-3 are doing great?”

“Ah, yeah, but don’t worry. You have your own circumstances.”


“Tamachi-kun in class 1-2, and Maegashira in class 1-3, they somehow managed the situation. So, the girls seemed to be having fun there.”

“… So, you mean that I’m inferior to Tamachi and Maegashira?”

“That’s not true! I just expected that since the other classes seems to be okay, this class would be the same too.”

Basically, what I wanted to say was that, it’s okay to take your time slowly.

“I understand. I’ve never expected that I would be humiliated like this. I’ll take immediate action so that we can get along faster.”

Perhaps, he can read my mind?

“It’s not a shame just because you can’t do it, you know?”

“… I see, as expected of someone who quarrel with Vice President regularly. I’ll take that provocation of yours.”

But, I’m not provoking you…?

“Tomorrow’s PE class will be a joint between class 1-1 and 1-4. Let me show you the power of this class.”

“You don’t nee――”

“Then, I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Ah, you don’t need to worry about the girls, I’ll do something about this. Anyway, the breaks will end soon, you should go back now.”

I looked at the clock. Surely, the break time would end soon.

“Then, I’ll go now. Ah, I’ll leave the girls matter to you. Thank you.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.”

I returned to my class. 

I was wondering who he was, but I only remembered after I went out from his class. He was an assistant of the Seimei’s Student Council President, He came to the meeting at Kenran too. 

…Feels good that I can remember him. At that time, he didn’t leave any impressions on me, but now after I talked to him, he’s that kind of person huh…. it’s not what I expected.


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