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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 35

The start of Arc 2!!

35. The Town circling a Cherry Blossom Tree. Mother Punk

Being swept away by the sea, I arrived at the Everlasting Spring Town.

There, I met a girl who had a clear skin and shimmering, gorgeous long silver hair.

Is she as tall as Ash? Maybe a little taller?

Suddenly, a fluffy scent of detergent pierces my nose even though she is standing a few steps away.

I lost my word for a moment.

I, was stunned by her beauty.

I’m being swallowed by the atmosphere.

What is this feeling? I think I felt it once before.

“You’re soaked”

The silver-haired girl bends her body a little and looks at me, who’re still lying on the ground.

The girl Illustration

“Did you just go swimming in the sea with clothes like that?”

“Of course, no. The ship I was on, it sank. I’ve swam all the way here… “

Actually, it’s a raft.

“Eh!? It must be hard on you… what about the other peoples on board with you? are they okay?”

“Well, I think so. Maybe.”

“I see. Do you have a change of clothes? “

I drop my shoulders and shake my head.

“Well then, wanna, come to my place? I also have men’s clothes.”



The girl looks into my face with a slightly uneasy look.

“How should I put it… hmm, is it okay to bring a stranger to your home?”

“Hmm… I’m the only one in my house right now, so it’s okay! There is plenty of space!”

Usually, isn’t it more dangerous?

“And… I can’t leave anyone in trouble alone. My grandfather often said, “If anyone is in trouble, you should try to help”.”

Still, be a little cautious please. This is the first time I see a girl who is so defenseless in her first meeting with a stranger. Perhaps there’s something behind her actions? What if I follow her, but she’s actually a thief? And when I reached her house, her friends will ambush and attack me?


If she’s really setting up a honey trap, she probably be wearing a bit more erotic clothes.

Well, it’s bad for me who doesn’t know about this town in any way, to wander around alone.


“I’ll accept your kindness then.”

I decided to follow the silver-haired girl to her house.


Right now, among five peoples I passed by, one people is a beastman.

The number of normal human increases toward the center of the town.

It’s an unfamiliar sight …

“Beastmans… It’s my first time seeing them.”

“I see, did you come from the countryside? I don’t think beastmans is such unusual beings. “

“Well, it’s somewhat an exclusive town rather than a countryside.”

This town, <Mother Punk>, has trees and rivers all over the place.

This seems to be a measure to prevent the cherry blossom tree in the center from dying. 

The silver-haired girl told me that the river carries water to the cherry blossoms and the trees suck up the water in the ground to regulate the amount of water.

“You see, the one that protects this town, is the cherry blossom tree in the center of the town. That’s why the town is built to protect that cherry blossom tree. “

“So, it’s playing as the role of a barrier…”

“The name of the cherry blossom tree is, “Asphodels”. It’s called as the Immortal Tree.” [TN: It seems that the name is from Asphodels Flower, which is also said as an everlasting flower]

Something round looks like a… yellow cotton? is falling all the time

I catch the yellow cotton with my right hand. The cotton quickly melted and disappeared.

“What is this cotton?”

“It’s pollen. In fact, the one acting as the barrier is that pollen and not the tree itself. It’s like an Amulet. When it touches the monsters, their skins will melt like, SSSHHH!… Ehehe.”

The silver-haired girl squirms her hands.

So, the skin will melt huh? Even though it’s only affecting a monster, it’s kind of grotesque…

“So, this is a town where people who allergic to pollen can’t live.”

“That’s not true, rather it’s the opposite. If you dissolve this pollen in “Asphodels” sap and drink it, you will be resistant to pollen and able to suppress the allergy for a year.”

With her hands folded behind her, she takes a full turn.

“If you put this pollen and that tree sap in a bottle, you can sell it to another town at a high price. “

“I’m actually doing that. Well, it has a side effect. Sure you might get some resistance for a year, but liquid will come out from the pores of your whole body for one whole day.”

“I’ll refrain from drinking it…”

Chatting with the girl Illustration

Anyway, this is such a unique feeling.

The scenery is quiet and calm, but the shops and the peoples make it looks lively.

It’s comfortable… it’s a rhythm I don’t hate. I feel that the air is good too, probably because of the trees.

This town revolves around a cherry blossom tree in a circle. There are stairs in the town. In other words, the more you go to the cherry blossoms, the more you go up the stairs. The cherry blossoms tree is so high that even seeing the last staircase from the lowest staircase could hurt your neck.

I go up about 100 staircases toward the cherry blossoms and go around that layer.

Unlike the lowest part, it’s really quiet. The houses are lined up. Perhaps the types of buildings are different depending how near it’s to the center.

If the lowest part is a shopping district… is this a residential area?

“By the way, what kind of business do you have in this town? Or maybe, your original destination is a different place? “

“Ah, this place is my destination. And I’m looking for a person in here.”

“Who? Who is it? I know most of the people in this town, so I might be able to help. What’s the person’s Name? “

“Actually, I don’t remember the name, I’ve a letter with the name written on it in my bag, and I lost the bag when the ship sank.”


I received the letter without confirming the name of his granddaughter’s name…  I thought that I could just confirm the name when I reached here. What a blunder.

“The only clues I have is that the person, is a student at the Magic Academy. That’s about it.”

“A student of the Academy!? If only you know the name, I would be able to help… I used to go to the Imperial Town’s Magic Academy, and now I’m studying at the Magic Academy in here…”

“You, are you a Magician?”

“You too, right?”

“How do you know?”

“Because you’re covering your body with a small amount of Red Mana. Well, Magicians unconsciously protects their body with a least amount of Mana.”

Oh, now that you mention it…

I’m doing it completely unconscious.

“Anyway, it’s just around the corner.”

Wooden houses are lined up.

Most of them decorated with natural objects such as flowers, trees and seashells. I can barely see any decoration made from metal.

“We’re here~”

The silver-haired girl stopped in front of a rustic house, a house with a wreath on the door. 

“Freiheit” is written on the nameplate.

“This, is my house.”

It’s a two-story house.

The silver-haired girl pulls the door open. I couldn’t see the process of unlocking. Which mean it’s unlocked. Isn’t she too careless?

“I’ll bring you a towel now, so please wait!”

“Alright. Thank you.”

The girl closed the door. I turn my back to it and sit on the ground.

“What should I do…”

I put my chin in my hand.

Somehow, I feel like looking up at the sky.

The sun’s rays pass through the gaps between the flowers into the town.

It’s so calm… I want to sleep as it is.

There were so many things happened from the beginning of the adventure, maybe I should go at a slow pace from now――

“What’s wrong? Why’re you spacing out like that?”


A soft voice came from the back of my ear, it surprised me to the point I jumped away.

The girl laughed like a little devil and gave me a white towel.

“This town, it’s so calm here rightー? You see, I, love this town. That’s why I often come to play. “

The silver-haired girl sits in front of the door and looks out over the town.

I sit next to her, wiping my body with the towel.

“So, your real house is not this?”

“Yeah. This is a holiday home. Grandpa built it… Every year, at this time of year, I come here with my grandpa ――”

The girl looks somehow lonely while smiling.

“Then, is your grandfather gonna come to this town?”

“This year… I’m alone this year. Grandpa, he is… busy right now.”

The girl quickly regains her bright face and stands up.

“Let’s go inside. I’ll cook you some food.”

“You’re going to cook for me? I feel like I’m on the could nine.”

“Of course, it’s my handmade after all!”

I wipe my clothes and body so that no water would drop, and go inside the house. Then, the girl gives me a men’s shirt and trousers, so I go to change my clothes at the entrance and head to the living room after that.


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