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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 149

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149. The situation in class 1-3

Tamachi-kun really did well as the mediator, so class 1-2 should be okay. He even said…

「”You don’t need to worry about this class, it’s better for you to go back to your class as soon as possible! Really, this class is gonna be okay!”」

… that I shouldn’t worry about the girls in his class so desperately. He sounded so enthusiastic, but also at the same time, I felt that he wanted to get rid of me from his class? But I didn’t cause any trouble in his class, so it might be just my imagination… Yeah, that must be the case.

Well, as what Tamachi-kun said, I decided to not worry about class 1-2 too much and went to the next class, 1-3. But, Tamachi-kun’s relieved face that I saw when I was about to leave the classroom, I couldn’t understand why he made such a face… A boy that caused less problems than I did should be rare! Right?

……Never mind, for sure I only have a few male friends. Not only in this school, but even in Kenran. Why though?…….I don’t know. 

Anyway, in the next class, he should be there. My close friend! Maybe I shouldn’t worry about class 1-3. Perhaps, he already did what I wanted to do.

I opened the door of class 1-3 and took a peek inside. There. I saw Maegashira was talking to the girls from Kenran. 

As expected of my friend! He’s very useful!

I was very curious about what Maegashira and the girls were talking about. So, I walked inside quietly and quickly approached them.

When I entered the classroom, the boys looked scared, but I glanced at them, and as if they understood my intention, they nodded and turned their eyes down. 


I finally got behind Maegashira. The girls should be able to see me, but it seemed Maegashira was too focused and didn’t notice my presence at all.

“Hmmph, aren’t you acting too familiar just because you’re in the same school?”

“T-that’s not…”

“… I saw it before the morning assembly began, you were all talking happily, weren’t you?”

“To-today was the first time I’ve talked to Hatano-kun…”

“So, you could act that familiar even if it was your first time?…. Didn’t you get too carried away? What? Perhaps you’re looking down on HIM because you’re from the same school? Or are you trying to get along and aiming for marriage?”





“Hah? Why your face turned red? Stop that nasty delusion!”

…that’s strange. 

The conversation I was expecting wasn’t even 1% correct.

“Hmmph! This is why women are troublesome. Already have a lewd delusion! What a nasty creature!”


“Hah, I bet you’re hoping to get a boyfriend in this event. Right?”

The girls quickly looked away. So, it was true that they were hoping so… Yep, very honest.

“See! You just turned your eyes away! So you really have such a delusion huh! Really Delusional!”


“She might’ve such a delusion, but I wasn’t. I was trying to get along purely to deepen the relationship between the two schools!”

“I’m betrayed!?”

“A-Anyway! Your action might’ve been forgiven in Kenran, but you can’t look at boys with disgusting eyes here! The boys here are delicate unlike the boys in Kenran, so if you look at us with such disgusting eyes, we’re going to get neurotic!”

“I-I wasn’t looking…”

“I’ll go home first before starting my delusion …”

“Don’t you dare!”

……What a terrible conversation! 

I was surprised that they seemed to be unexpectedly having fun. Maybe they could get along better with the boys here rather than Kenran’s boys?

“Hmmph! Don’t do things that the other boys don’t like! Understand!?”

“In other words, it’s okay for to do it to Mageashira-kun…!”

“I can’t believe, I’m having a Tsundere conversation with a boy. I will never forget today!”

“Who’s Tsundere!”

What is a ‘Tsundere conversation’? Well, I’m glad that they’re getting along well, but I hope they could get along with other boys as well. 

The other boys were paying attention the conversation, but there was no sign of approaching us. And; when I tried to look around, everyone looked away immediately.

…… What’s with this reaction? I’m not a man who makes a connection with other people just by using eyes! Seriously, I’d like to ask someone to resolve the misunderstandings that they have about me.


When I called, Maegashira shook his body and then turned around.

“Hatano-kun! What’s wrong?”

“Oh, I came to see if the girls form Kenran were doing well or not.”

“Ah! Hatano-kun, hear me, these girls only thinking about lewd stuffs since earlier!”

“I-I don’t think about it…”

“I’m just having some delusion…”

The girls answered while averting their eyes.

“….. Well, they’re in puberty, so it can’t be helped.”

“Right! That’s right!”

“Yes. Puberty!”

“Eww! Stay away from Hatano-kun!”

Perhaps the girls were happy that with my affirmation, they suddenly tried to came to my side. But, Maegashira drove them away in an instant. 

They seem to be having fun… Well, I think I don’t have to worry too much about this class.

After I told Maegashira and the other boys to try to get along with the girls, I decided to go to the next class, class 1-4.


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