Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 148

148. The situation in class 1-2

It seemed my talk with the boys worked really well, they introduced themselves to Shino-san and the other girl. They formed a line and talk to each other one by one……. In my previous life, I had no experience with transfer student in my entire school life. But, I always thought that the transfer student would be surrounded by the other students on the first day. It seemed that was not the case.

The facial expressions of the boys seemed a bit off… Well, they did say that they were a little scared. Still, the fact that they’re trying to overwhelm their fears and willing to open new doors was great.

I was relieved that the boys in class 1-1 would do good. However, that made me worried about the other classes. Others than me the students who came from Kenran were all girls, there must be some class with problem. So I decided… Even if it might be impossible to check all the classes, at least I should check the other class of the first grade.

Then, I stood up to see the other class. As the chair sound echoed in the class, the boys attention were fixed on me….. I felt like their facial expressions were saying, “Did I bother you?” 

Perhaps it was just my imagination? Well, the fact that they heard my advice not long ago must mean that we could get along well……. Wait, now that I think about it, no one introduced themselves to me, well maybe they just forgot?

If we get to know each other, I’m going to invite them to go out to a karaoke or maybe eat together at a restaurant. Well, let’s see how it goes, now I need to go the other classes. 

I waved my hand lightly to my new classmates to tell then that there was nothing to be worried about.

“Please continue what you’re all doing, I will go to see other classes.”


For some reason, the boys politely bowed their head and saw me off. Looking at them made it hard to believe that all men in this world like to domineer women. They were really polite boys…….  wait, perhaps that’s just the courtesy to a classmate?

“What should we do… at this rate even the other classes will…”

“It’s okay, we might’ve succumbed, but I believe!! That the other class…”

“Well, we can only pray that it will end well.”

I didn’t really understand the meaning of the words I heard when I left the classroom, but I was grateful that they pray for my safety. The fact that my classmates were worried about me made me feel a little happy.

Since the class the decided for me was class 1-1, I decided to visit the other class in order according to the numbers. So I went to the class 1-2. It seemed that Tamachi-kun belong to this class. Unlike the Vice President, it seemed that he had no problem with this event…

…Oh, the door was left open.

I tried to look inside quietly, and there… the girls were actively talking to the boys in the class. As expected of the girls from this world. However, their opponents were the boys of the prestigious Seimei High! So it should not be that easy… The girls who were desperately appealing themselves was given a contemptuous look. The boys even made gestures as if to drive them away.


It should be okay to make my appearance here, but I feel that it’s wrong to butt the problem of another class… But, they’re avoiding the girls too much, aren’t they? No, that’s not the case. In this world, this may be a normal exchange between men and women… right, that should――

When I was lost in thought about what to do, another boy suddenly entered the conversation between the two. It was Tamachi-kun. He talked to boys a word or two, and then to the girls. Then the boys, who was reluctant to talk to the girls, started talking to the girls.

I was surprised at the sight. Tamachi-kun, who was always following the others like a puppy, wasn’t there.

… I see, now I can somehow guess why he was selected as a member of the Student Council. What he has done now is exactly the same as what I did in my class. If he were to go to job hunting and asked about the good point he has? He can proudly say that he’s good at smoothening a conversation like an oil!

When I was thinking something silly, Tamachi-kun seemed to have noticed me. He came to me with a completely different look than before.

“H-Hatano-san. Do you have something to do here?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just wondering if the girls from Kenran are doing well or not. Well, I saw what you did just now, so I was relieved that Tamachi-kun was doing his best. Please keep doing it for this event.”

“Y-yes! I’ll do my best!”

What a good reply.

“Oi, see that… That Tamachi-kun who’re selected to be a member of Student Council, being so polite to that guy. Who is that?”

“You’re really stupid. Can’t you tell by looking at the uniform? You saw him at the morning assembly… that’s Kohaku Hatano from Kenran.”

“Oooh, so, that person is…”

“… I asked the guys from class 1-1 during the break. He seems to put a lot of pressure on them during class. It made them feel a little tired and exhausted.”

“Shit! I heard he like to behave like a king, but he’s really the worst!”

“So, the fact that girls from Kenran weren’t as bad as we expected is in fact a small blessing before the disaster huh…”

It seemed that the boys were looking me and talking about something, but what I could only hear was that the girls weren’t as bad as they expected. 

Well, it seems the girls has left a good impression, so it’s all good… 

Since the situation in the seemed to be okay. I said goodbye to Tamachi-kun and headed for the next class.


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