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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 147

147. Let’s have a talk

Perhaps I was looking down the students at this school too much…

That was what I thought when I took the first class after introducing myself. After all, logically thinking, high school boys especially in first grade, most of them would not take class seriously so…

I glanced around. The boys sit straight and were hearing the teacher in a tense atmosphere. Their seriousness was no less than that Kenran’s girls who always in constant competition.

……I see, so this is what it means to be in a prestigious school huh? 

Perhaps Shino-san and the other girl felt the atmosphere too, they were taking the lesson without looking around, despite being surrounded with many temptations. I realized that I was looking down at Seimei’s students too much… So, as I wouldn’t want to lose to them, I took the class seriously too. 

The first lesson was over in no time. When the chime rang, I exhaled. Concentrating and being tense for a long time was tiring. I decided to refresh myself during the break so that I would be ready for the next lesson.

When I checked the surroundings to confirm whether the other students feel the same as me or not, for some reason all of them still looked so tense. 

Suddenly, the boy who sit next to me stood up. Then, the other boys also stood up and went out of the classroom in a flowing manner.

……What happened? 

I, Shino-san and the other girl were stunned seeing such scene. I couldn’t help but to think that the next lesson would be in a different room, so I checked the timetable, but that wasn’t the case. The students who went out came back just before the end of the break time to prepare for the next lesson.

…… Did everyone have something to do during at the break time? 

I started preparing for the next class, wondering if there was such a coincidence. However, the mysterious behavior of the Seimei’s boys also happened at the next break time.

“I wonder, where are of them going?”

“Maybe it’s something written in the rules of this school …”

I was discussing this mysterious behavior with Shino-san and the other girl.

“But, if it’s like this, it’ll be hard for us to make a good relationship with them.”

That’s right. At this rate, we can’t even talk to them. That means this event will be a failure. And as a result, the school festival will also fail. It’ll lead to a domino effect… We have to do something about this.

“I’ll try to talk to them next break.”

“Eh? but Kohaku-kun, are you going to be all right?”

Shino-san was worried about me, but it should be better than the girls trying it first.

“Yeah, it’s okay. Maybe if a girl tries to talk to them, they would be nervous, so I’ll talk with the boys first.”

I smiled to reassure Shino-san.

“Urmm, that smile is not fair.”

“As expected, Hatano-kun is beautiful…”

Both of them agreed.

Alright, let’s do my best to talk about it during the next break!

Once again, the chime rang. Everyone stood up as usual but…


I raised my voice to stop them.

Well, it’s impossible for everyone to hears it…. right? So…

I was thinking of catching someone who still dare to move even though I stopped them. But… my expectations were shattered, everyone stopped. Looking around, most of the students were still in the middle of their actions…

… Isn’t it hard?

I looked at Shino-san and the other girl. And as if they understood what I wanted to say, they quietly left the classroom.

“….. Alright”

As I must talk to everyone, so I went forward. Meanwhile, the boys were still not moving even an inch. It was as if they’re a bunch of trained soldiers.

……Hoo, I can’t underestimate them.

First, I tapped the table with my finger. It was a light sound, but it strangely echoed in the classroom. And the boys who heard the sound sat down as if time had begun to move again.

“First of all, the question is, why do all of you leave the classroom when it’s time for a break?”

I looked around one by one, but for some reason they looked away. 

…Well, it can’t be helped,

I pointed at a random person.

“You there, the boy with a bob cut, answer me.”

“Arrghh! M-m-me?”

“Yes You. Quickly.”

The bob-haired boy was looking around for help, but of course no one answered his gaze. It was almost as if all of the other boys thought that his sacrifice was enough. He gave up looking for help and answered my question while trembling.

…..Why did his body shaking so much?

“Th-that… Ah! Everyone went to the toil――”

“I’ll be really surprised if you think you can fool me with such a lie.”

“It’s a joke… Th-the truth is…that… W-we’re scared.”

Hmmm, as I thought… they are afraid of the girls, they don’t usually meet them after all. But, running around will not improve anything. It can’t be helped then, I’ll give you some advice.

“I see, I understand what you mean. It’s true that all of you who have few opportunities to interact with girls, are scared of them. They might look like an unknown being in your eyes.”

“It’s not like――”

“But, by trying to make the unknown known, the fear that you feel will gone. So, let’s start by getting to know each other.”

I gently told everyone that everything would be okay. 

Another boy asked me as if he understood my feelings.

“I’m sorry, but what should we exactly do …”

“Good question, Yamada-kun.”

“…I’m Kawara Gojou.”

“Yes, that’s what I mean!”

Kawara Gojou asked a good question.

“We, Kenran’s students, don’t even know your name, so let’s start by introduce yourself first.”

“Y-Yes, I understand.”

“Good reply. Did all other guys understand?”

I asked the others as kindly as possible.

When I looked around, everyone desperately shook their heads. 

…Thank you for the responds. But, I have to say what I should say …

“Well, of course, when you introduce yourself to a girl, don’t try to overwhelmed them, don’t make a fool of them, and don’t ridicule them. You see, I’m also a student of Kenran High, so if I see people from the same school as me being treated like that. I can’t stand it, you know?”


“Your answer?”

“Yes, I understand!”

“Good, feel free then.”

Unexpectedly, I was surprised that Seimei’s students were honest and supportive. 

Are the girls in the other class, okay?… It seems I have to go see the other first grade classroom later.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Seems like he didnt realised the boys are scared of him instead of girls. Maybe he didnt realised the extend of fear the boys had of him.

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