Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 33

33. The spoils of battle

I and Shura stand side by side on the shore. Seeing the vast sea in front of us.

“In the end, there’re really no merit going here…”

I’ve only seen the Mana Sealing Talisman.

Other than that, there is not much harvest.

“I think that’s not the case? If you think you could make a good relationship with the future Knight Commander and the Guild Chief, you got more than you think.”

Oho, it didn’t seem like a bad experience for Shura. She seemed to be in a good mood.

I was quite surprised. I thought she would say, “Right, it’s really useless!” or at least got a little angry. 

“One more thing. This. It’s a loot “

Shura took out two beads from her inflated pocket.

It was red and green alchemy stone.

“The red bead was taken from Troll’s corpse, and the green one was taken from Orobas’s corpse. I’ll give you both of them.”

“Hmm? Are you sure? You guys defeated them. “

“Everyone made this decision. You’re the one who fought the strongest guy. I’m not interested in anything other than white alchemy stones.”

I receive two alchemy stones from Shura.

“So, alchemy stones can be obtained from monsters huh. And if you give this to an alchemist, it can be made into Magic Item.”

“Yeah. One of the Twenty-two Cities ruled by the Emperor―― <Mother Punk>, there must be an alchemist there.”

I see… a new weapon huh?

I should not think too much about it. Maybe a shield or sword? Bow also not bad either.

“You’re not that strong, right?”

Shura, turned her back on me, and with her hands on her back she asked me in a mysterious voice.

“What’s with you? Suddenly say something terrible…”

“But you give a strange sense of security. I mean, somehow I feel like you could be relied on…”

“That’s my line. I’m really counting on you and your sister. You really saved me when I was attacked by that horde of monsters.”

“Unexpectedly, we may be a good duo.”

“It’s not a duo, it’s a trio, right? There is also Ash.”

Shura sighed.

…Hmm? Did I say something strange?

“Well… Good night, Seal.”

For some reason, Shura returns to the beach.

“What a strange girl.”

After viewing the sea for a little bit longer, I leave.


When I woke up early in the morning, I could feel the sun had burned my skin.

“It’s hot…”

I got up before burning my skin even more. 

I stretch my back and look out over the sandy beach. I see that the other guys are sleeping wherever they like. Cars, Ignacio, and Frederica looks like they fainted more than sleeping.

Then, I notice that there is one less person.

That man. The one in tattered clothes. He’s not there.

Well, if it’s him, I’m sure he was awake all the time, saying, “Leave the lookout to meー” after defeating those three with his song.


A letter with the words “To Seal” was placed on a rock on the sandy beach right there.

I step on the hot sand, pick up the letter and check the contents.

[“I’m sorry, I have something urgent to do, I’ll leave first, kay~. I need to use the ship, so make your own ship.”]


[“I’ll handle the aftermath of this incident, so you should continue your journey without worrying about it. Oh yeah, if you have any problems at <Mother Punk>, you could rely on the knight called ‘Pearl’. He is also a Knight Captain, and he is very reliable! Then, when we meet next time, I’ll sing a special song fo―― “]

I read only until that far and tear the letter.


――『”I envy you…. Do your best, boy.”』

If I’m not mistaken, one of the four people who visited that Old Man in the prison had such a name.

Is it the same person? I’m sure he was dressed like a knight.

Wait, more than that, the ship!

That bastard――If you have something urgent to do, you should at least take us with you! Then drop us in somewhere near the city!

“… I’ll punch him next time we meet.”

I make such decisions and wake up the others.


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  1. Pretty sure Seal beat you in a fight, Shura. And you lost to the troll. You’re the one who’s not that strong. Shura is getting ruder as time goes on.

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