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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 146

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146. The first day of the event

The students from Kenran High went up to the stage and were standing straight, listening to the speech. And Our Student Council School President, Risa Sanada was giving her speech while hiding her tension. But for some reason, the boys from Seimei High who should be listening, their eyes were fixed on me. Thanks to that, when I tried to check what kind of students studying in Seimei High, my eyes always collide with theirs… yep, very awkward.

There was no problem if it just as simple as that, but the line of sight directed to me was kind of hostile. Well, in as sense it was not that problematic either. It was not that different with some ‘looking down’ gaze I felt went I was on train. However, some students… when our eyes met, their faces turned red. 

Am I being favored?

At first, I tried not to think too much about it, but I realized that in Seimei High, ‘Boy’s Love’, was blooming everywhere like flowers in spring. But the fact that the event purpose was for friendship should be something to be happy about… That’s if my mental could handle it until the end.

…..I’m worried about going crazy because of this event.

“I believe that this exchange will further the friendship between the two schools. Thank you for your attention.”

Apparently, the speech was over. In turn, Seimei’s Student Council President, Subaru Shirogane, stood in front of the mic.

“Then, I would like to ask the students from Kenran High School to go to the class where they will be spending their time. Please follow the instructions.”

We went down the stage and followed the instructions to line up in the assigned class.

“Then, you and the child behind you are going to the first class… also, Hatano-kun, you too.”

Oho, so, I’m in this class, huh. 

I felt like I got a lot of attention when my name was called, but I didn’t care.

“Kohaku-kun, Kohaku-kun, we’re in the same class.”

Shino-san says with a smiling face. And in a low voice she said, “What a relief”, to another girl put in the same class. 

For some reason, they seemed to trust me, so I’d like to do my best to answer it.

Then, the morning assembly was over and we moved to each classroom decided for us. The buildings at Seimei High were made of wood and had a historical feel to it, but it looked very beautiful. Perhaps it had been renovated or maintained very well.

“Well, let’s ask the students of Kenran High School to introduce themselves.”

After the students took their seats, the teacher who also the homeroom teacher, said so when we entered the class

“Alright, Should I introduce myself first? I’m Miyashita, the homeroom teacher of this class. My favorite things are alcohol, cigarettes and horse racing. Please tell me if there’s something troubling you… well, I don’t know whether I could solve your problem.”

The teacher introduced himself with a smile.

….Well, although he is a teacher, he has a hopeless smell….. Still, this person is better than a lot of men in this world, he’s in fact working as a teacher. There are only few men who work full-time in this world. So, I still think what he’s doing is very great.

“Then, you guys please introduce yourself!”

At that word, Shino-san stepped forward and started to introduce herself with a smile as usual.

“I’m Shino Toukain. I’d be happy if I could get along with all of you even a little. Nice to meet you all and thank you very much.”

When the students heard Shino-san’s self-introduction, they became a little noisy.

“Oi, does she mean that Toukain?”

“Who else? So, a big shot has come huh.”


“Does she think she can pass our school gate just because her family status…?”

“How impudent”

…… Why did that good self-introduction cause such reactions? 

Then, the other girl introduced herself, and the reaction was also not good.

“And lastly, it’s your turn boy.”

I took a step forward to introduce myself according to teacher’s words. At that moment, the air in the classroom became tense. I didn’t know why the students looked so nervous, but I started my introduction with a smile with a good intent such as ‘friendship’ in mind.

“I’m Kohaku Hatano. I’m in here, the historic Seimei High School because of fate. Some of you may have saw me in train, and I’d be happy if you could talk to me when you see me from now on.”

“….What should I do, I said something bad about him when I saw him on the train.”

“I was relieved to hear that he was going to a different school, but why did he come…”

“Is that really the one famous in junior high school, that Kohaku Hatano?”

“… He’s not that big problem, right?”

“Moron! Never poke the beehive! Absolutely!”

“A friend of mine in junior high school ran into him and returned only wearing his underwear.”

“Hah, seriously? Are we also going to get stripped?”

For some reason, my self-introduction got the most reactions. Apparently, the bad reputation I had in junior high school was spreading more than I thought. 

…..Don’t worry, I, the gentle Kohaku Hatano, come here with the purpose of friendship. Alright, Let’s finish this with a smile. I’m sure it’ll leave a good impression to them.

“Nice to meet you all, and Thank you.”

I put a nice smile at last.

“Darn… What a really good smile…”

“Only the face is good, only the FACE…”

“An alien with an angel-like face is famous after all.”

Who is the alien! Give me back my smile!


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