Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 145

145. Holding hands

After the Vice President went out, another member of Student Council came to guide us. 

Well, maybe they thought that if that guy was still here, he should have guided us, but as expected they changed their mind after he went out. Seriously that guy is really troublesome.

“The person you talked to in that room was very angry. It’s no good you know, you have to get along.”

Shino-san talked to me with a bitter smile, saying that the event was a friendly event.

“I’m sorry, did I make you feel uncomfortable? When I heard that Vice President said something terrible to Shino-san, I couldn’t hold my anger.”

I turned my face down a little and said with a sad tone. I didn’t think what I did was bad at all, but if I said that I was angry for her, not for myself, I thought that it would improve her liking.

“That… Ermm… I’m happy… but if this event didn’t go well, it would bring trouble to Kohaku-kun, who was working hard…”

Apparently, Shino-san was worried about me. 

This is the time to attack……. I don’t know what I’m fighting, but I’m sure this is the time to attack.

“The success of this event is certainly important, but for me, Shino-san is important than that.”

I casually wrapped Shino’s hand with both of my hands and looked closely at her eyes. I could feel the body temperature transmitted from Shino’s hands was getting higher and higher.

But wait… Why am I doing this now? I feel bad for the one who’re waiting us… Alright, it’s regrettable, but I’ll――

“What are you doing?!”

――stop it for now. 

Suddenly, I was called out. It was a voice that I had used to hearing so much that I didn’t even need to think whose voice it was.

“Faster! Is it that hard to walk within the group?”

Perhaps the person was so happy that finally an opportunity to vent came, the person spoke with a grinning smile.

“Your habit of domineering someone else finally came out huh. You’ve hidden it well up until now. This is why someone who only has the look is not good. Why don’t you reflect on it a little? Aaah, I’m sorry, I guess there’s no such word as ‘reflect’ in your dictionary, huh? Really what a pity… you can’t even do a simple thing that even a monkey can do…”

Bastard… he looks so happy. But, to be provoked like this, even I, Kohaku Hatano, who is well-known for his gentleness, is about to lost control…

My right hand, don’t move…

“Hah, it can’t be helped. I’ll guide you, come. Fast.”

It’s okay, it’s okay… I’m calm.

There is no point in resolving this by talking back or using violence. After all we came here for friendship. Let’s forgive a few problems… I’m generous after all.

“Ko-Kohaku-kun. That…”

Shino-san had an expression as if she had something difficult to say. 

…What’s wrong?

“Umm… that…”

“What is it?”

Shino-san looked really troubled, so I asked with a gentle smile so that she can be at ease.

“T-that… You should lower the fire extinguisher that you’re swinging up…”

Hearing that, I looked Shino-san’s line of sight. There, was a fire extinguisher. And I was lifting it with my right hand.

I took my eyes off the fire extinguisher and looked forward. The Vice President who said that he would guide us, walking without looking back at us. His back was full of gaps, and if I were to throw the fire extinguisher in my right hand, I would hit his back really hard.

………Should I? 

I was tempted to throw the fire extinguisher. It was as if a devil whispered to me. Of course, it was something that I wouldn’t normally think of, but… I couldn’t help but to think that it should be okay to hit him a little.

…A little, yes… if it’s just a little, it should be okay…

“…… it’s okay right?”

“N-No, it’s not okay!”


Shino-san stopped me. 

It can’t be helped, let’s play dumb.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

While saying that, I put the fire extinguisher back in place as if nothing had happened.

“Eh, Aa… Sorry. It’s just that, you had a very evil smile, so my mouth opened by itself…”

“Ah, today is really hot, right? Maybe because of that?”

I tilted my head while saying so. 

….I will not say anything about the fire extinguisher at all.

“I-is that so?… I see!”

Shino-san turned at me with her carefree smile. 

…What an easy girl… No, I mean, what an innocent girl. She’s really a good girl. I’m very worried she might get deceived by fraud easily.

“Anyway, Kohaku-kun, let’s go. Or else, that person will get angry again.”

Saying that, Shino-san reached out her hand to me. And, I gently hold her hand.


Shino-san was smiling happily as we walk together while holding hands. And, I felt happy when I see that expression of her. It was strange, felt like I just regained my youth.

Then we chased the Vice President’s back and joined everyone.  And finally, it’s about time. 

From the explanation I got, after being introduced, we need to walk from the entrance to the stage and go up to the stage. After being introduced again, it would be a greeting by Our Student Council President, Risa Sanada. 

So, I just need to walk. That’s it.

When I look at the President, her face looked so tense. I couldn’t do anything other than support her in my heart.

…Good luck! Do your best, Our Student Council President!


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  1. Lol,a fire estinguisher.
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    I just hope he’ll treat the girls nicely and not get anymore two faced than he is,it feels like everything he does for them is not that genuine.

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