Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 32

32. Dream


When I woke up, the sun was setting and sky was dark.

A little chilly wind strokes my cheeks.

On my back, there’s a pile of straw, it’s soft.

The cloak is hanging instead of the mattress.

My clothes have been changed into the spare ones I had in my bag.

There’s the sound of a bonfire, also the voices of friends.

Shura, Carrs, Ignacio, Frederica, and Sonata.

Based on the smell of the tress, It’s still on Seadust Island. 

Wait, the ground is rough…

Oh, is this the sandy beach area? I guess, it’s where the ship landed.

I raise my upper body and scratch my unkempt hair.

“Are you awake?”

Sonata Campbell brought me soup in a wooden plate.

I receive the wooden plate. 

In the white soup, nuts and fruits found on this island are floating.

“You see, there is a turtle that grows coconut from its shell in here. This soup was made by boiling the coconut juice. “

I scoop the white liquid with a spoon and bring it to my mouth.

It’s a little sweet, and I can feel strength regaining in my body right after I drank. Also, the fruits are delicious.

Sonata sat on a chair on the rock beside me.

“Did you know that this island is dangerous?”

“The {Corpse Emperor}――the coffin that sealed It was under the control of the Knights, but it was stolen. I managed to hunt down the thief, but at the last minute it was thrown into the sea. After capturing the thief, I searched the sea but couldn’t find it. In conclusion, it might drift to some island, and this island was one of the candidate areas.”

Well, although there’s corpse inside of it, the actual total weight is the equivalent of just one casket without anything sealed inside. It’s not strange that the coffin easily washed away by the ocean current.

“Why did you go when the coffin supposedly managed by the Knights?”

“Because I am the captain of the Knights――Ah! It’s one rank below the knight commander, and other than me, there are only two more captains. “

“Knights huh, that’s so unlike you. What happened to the bard?”

“My main job is a bard! My second job is the Knights!”

“Normally, it’s opposite though…”

I drink the last bit of the soup… and it’s gone.

“So, why did the Knight Captain go to <<Distall>>?”

Well, I can guess the reason, but…

“I went to <Distall> to find out the location of the coffin. You see, the candidates for the drifting area of ​​the coffin were over 10, so I need to move around too.”

“And you wanted to rely on the old man huh?”

“Well, I thought that the person who sealed it might know the location of the item he sealed. At that time, if I had heard from you that he had died when I met you, I would have been able to sort the situation better. Huft, Failure Failure “

“How did you get here?”

“By a ship. I heard that a search team recklessly departed. So I hurriedly chased. And when I came, I saw the black dragon came down, so I rushed while thinking I was correct.”

Sonata points along the coast.

There was a small ship floating there.

“The helmsman is waiting in that ship. I’ll take you guys with me tomorrow. The destination is Mother Punk. “

The next day huh, it’s one day was behind schedule.

Well, it’s not like we’re in short of time.

The shadow of the moon is floating on the horizon.

Carrs and Ignacio are arguing with each other around the bonfire. Shura and Frederica watch over it while being amazed. 

What a pleasant atmosphere…

“That’s the scenery you protected.”

“But that calamity―― the {Corpse Emperor}, he got away.”

“It’s enough to repel. You may not know, but that {Corpse Emperor} is a really evil creature. To the level at which the country will do everything in its power to subdue it. Even though it’s in weakened state, it’s amazing that you’re able to repel that. “

Somehow, I knew it… That he’s far more vicious than I could imagine. That’s why I regret missing it.

“You are really a ‘good’ unexpected variable.”

“You’re praising me too much. I’m not that ‘good’, I’m just lucky this time. “

Seriously, I hate being over-praised rather than being seen as a lowly being, so please stop it.

“My body seems to have healed.”

I touch my body.

My mana has not been fully recovered, but the wound seems to have healed.

“I should go. This kind of time is precious for you.”

I stand up and walk towards my companion.

“Oh! General! You awake now?!”

” Seal! I’m glad that you’re safe!”

“It seems I worried you guys… I’m glad that all of you safe too.”

Carrs and Ignacio look happy while grabbing my chest.

Shura turned away sticking out her lips, “Hmmph”. 

Frederica bowed saying, “Thank you for your hard work.”

I sit down on the driftwood that Frederica uses instead of a chair. Carrs and Ignacio are on the other side of the bonfire, and Frederica is on the left, one step away from me. On the right side is Shura sitting on the sand.

“Alright! Now that we’ve all got together, let’s compare our dreams here right now!”

Carrs proposed so and stood up.

“Hah, what’s wrong with you?”

“Let’s announce our dreams one after another and compete to see who has the biggest dream.”

“To be the one who proposed the idea, you must have a big dream, right?”

“Of course! My dream is to be the Guild Chief! Eventually, the guilds will be an organization that surpasses the Knights! “

Guild Chief… Simply put, is it the top position in the guild?

“And after I launched my guild, I want you to join me. Well, apart from Frederica, who is already in another guild. Igna-chan is also welcome. “

“No, thank you!”

“I don’t want too”

“Please put me on the reserve list for the time being”

“Oi oi oi, you guys so cold.”

Well, I don’t know much about guilds. I don’t even know how great being in the top of it means.

But with so much confidence in proclaiming that “my dream is the best,” the Guild Chief must be awesome.

Frederica, a member of a guild, has a face saying, “Are you serious?”

“Unfortunately, my dream is bigger than you, Kiddo General.”

“Hoo, are you going to compete with me for real? Igna-chan”

“Of course! My dream is to be a Knight Commander! The top of the Empire’s Knights! “

Knight Commander huh… It’s an amazing goal. Even me could understand how amazing it is.

The total number of knights should be a lot. There were dozens of people even in the <Distall>. The top cannot be light.

Even Frederica, who probably knows the common sense of the world, has the face saying “Are you serious?” for the second time.

“I see. Well, it’s natural that Igna-chan and I were incompatible.”

I’m sure the Knights and Guilds relationship are like water and oil.

The two who are aiming for the top of each side might be incompatible from the root.

“Both are ridiculous dreams.”

Ignacio squinted at Shura’s sighing remarks.

“Does Shura have any dreams?”

“I don’t know if it can be count as a dream, but if I were to mention it, it’s to get rid of my Curse.”

To solve her Curse huh…  I’m sure it’s a big dream.

When I see the reaction… Carrs, Ignacio and Frederica. Everyone has the face saying. “Are you for real?”

Yep, without a doubt. It’s a big dream

There is a guy who has already become a Guild Chief and a Knight Commander. But there’s no one who has ever solve someone curse.

“H-how about you two?… Frederica, what are your dream? “

Carrs shifted the talk to Frederica.

Probably because he thought that his dream can’t be compared to Shura’s.

“I guess, reconstruction of my guild for the time being? We lost too much in this incident… “

As far as I know, eight people were dead.

Besides, I will have to look for the mastermind behind this matter, and is Frederica in the most troublesome situation?

“What about you, Seal?”, Shura asks.

Shura has a light curiosity in her eyes. The others are also look curious.

Are you so interested? What is my dream?

“Dream huh…”

Let’s think about it.

Going around the world… A first-class magician… Delivering a letter…

Nope ――

――『”You are still incompetent. Therefore, I’ll give only half the name.”』


Yeah, that’s right, for the time being…

“I want to be “Barha Zetta” “

When I said that, everyone had poker faces.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, to be a full-fledged Sealer”

I don’t know how to be recognized as a full-fledged Sealer.

However, I understand one of the conditions for becoming a full-fledged Sealer.

That’s… Life notes.

I’ll have to have the experience a lot of things enough to fill that one book.

Isn’t it out of my reach…? No, I’m sure I will be there someday. It’s only been a few days since I left the prison, but now I can see this kind of scenery.

The sea at night looks so mystical, and the flames that illuminate the beach feels warm.

For the first time in my life, I made four friends around the same age as me. No, if I add ash, it’ll be five persons.

Carrs and Ignacio, sleepy Shura, and Frederica who laughing quietly.

――I could never get tired of this scenery.

“What a bunch of strange and ridiculous peoples.”

Frederica says.

“Knight Commander, Guild Chief, and solving curse… none of this is a normal dream.”

“Yeah, they’re a bunch of ridiculous guys, but you won’t get bored with them.”

“Fufufu, that’s right …”

Haaa, it’s a nice atmosphere.

“Seal-san, Thank you very much. What would have happened if you hadn’t helped… “

Frederica is really like a young lady. She has an aura that telling people to stay away from her.

But, Her body looks so fluffy and has a strange warm feeling as if she hugged me. Is this what you call as, motherhood?

The sea at night is so magical, and it somehow creates an air that makes you feel like it.

“My dream is to be the best singer in the world!”

――The pleasant feeling that start to pile up on me instantly destroyed by some old man.

“Old man, don’t intervene in young people talking about dreams.”

“Oi, oi, I’m still 28! I’m still, in a range of young people! “

“Anyway, isn’t your dream to be the Knight Commander? I mean, you’re just one rank below already.”

“Knight Captain?!”

Ignacio screamed.

Ignacio rushes to the front of Sonata, puts her heels together, and puts her hand on her chest.

“A, are you… really the Knight Captain?!”

“Yeah, that’s right. Though, my main job is a bard.”

“I’m Ignacio Rosso! I haven’t joined the Knights yet, but when I join the Knights, I will dedicate myself to the citizens ――”

“Ah, it’s okay to be not so formal. So, you’re Igna-chan… I’ll remember your name. When you get to the Capital City, give my name. I’m a popular person, so you should be given preferential treatment. “

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

Wow, the tension is transmitted until here.

Will Ignacio become a subordinate of Sonata from now on? I felt that it they’re absolutely incompatible in a sense.

But, as expected, Ignacio didn’t say “Don’t interrupt me!” to her future superiors.

“Alright! It’s time for the main event! Let me sing a song!!!!”


I and Shura repeat the same voices.

“Oh! It’s time to party! Yeah!”

“I-I definitely want to hear your song!”

“Sounds good. I also like singing ――what’s wrong? Seal-san, Shura-san”

Frederica stopped me and Shura from trying to leave.

“No… we are a little busy, right?”

“Y-yeah. we have something to talk about the future… we need to go first.”

I and Shura leave the coast before the sonata begins to sing a song.

Shortly after, a scream was heard from a distance.

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