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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 144

144. In the waiting room

“Listen well! Seimei’s students won’t do what you want!”

After a student council member of Seimei High came to pick us up. He bought us to an empty classroom and let us wait there.

“This Seimei High has a long history and tradition and has produced many excellent boys!”

From what I heard the morning assembly would be held jointly by all the students, and we would be introduced there. And the Student Council President would give her speech on behalf of Kenran High.

“Know that no matter how wicked your trick, we will never give in!”

It seems that the Student Council President is starting to get nervous, she keeps repeating the words she prepared since we’re in this room. Well, it’s strange not to be nervous, she needs to speak while getting attention from a lot of boys after all. And it’s an uncommon experience a girl can get in this world.

“You will be defeated by the nobility of our students! HaHaHa!”

……There is a person who kept screaming next to me since earlier, can someone do something about this? Seriously, I never thought that a troublesome person will come to me right at the start. Furthermore, he keeps sticking right beside me and talks constantly. 

A little while ago, when I sent a gaze to Seimei High Student Council President, he diverted his eyes from mine then said that there’s some preparation for the morning assembly need to be done. Other Student Council members left the room as well, and all that remains was only the troublesome guy and Tamachi.

But, Tamachi kept freaking out since earlier. A real useless Shota bastard. Well, the girls looked at Tamachi with a gentle smile as if they were looking at something pleasant. 

Seriously, why doesn’t this guy, who should be the Vice President, go to help the other members of the Student Council when they go preparing? Perhaps he’s ‘that guy’? The one that others think as useless?…… Nah, the Student Council President wouldn’t think this as a chance to get rid of the troubles… right?

“Hah, it seems that you already feel defeated! You can’t even open your mouth! Hahahaha!”

No, I just don’t want to respond… but he keeps talking to me without worrying about my respond. Perhaps, just perhaps… maybe he loves me? Well, thank you for your feelings, but I couldn’t accept it.

“Hmm, are you two friends?”

Looking at the Vice President who kept talking to me endlessly, Shino asked so and it seemed that she misunderstood about us. 

Shino-san, I wonder how you came to that question. But, if you don’t have the eyes to see things clearly as the daughter of Toukain, that scary grandfather will get angry, you know?

“… Hmmph, don’t talk to me casually. Also, don’t you know that giving your name first is the manners?”

……What should I do, someone who doesn’t know manners is talking about manners.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’m Shino Toukain. I’m honored to be able to participate in the friendship event between Seimei High School and Kenran High School. Thank you very much.”

“I see, so you’re the daughter of Toukain, huh? Then it is good to remember that the power of your house does not work in Seimei. “

“Well, it’s not that I have any plan to use the power of my family…”

“Hah! You sure about it?”

“Isn’t it a manner to give your name back before you say something rude?”

I instinctively spoke to the Vice President who replied with a rude attitude to Shino-san, who greeted him with a smiling smile.

“What are You talking about, huh! Replying her words is more than enough courtesy.”

Hearing the words, I suddenly noticed something. So, I decided to explain it to Shino-san, who might had not noticed it yet.

“Shino-san, I want you to forgive him.”


“He knows the word etiquette, but he doesn’t know what it means, so please forgive him with a generous heart.”

Shino-san turned her big eyes toward the Vice President. Then, she talked to me with a confused expression.

“Ehmm, K-Kokahu-kun. He seems to be very angry…”

Hearing the words, I confirm the mood of the Vice President. There was also Tamachi, who had his face turned pale, as opposed to the Vice President who had his face dyed red. When I confirm the two, I turned to Shino-san again and returned the words.

“Shino-san, I think he’s not angry, he just has a high blood pressure.”

“Of course no ――!”

The Vice President tried to argue against my words, but I cut his words.

“Well, there’s no way that a person who got so angry just because he is pointed out the facts can be the vice president of the famous Seimei High School, righ―― “

I cut my words and looked at the Vice President with a shocked expression as if I just noticed something scary.

“Ah, perhaps you use some illegal means to get that position…”

“There’s no way that’s the case!”

“But if that’s not the case… someone like you… that… what do you say … incompetent?… got elected…”

“Y, You Bastard!… Apparently you’re making a fool of me, huh…!”

“No way! That’s a misunderstanding! I’m just saying what I thought!”

It was true that I just spoke what I felt in the bottom of my heart. However, my sincere thoughts did not seem to reach the Vice President, whose face turned even more red and began to get angry. On the contrary, Tamachi’s face had turned beyond pale.

“How dare you to insult m―― “


When the Vice President tried to say back, Shino-san interrupted him.

“Both of you, it’s not good to arguing against each other. And also, the morning assembly will start soon. See?”

Shino-san said that and showed us her watch. 

Certainly the morning assembly will begin in just a few minutes.

“Urgh! You’re saved by the time.”

The Vice President said so and left the room with Tamachi. However, what I was more interested in than the Vice President was the watch on Shino-san’s white slender arm. The logo I saw on the watch was from a famous brand.

I’m jealous…. I jealous that she has the watch. but I’m even more envious that such a luxury watch looks good on her.

Damn you celebrity…!

“Ah, it looks like the time for us to move has come. Let’s go, Kohaku-kun.”

Shino-san reached out to me with a smile. It was an action that well known when you’re escorting someone. While taking that hand, I thought that Shino-san would be able to pass the event without any problems.


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  1. …….What a magnifivent way of picking a fight…..Kohaku, i mean. No need to result to childish insults, unlike the vice-prez, and remained calm all the time.
    Just that Kohaku never had any intention of picking a fight……..I can already see the difficulties Kenran’s group is going to have for this.

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