Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 143

143. At the gathering spot

The exchange event day with Seimei High School has come. The outline of this event is to live with the students here for three days. Ah, living together does not mean that we will sleep and eat together, we just need to take classes with the students here at this school. It is possible to join the club activities just to experience it. To be honest, I’m a bit surprised that they’re so open about accepting girls.

Maybe the school side thinks there is a problem with their current education policy? Well, whatever the reason, for now this event is more important to me to think. 40 participants, about 13 people in the first grade. This number doesn’t include the members of Student Council who will lead each grade. Seimei High is not a big school unlike Kenran High, so it will be troublesome if the number of participants exceeds this number. I heard that only about two people will be transferred for each class. Which mean, there are about 6 to 7 classes in the first grade…. But still, for boys only school to has such a large number of boys… what can I say? As expected of Seimei High I guess?… Well, because of that it seems that there are times when there are no boys in some other high schools… This means that the number of boys in Kenran is on the better side.

The plan is to repeat this exchange event several times, then let Seimei students to be the one who go to Kenran High, but that to happen, this event must be completed safely. Basically, this first step is to get the boys in Seimei accustomed to girls. Well, it will be a great success if the boys get along well with the girls. But it’s just something easy to say and difficult to do. If the girls act to aggressive, they may be disliked or feared.  If the girls act to poorly, they might get treated like a servant. It’ll be bad if this end in failure, we both still have the school festival in the near future after all… Well, more importantly, this is the first time, so I just want this to end safely.

…… Oh right, I just remembered that the past me of this world was trying to enter this high school. If I didn’t happen to remember my previous life memories, I might have entered this high school. Then I would be in conflict with the Student Council here in an attempt to establish absolute monarchy……. and I will success in my attempt. Well, let’s stop think unnecessary things and be enthusiastic about this event!…. Maybe I’m going to get a lot of sarcasm.

I checked the time on my smartphone, it was past 8 am. The girls from Kenran High who participate in this event were gathering around in a restless manner. The meeting was at 8:30, and I decided to came early as a leader, but most of the participants had gathered before I came. Some students said that they came by the first train.

…They’re not normal! I know that they’re looking forward to this, but it’s too much.

“Hatano-kun, the students from the second and third grade has gathered, what about the first grade?”

The Student Council President came to confirm the attendance.

“The first grade is missing one person. Well, there is still time until the meeting time.”

When I finished checking the first-grade students, all but one was there. The one who hadn’t come was surprisingly the girl from my class, which I know very well. By the way, the meeting place was the back gate of Seimei High. The reason was that we might scare Seimei High Students if it was at the main gate.

“Oh, I think she’s here.”

Speak of the devil and she will come….

The person we were talking about had appeared from a luxury car that I knew. It could be said that the young lady had a very high luck, she came just right after we talked about her. 

The car stopped quietly, and the driver who came down quickly opened the door. The attention of the surroundings, naturally gathered at such an appearance. Even the gaze of some students from second and third grade was like they’re seeing a celebrity.

“Good morning everyone!”

Shino Toukain had appeared…… Even if she had gathered attention from a lot of people, her greetings were firm. Even though life in the garden full of boys was about to begin, for her to be so confident.


I couldn’t but to feel the gap in our personality

“Good morning, Kohaku. Also, I see that everyone is so early.”

Shino greets me with a smile as usual.

“Good morning… Shino-san, you don’t seem to be nervous.”


Shino-san looked at the other girls who became more restless as time approaches and made a face saying, ‘Ah, I get what you mean’.

“Aaaー yeah, sure this is a good opportunity… but I…”

With that said, Shino-san glanced at my face. 

…What’s with that appeal? Am I that better than the boy’s here? Yeah, yeah, I know it without you saying it!

“Now, all of us are here, so…”

“Yeah, right.”

“Well, it’s a little early, but let’s inform them.”

The Student Council President took out her smartphone and made a phone call. 

I guess, she called the members of Seimei High Student Council?

The talk seemed to end immediately.

“They said that they will come to pick us up from now on. Make sure everyone is lined up by grade.”

Everyone responded right after the words of the Student Council President and lined up at an alarming rate. Seeing that, I realized that having the same goals would improve teamwork.

Five minutes later, a member of the Seimei High Student Council came to pick us up.

“So you really came huh, Kohaku Hatano! Remember this! This school won’t go as you wish!”

…… Well well, the vice chairman over there is saying something strange… Seriously, what do you mean?


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