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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 142

142. Seimei Student Council Secretary’s Melancholy

Between the famous buildings full of history at Seimei High School, a boy was walking slowly. All the students who passed him bowed down before they continued walking. He walked without questioning the scene and did not slow down. The scene was not surprising at all, after all He was one of the most influential and popular men in Seimei High. The Secretary of Student Council, Tetsu Otsuka, a person respected by the students.

That popular person was a little frustrated since morning. The reason was the exchange event with Kenran High would happen soon and the students looked so restless. When the event was announced, the boys were astonished and sad, knowing that girls would come. Some of them even shouted in shock.

There were some exceptions, but the reaction shown by the boys was not strange. After all, the boys who decided to study at Seimei High were mostly sheltered kid. They had been carefully raised like a flower. So, of course there wasn’t many opportunities to interact with girls. Sure, when they were in junior high school and elementary school, they studied with girls. But many of them didn’t speak to girls except when they were required to. Some of the parents said that putting their sons in the same environment with girls would be dangerous for their child. So, they decided to call a private tutor and didn’t let their child go to school. Many parents were so worried and thought that they shouldn’t leave their children’s side. It was so bad to the point it became a social problem… Well, only the father who thought so.

While there were circumstances like that, it didn’t change the fact that the exchange event day would come coon. Boys who were weak with girls thought if pushover girls forcefully nearing them, some might bloom into lovers… They were embarrassed themselves thinking about scenario like that. Apparently, a scene like that could be seen a lot in dramas and manga, and it influenced them in a way. So, it was not strange that many boys attracted to girls who’re a little pushy and look like a ‘bad girl’.

Seeing some students had such embarrassed faces, Otsuka couldn’t help but to feel sad… To be honest, he wanted to scold them. He wanted to told them that as a student of Seimei High, you should not put yourself so low and easy to catch.


Otsuka stopped at the voice. The reason was because the voice, it was a familiar voice to his ear.

“Ah, Akihito, what’s wrong?”

There was Akihito Maegashira, a junior who Otsuka was mentoring. A junior that had an excellent academic performance, a good lifestyle, and also highly evaluated by the teachers. Otsuka knew his position as a senior of such a junior. He was fond of his junior. But, there was one thing he worried about… the fact that a friend of his junior was a slightly problematic person.

“Ehmm, I’m just a little curious about what the exchange event with Kenran will be…”

Otsuka’s eyebrows rose a little to Maegashira’s word. He feared that his proud junior might be the same like other students.

“… The details will be announced at a later date. Even if it’s you, I can’t leak the information.”

“Ah, that’s right… I’m sorry for asking something strange.”

In response to Otsuka’s words, Maegashira dropped his shoulders. 

Otsuka’s heart was pain when he saw the reaction of his junior, but he didn’t comfort Maegashira because he had to guide him to be a good boy.

“But Akihito, why did you suddenly want to know more about the event? It thought that you weren’t interested in this event…”

“Oh, that’s because…”

Otsuka felt terribly unpleasant that his junior suddenly regained his energy… And his premonition was right.

“…It seems that Hatano-kun will join the event. He told me yesterday. So, I thought about what I can do to help Hatano-kun …”

“… I see, so he will come huh?”

Otsuka thought about the special meeting that would be held later, it might be related to what he just heard. He was worried about the vice chairman, but more than that there was something that Otsuka more worried about.

“Akihito, you want to help… that… him… as a friend… right?”

Maegashira was confused with Otsuka’s words.

“If not as a friend, what else?”

“Ah, it’s good if that’s the case. Anyway, I have a meeting so.”

“Oh, I see. Thanks for your time.”

Otsuka continued his way to the conference room. When he reached there, he heard angry voices behind the door. 

Otsuka sighed at the fact that what he was worried about happened for real. Then, he opened the door of the conference room.

“Oi, keep your voice down. It can be heard from outside, you know?”

“Oh, Otsuka huh. Anyway, this is the documents from Kenran.”

Otsuka picked up the documents given by the Student Council President, Shirogane, and took a seat. After a quick check, he understood that it was a list of students participating in the exchange event. Of course, there was also the name of Kohaku Hatano.

“All of you! Why are you so carefree! That evil man, not only his school could satisfy him, he plans to reach out to our prestigious Seimei High!”

“I say it many times, but you think too much.”

“Shirogane, it’s you who should think more! Before it’s too late!”

“Seriously, what on earth makes you so wary of him…”

Shirogane said with a tired look.

Otsuka sympathized with Shirogane who had been dealing with Hibiya in his unstable state. So, he decided to open his mouth to support Shirogane a little.

“Hibiya, don’t you believe in the students?”


“I’m asking whether you believe in Seimei’s students, who have been taught a lot by Shirogane, you, and the other members of the Student Council, or not?”

“That is……”


“Well, hmm… I’m sorry. That’s right, no matter what that guy going to do, the students at this school couldn’t be shaken. Also, Shirogane, I’m sorry for showing you my disgraceful side.”

“… No problem, as long as you get it.”

Based from Shirogane’s attitude where he chose to leave it no matter what Hibiya thought. The important point was that Hibiya had calmed down. And, since there was nothing more to point out, Otsuka decided to stop pressing further.

However, based on the expression of the students that Otsuka had seen, he couldn’t help but to be worried.


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