Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 141

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141. The approaching exchange event

Unfortunately, an exchange event with Seimei High School was approaching, so a meeting would be held at the Student Council Room. Recently, my mind was full about Yachigusa’s Magical Girl show, so it felt that the meeting day came in a blink of an eye. 

Forty people selected almost evenly from each grade would be going to Seimei High for the first exchange. In each grade, a member from Student Council was selected to lead the other students from the same grade. In addition to that, the Student Council President and for some reason me too.

…I don’t think there is any advantage in bringing me along… no, more than that, I feel that bringing me along might just cause problems… To be honest, I don’t want to go.

“Ehmm… President.”

“Hm? Do you have any questions?”

“I was wondering why I was chosen too.”

Based on the first face-to-face meeting, she should have known that I was not compatible with the Vice President over there, so why did she ask me to go too? Maybe she wants me to do ‘that’ again? To be the one who shut them up, if the girls happen to get harassed there, since it’ll be bad if the girls do it themselves, right?

When I was lost in my thought, the President sighed as if she was tired.

“I think I know what you concerned about. I still remember what happened between you and their Vice President in that meeting.”

“But… because the other party is male. When a discussion happened, your caution level will be different whether there is a person with the same gender or not. Even if you had some trouble with the Vice President, I remember that you had no problem with the others.”

Certainly other than that Vice President, everyone seems fine with me. Rather, I think I left a good impression on them, I guided that ‘shota’ after all.

“Also, you’re the most famous person among the boys here, aren’t you? I can’t make light of your influence. It’s still a long way off, but it’s clear that you’ll be the one who will lead the boys here at the school festival. That’s why, I’ll depend on you for the exchange, maybe even more from now, so please do your best.”



It seems she has misunderstood about me. Sure, I might be famous in here, but it’s probably not the most famous. Next year’s pamphlet will have my pictures, so more people will know me more by next year. But now? I’m just a freshman.

“President, I’m not that famous as you think. My name might be known for now, but it will be different once I’m in the second and third grade.”

The President who heard my words was dumbfounded. The other members of the Student Council around me had faces saying, “What are you talking about?”

“Hatano-kun, you’re famous even among senior students you know? As a kind boy among girls, also as the selfish king among boys.”

“Who is the one spreading that rumor, I wonder?” 

I’ll beat that person… Being called selfish by selfish men is not something that I can forgive easily! I’ll sue him! For sure!

“Well, everyone was talking about that rumor, so…”

What the hell! Seriously!?

“B-But I have no influence among boys!”

In the first place, right now, I haven’t really made any male friends yet. I don’t really know what the other boys are talking about me.

“I don’t think that’s the case.”

“Eh, why?”

“The other day, you warned the boys, didn’t you?”



I don’t remember…


“You were told to take them to the exchange event with Seimei High, weren’t you?”

“Ah, Aaaー”

Now that you mention it, there was that. 

“It seems that there were senior students among the one who surrounded you, and his request was rejected by you. To the point where he cried. Don’t you remember?”

Ah, this… there’s a twist in the rumors. I have to correct it…

“By the way, this is a story I heard from the boys who surrounded you. Also, they said you were a terrible person… seriously, what the hell did you do?”


Urgh! Even if I forcibly correct it now, it will only have the opposite effect.

“But I’m grateful that Hatano-kun warned them. After all, I couldn’t refuse the request all the time.”

Vice President Katsurakawa said so with a relieved face.

“If we ended up taking one or two boys, they could cause problems there.”

“After all, if they’re to put out the ‘discrimination against men’ card, we can’t really say anything.”

Well, those guys seems like they really wanted to express their feelings to the Seimei High Students, so it’s not wrong. I’m sure of it.

“I heard from the boys who wasn’t there too, and they said, “Hatano is really scary”. They seem to be afraid of you.”

The Student Council President turns to me with a face saying, “Do you understand now?”.

“You, you are very popular with both girls and boys, you know?”


…… Apparently, I don’t think I can make male friends in here!


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